How to remove wood bees from a wooden house
How to get rid yourself of wood bees, there are several methods. Use folk remedies, professional preparations. Preventive measures are extremely important.
How to get the bees out of the wooden house and other places
How to get rid of the bees in your plot, in the country, in the house, in the barn, there are several proven methods. It is not always possible and necessary ...
What to do if a cat is bitten by a bee
If a cat is bitten by a bee, first aid should be given. Be sure to remove the sting, sanitize, apply a cold compress. Further actions depend on individual ...
What to do if a child is bitten by a bee
Every caring parent should know what to do if a bee bit the child. Signs of a bite can be redness, swelling, weakness and ...
Bee sting and wasp
The sting of a bee is different from other insects. It looks like a saw. Inside contains a capsule with poison, which is gradually injected into the body ...
Who dies after being bitten by a bee or wasp
Why a bee dies after being bitten is related to the anatomical structure of the body. It is possible that the insect remains alive. And not always the bee ...
What if a bee bit into the eye and it swelled
How to remove the tumor, if the bee bit into the eye, there is one proven method - a cold compress. But to eliminate other effects ...
What to do if a dog is bitten by a bee
: Not every owner of a four-legged friend came across a situation when a dog was bitten by a bee. It is important not to get lost and timely provide the pet ...
What to do if a bee has bitten in the lip
The situation when the bee has bitten in the lip requires immediate treatment in a medical institution. After all, the consequences of an insect attack can be not only ...
How to remove earth bees from the site
The question of how to get rid of earthen bees, many lovers of gardening and gardening works are puzzled. What are harmful and dangerous insects.
What to do if a bee bit
A bee sting is accompanied by swelling, redness, severe itching and burning at the site of injury. A bite in the tongue, neck or eye is especially dangerous.
What is useful bee sting for a person?
Bee sting treatment is called apitherapy. This technique includes not only contact with insects, but also the use of drugs, in ...
Allergic reaction to bee sting, what to do
Allergy to bee sting appears in all, as a normal reaction of the body. Allergy symptoms complex, life-threatening. Important timely ...


Information about the bees.

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