Cat fleas
How to remove fleas in a nursing cat and newborn kittens
Whether cat flea drops can be dripped from fleas, are they dangerous for kittens, cat owners ask. Vetaptekah sold ...
Why does a cat itch if there are no fleas
Why a cat can itch before sores on the neck, if there are no fleas - possible diseases, their description and treatment methods. Overview...
How to find out if there are fleas in a cat or cat
How to find out if a cat has fleas - tips of experienced, folk tricks.
Why does a cat itch from flea drops and other causes of itching
The cat itches after flea drops, the owner notes, but is it? Maybe an itch provoked a fungus, an allergy, a scabies mite or ...
What happens if a cat or a cat licks flea drops
The question of what to do if a cat licked off flea drops, many owners of furry pets are perplexed. Signs of poisoning.
How often can I wash with flea shampoo
Every pet owner needs to know how often a cat can be washed with a flea shampoo. The article describes the situations when ...
A cat is allergic to fleas - than to treat
Are cats allergic to fleas? Signs of the disease.
How to remove fleas from a pregnant cat
Quite often, veterinarians have to answer the question - what to do if a pregnant cat has a flea. The solution to this problem is possible thanks to ...
How to get a flea from a British cat
It is very difficult to find that a British cat has got fleas. Signs of infection of the pet and methods of destruction of parasites.
How to get rid of fleas in a cat or cat at home
How to remove fleas from a cat or cat at home, not allowing re-infection of the pet.Causes of infection and means of combating ...
Folk remedies for fleas in cats, cats and kittens
There are many ways to get fleas at home with your pets. The most popular and harmless of them are ...
What cat fleas look like, symptoms and treatment
Cat fleas are the most common problem pet owners face. Knowing how to look like ...
Can fleas from a cat go to humans
What are dangerous fleas in cats for humans? Can they be transmitted when people come into contact with animals and how does this happen ...
How to get rid of fleas in a kitten at home
Few people know how to remove fleas from a kitten and get rid of them forever. Among the large number of drugs produced by the industry, ...

Cat fleas

Fleas in cats can appear even with the most careful care of an animal. It is enough to forget about the use of prophylactic agents, so that after walking the pet, contact with infected animals brings several fleas to the house in its fur.
At the initial stage, it is very difficult to identify parasites in the wool of a meowing pet. Fleas in cats cause discomfort, their bites cause itching, the animal's appetite decreases, sleep worsens. If you do not take measures to destroy, the animal will begin to fall wool, there will be purulent inflammation on the skin and internal organs, feverish state.

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