How to deal with wood lice in the bathroom and toilet
If the bathroom is damp, very soon its owner will figure out how to get rid of wood lice in the bathroom and toilet. For...
How to deal with woodlice in the apartment
How to get rid of wood lice in the apartment. Methods and means of struggle.
Description of wood lice - what they eat, how dangerous they breed, how long they live
This creature is often found in foliage, rotting stumps, or even in our own bathroom. Who is this? ...
What dreams woodlice
What dreams of woodlice on the dream book.To see a wood louse in a dream: to tears or big profits.
Do mimicry in woodlice and millipedes
Mimicry between lice and centipede. Who is the woodlouse - familiarity with the pest
Tongue woodlouse
What is a wood louse devouring the tongue. Is the parasite dangerous to humans?


Mocklings - living creatures, which many mistakenly consider insects. Most of them live in reservoirs, but about 250 species have managed to adapt to land, and some live safely in the neighborhood of humans. A detailed description of woodlice, an abundance of photos will help recognize the crustacean representative of the fauna.You can always identify an arthropod if it is found in a greenhouse, in a bathroom, or in a flower pot.
Unpleasant-looking crustaceans are often attributed to the role of pests. But knowing what lice feed on, one can say that their harmfulness is greatly exaggerated. The main source of power for arthropods is decaying dead tissue. Only in rare cases, the population is able to attack living plants.
Fighting against the woodlice is not so much because of their harmfulness, how much because of the disgust that they cause. In the heading you will find all the existing methods and methods for the destruction of woodlice, as well as learn how to prevent their occurrence.

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