Effective store and folk remedies from the bear in the garden

The remedy for the medvedka in the garden should be as effective and safe as possible. In most cases, to combat the pest use folk remedies. With a strong contamination of the soil resorted to professional chemicals.A high result is achieved by their joint application, as well as in the implementation of preventive measures.

Thorough struggle

The most effective remedy for Bears - change the composition of the soil. Insect loves black soil, loose earth, moisture. But most of all he is attracted by the smell of cow dung. Gardeners personally contribute to the contamination of the site, scattering infected manure eggs. Fertilizer increases the acidity of the earth, creates favorable conditions for the development of a bear.

There are two ways to avoid all this:

  1. To throw manure not in the spring before plowing, as is done in most cases, but in the late fall. Then with the onset of cold weather, eggs, larvae, as well as adults, gathered to spend the winter in the dunghill, will die.
  2. Instead of cow dung use chicken litter. This is the best way to fight with Medvedka. The insect does not tolerate a sharp odor, as well as the soil saturated with nitrogen, which is facilitated by chicken manure.

On a note!

Do not forget to periodically loosen the soil. In this way, pest nests are destroyed, eggs are destroyed.

Safe methods of struggle

Safe methods of struggle
Safe methods of struggle

Folk remedies for the medvedka in the garden suggest fishing, scaring, the destruction of insects. A huge number of recipes, the most common and effective of them are as follows:


The remedy from the bear, allowing to significantly reduce the number of pests in the garden. Varieties of traps there are many.

  • They make indentations, moisten with water, and drop a plastic bottle or a beer can under tilt. Pre-pour there 100 ml of water, beer or put the bait. Cover with plywood so as not to penetrate the light. It can be another suitable material. In one bottle holds up to 12 adult bear.
  • They dig a hole about 20 cm deep. They cover it with plastic wrap and fill 1/3 of the manure. Cover with plates. At the end of the month, the contents are removed along with the package, burned. Late autumn can be left in the cold.
  • They turn on the lantern in the evening, place a bucket of soapy water under it. Bears fly to the light, hit the lantern, fall into the water.

Means of struggle with Medvedka are selected individually, taking into account the area, degree of infection, personal preferences.

Funds against medvedki

To scare off pests from the garden, you need to plant peppermint, garlic, more onions, calendula, chrysanthemums, marigolds, peas. Such a remedy for kapusyanki will be valid all season. Plants against Medvedka protect garden crops and from other pests, decorate the land with their presence.

  • In the hole with potatoes when planting seedlings throw a clove of garlic, crushed eggshell.
  • Water the soil with an infusion of onion peel.
  • Add a few drops of iodine to the water, spray the plants, water the soil.
  • Place near the plants around the garden, near the seedlings in the beds of needles. The strong smell of spruce will scare away the bear.
  • On the garden to plant the bushes peppermint.
  • Soaked in birch tar sawdust, lay them between the rows, placed in the hole when planting seedlings, sprinkled with earth. Either aspen stakes are impregnated, they are instilled into a depth of 20 cm. Periodically, the protection should be resumed, putting tar on the stakes.
  • Dilute chicken droppings in water, water garden crops, spray plants.
  • Kerosene pour on the sand, dug in the beds or the whole garden.
  • Pour the mortar on the ground liquid ammonia.
  • Dilute soap in water, pour into holes.

Any of the listed funds has been checked repeatedly. Efficiency reaches 90%.


Boric acid bait
Boric acid bait

Means to combat Medvedka according to popular recipes include the preparation of poisonous bait. At home, they use boric acid or preparations based on broad-spectrum insecticides: Vofatoks, Antizhuk, Rembek and etc.

Prepare crumbly porridge, mixed with boric acid or insecticide. Add a few tablespoons of vegetable oil. This smell likes Medvedka. Form small balls, dropping into the ground, lay in the hole, placed at the bottom of the trap.

Folk remedies do not guarantee the complete disposal of pests on the site. With a strong contamination of the soil, there is no time to experiment, it will not work out to catch everyone with traps. In this case, begin to use the tools of heavy artillery - insecticides.

Professional methods of struggle

Preparations from medvedki produced in finished form, in the form of granules or in liquid form. The active ingredient is a toxic substance that affects the activity of the nervous system.

The poison blocks the transmission of impulses, provokes paralysis of the muscles, causes death. The speed of the result depends on the amount of poison that has entered the body of the insect. Insecticides new generation (Parachute, Regent 800, Wotafox) cause death within 3 hours, for such an outcome a minimum dose is sufficient.

On a note!

Insecticides in the fight against Medvedka act for 14 days, then dissolve under the influence of light, the surrounding temperature. Do not threaten human life, do not affect the growth, quality of garden crops, do not change the composition of the soil. Chemistry acts on all insects in the soil. Destroys not only the bear, but also other pests.


Cuts in the fight against pest
Cuts in the fight against pest

Granules Chops from Medvedka and wireworm green, red. The basis is taken grain of millet. The active ingredient is fipronil. Lay out in the grooves at a distance of 5 cm from the soil surface, sprinkled with earth. Or placed around the garden at a distance of 50 cm from each hole.

Massive death of the bear comes in 1-2 weeks of use. Dead bodies occur on the soil for a whole month. Processing should be carried out before plowing,again - in the breeding season.


Easy to use, effective. In the hole near the seedlings threw 4 pips. Once again, the procedure was repeated in June. I found the dead bodies of the bear over the garden. The plants are not touched.

Marina, Moscow


The drug is a broad-spectrum, comes in the form of granules of red. Means does not lose activity under the influence of high, low temperatures, light, is not washed off by a rain within 21 days. Does not affect earthworms, safe for human health.

Medvetoks from Medvedki
Medvetoks from Medvedki

It is enough for an insect to eat one pellet in order to get fatal poisoning. The active ingredient is the toxin-diazoline insecticide. It is recommended to dred into the ground by 4 cm.


Medvetoks - one of the most effective means of medvedka. Only poison should be covered with boards or something else so that birds and animals would not suffer. Kill them in one go. The bodies of the bear is also desirable to collect, burn, so as not to harm the environment. Acts on all 100%. The effect is noticeable in a week. Used in the garden, in the garden.

Igor, St. Petersburg


The preparation Tsipi from the bear is used in combination with independently prepared bait. Sold as a concentrate that must be dissolved in water.Direct application - spraying plants. The death of insects occurs within an hour.

Medvedok baited with baits. In cooked porridge add a dose of the drug. The tool acts on the basis of organophosphorus compounds. Does not carry danger to plants, the person. The active component of cypermethrin. Keeps properties for 20 days. Extremely dangerous for insects.


Applied from the bear in the country. Tired of catching in bottles. Lure cooked from rice. The first corpses noticed the very next day. Acts just instantly. Poison dropping at a depth of 5 cm, thrust into the passages, burrows.

Elena, Moscow

Reviews of funds are positive, but the complete destruction of the bear can only be achieved in combination with folk remedies, methods of prevention.

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