All about lice and nits
Means for preventing lice in children
Prevention of lice in children and adults will minimize the risk of infection with head lice.
Examination of the patient for pediculosis in the department
How is the examination for pediculosis patients in the hospital. What measures does the medical staff take if lice are detected?
What is pediculosis?
What is pediculosis, how it happens and how it manifests itself. Symptoms, ways of infection and methods of treatment.
Why do lice appear, control methods, head lice prevention
Causes of pediculosis, control measures and prevention of lice are important information, the possession of which will not allow parasites to settle on the body ...
Mandawash - photos, symptoms and treatment
Phthyriasis: description, features of reproduction and photos of pubic lice. How to deal with pubic pediculosis.
New sanpin for the prevention of pediculosis
The fight against parasitic diseases, one of which is pediculosis, is ongoing all the time, only its methods and tools of exposure are changing, which ...
What diseases carry lice
What dangerous diseases does lice suffer? Many terrible diseases are transmitted through blood. Lice wander from one person to another. Spread is possible ...
How to distinguish lice and nits from dandruff
How to distinguish dandruff from nits? White bloom on the hair, unpleasant itching cause anxiety and fear. What to buy -...
Will lice die if you dye your hair
Will lice die if you just dye your hair? Not any paint is suitable for this purpose. There are a number of conditions that must be met ...
Why are there nits, but no lice?
Why are there nits on my head, but no lice? What is the reason for such a situation, are there any logical explanations, after all, nits are ...
What are head lice afraid of?
What is deathly afraid of head lice? Most insects do not tolerate peculiar odors. Are the flavors on the lice, and which ones? ...
Prevention of pediculosis and typhus
The new order of the Russian Federation 342 on pediculosis provides guidelines for the prevention, detection, treatment of lice. Provides information on the paths of distribution of syphon ...
What is an anti-pediculosis kit?
What is the anti-pediculous packing from order 342: its composition and rules of use.
Pediculosis in kindergarten
Pediculosis in kindergarten is observed quite often. Symptoms of infection and preventive measures.
How to distinguish live from the dead nits
Than dead nits differ from live. How to get rid of nits.
Pediculosis examination algorithm
A routine inspection for lice helps prevent the spread of the disease among people and is a preventative measure for the occurrence of an epidemic of typhus.
Memo on pediculosis for parents
You must read the parental headache prevention handbook. She will tell you what to do if a child has lice in her hair ...
Prevention of pediculosis and scabies
Pediculosis and scabies are parasitic diseases that can be infected during contact. Preventive measures.
Can lice appear from nerves?
Are there lice on the nerve soil. Whether lice is really a consequence of stress.
What is dangerous pediculosis
Blood-sucking parasites carry infectious diseases and cause allergies. You need to know what the lice on the head and other parts are dangerous for a person ...
How do I know that you have lice?
The parasite feeds on blood and causes discomfort, but it is not easy to detect. How to understand that you have lice and independently determine the type ...
Why does it itch the head after removing the lice
The lice are gone, the nits are combed out, and the itching continues. It is necessary to figure out whether the head can be itchy after removing lice. The cause of discomfort can ...
Types and types of lice
What are the types of lice and nits in humans: what is different and where they live.
At what temperature do lice and nits die?
Knowledge of the temperature at which nits and lice die, will help get rid of parasites without the use of harmful substances for the body.
Prevention of pediculosis in school
What methods of prevention of pediculosis in school are used. What should the student's parents do if they find lice in his hair.
Why does the head itch if there are no lice?
The reason for when the head itches, but no lice, there can be various diseases. How to get rid of itching.
What do lice bites look like
Lice bites are easily confused with bedbugs or flea bites, but there are a few differences that help to correctly identify the parasite. Find out how ...
How to bite linen louses, photo bites
On the body itchy spots, not similar to the result of the attack of bedbugs or mosquitoes, then you should pay attention to the photo of linen bites ...
Pediculosis at school - where to go and what to do
This article tells parents about what actions need to be taken if pediculosis is found in school and in a child: how is it ...
Incubation period of lice and nits in humans
The incubation period for lice and nits is the period during which the formation of an adult individual takes place.Knowing the characteristics of the development of dangerous insects, ...
Ciliated lice and nits
A disease like phthiriasis, when lice are wound up on the eyelashes, is very rare, but you need to know its symptoms, the causes and ...
What dreams of nits on the dream book
What dreams of a man nits? Unpleasant visions make you think seriously about the near future. Should I worry? What to expect from parasites ...
What dreams of lice and fleas
What dreams of lice and fleas at the same time. Unpleasant creatures spoil the rest at night, do not give rest during the day. What does the phenomenon of parasites mean? ...
Magazine inspection of children for scabies and pediculosis - the form and design
The magazine inspection of children for pediculosis in preschool, schools is conducted on a specific model. Responsibility is assigned to a medical professional. The document displays the degree ...
Plots and prayers against lice and nits
A conspiracy against lice - a mystical effect on the problem. Helps to clear the aura of a person, remove the negative, enhances the effects of drugs.
Why are lice in the head
Why does a person have lice? What people say about such a phenomenon. Lice is familiar to mankind for a long time, interesting patterns are noticed.
How people get lice
How do people in everyday life become infected with lice? Features of the development of all types of pediculosis. How long does the incubation period last, when you can notice lice?
How are lice and nits transmitted
How lice and nits are transmitted to a person, how fast pediculosis develops. All ways of infection are known, but some myths continue to exist.
Symptoms of lice in adults and children
The main symptoms of lice are severe itching of the head, body or inguinal region, bite marks, but they do not occur from the first days ...
Can there be lice on dyed hair
On dyed hair, lice feel comfortable. But to destroy the parasites paint is possible, if you know which one. What should be included in ...
Head lice in childrens hair
Where did lice in the hair of children come from, and what drugs are able to rid the child of parasites. Not all products are suitable for children ....
How quickly lice multiply
How quickly do lice breed? Where does headache come from? The disease is transmitted from a sick person, develops 16 days. The source is lice. Live on ...
Where and how many lice live without a person
Knowing where and how much lice and nits live, where their habitats are located, it will be much easier to cope with the problem of pediculosis.
How lice and nits look on a person’s head
Detailed photos of the appearance of lice and nits in human hair. Signs of pediculosis.
Where did the head lice come from?
How lice appear on a person's head - the causes, ways of infection. Symptoms and ways to prevent pediculosis.
What dreams of lice in my hair
What dreams of lice on the dream of Miller, Freud Vanga and other sources. Should I be afraid of dreams with blood-sucking parasites or ...

All about lice and nits

Information about lice and nits

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