Flea species
Cat fleas look like in the photo
Cat fleas parasitize on different species of animals. How to distinguish a pest, how dangerous it is and how to rid a cat of fleas.
Bloodsucker deer (elk flea, fly, louse, tick)
What moose fleas look like in a photo. Features of the life cycle and reproduction of forest fleas.
How to get rid of basement fleas in the apartment
Among all ectoparasites, basement fleas do not have their own species name.This is the well-established name for all dangerous blood-sicking insects living in basements ...
Bedding fleas and how to get rid of them at home
Bed fleas - description of appearance, structure and behavior, methods of dealing with parasites.
How to deal with folk methods with fleas in chickens
Chicken fleas do not feed on the blood of people, but are carriers of dangerous diseases and multiply very quickly, causing damage to the livestock of domestic birds.
How to get rid of carpet fleas insecticides and improvised means
Carpet fleas are small insects that can appear in the apartment even in the absence of animals. Therefore, each person needs to know the ways ...
Water fleas in the aquarium
Water flea, despite its name, is a harmless inhabitant of water bodies. Features of reproduction, nutrition, benefit and harm to humans.
How to get rid of rat fleas in the apartment
Among all the blood-sucking parasites, rat fleas pose the greatest danger to humans. They are carriers of dangerous diseases that take thousands of lives.
How to remove genital fleas
Sex fleas are dangerous insects settling in city apartments and country houses.They are carriers of numerous infections that can cause harm ...
Sand fleas in Vietnam
Sandy fleas - insects found on beaches and other places in southern tropical countries can cause very big troubles and ...
How to get rid of herbal fleas in the house
Herbal fleas do not drink the blood of warm-blooded animals and do not bite humans. They feed on the juice of young, fragile plants, and thus ...
Human fleas: how to look and how to get rid
The human flea is an insect that can cause a lot of trouble to people. This is due to the fact that the bloodsucker is a peddler of a large number of dangerous ...
Dog fleas
About what a dog flea is, what it looks like, about the existing ways of dealing with this type of insect, all owners are interested ...
How to get rid of earthen fleas in an apartment or private house
Earthen fleas are called herbivorous beetles and aggressive blood-sucking insects. Proven ways to get rid of pests in the apartment house.

Flea species

Scientists have described more than 2,000 species of fleas. All species of fleas, without exception, feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals or birds and are not distinguished by attachment to their carrier, with the exception of insects that parasitize bats.
In the post-Soviet space, such species as fleas, dogs, cats, earthlings, humans, parasites of rodents, birds, rabbits are common. It is difficult for an inexperienced eye of a philistine to distinguish them among themselves, given the miniature size of insects and their ability to migrate. You can see obvious differences only in photos that are widely represented in the gallery headings.

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