How to get rid of fleas in a cat or cat at home

Cats are recognized as one of the popular pet species. They delight their owners with a friendly character and shaggy wool. However, it is she who is the habitat of fleas.Parasitic insects bite into the body of the animal, causing him discomfort. They are not dangerous not only for the pet, but also for man, as are carriers of many diseases. Therefore, the question of how to remove fleas from a cat at home, almost every owner of a mustache is puzzled.

Animals infected with parasites are disturbed by the periodic itching caused by skin puncture. In the bite process, a flea bursts saliva into the wound, which causes an allergic reaction. Prolonged scratching of the damaged areas will result in scratches, which may lead to hair loss.

Important! Flea infection is especially dangerous for kittens. The presence of parasites can cause weight loss and anemia, and if there are a lot of fleas, even death. Therefore it is necessary to know how to get rid of fleas in kittens.

Causes and signs of infection

Many are surprised at the reason for the infestation of the parasite of their pet. Why there are fleas, if the cat does not go outside the apartment, and where did they come from? Bloodsuckers can start in cat fur in a variety of ways.

  • Upon contact with infected animals;
  • A person can become a carrier of fleas through shoes or clothes, having been in an infected room;
  • Parasites can go into the house from unscrupulous neighbors or from the basement, if the apartment is on the first floor;
  • Out of the grass while walking.
Cat fleas
Cat fleas

The presence of fleas in the cat's fur can be determined by the following features.

  1. The cat is scratching hard.
  2. Parasites and traces of their activity in the form of small black dots, resembling ground pepper, can be detected by visual inspection of the pet's fur.
  3. White flea eggs can be seen in the bed of the cat.
  4. The presence of an allergic reaction on the body of the petwhich is a consequence of a flea bite. This is because there are toxic substances in the insect's saliva.

You can look at the photo how parasites, their eggs and traces of vital activity look.

If these symptoms are found in an animal, it is necessary to apply a remedy against fleas. If the destruction of the parasites is not done in time, it will be more difficult to remove the fleas from the cat, since bloodsuckers very quickly multiply.

Means for removing fleas from domestic cats

Owners of pets with the appearance of parasites are interested,how and what to bring fleas from a cat. Picking up effective means for removing fleasshould pay attention to the composition of the drug. It is also necessary to take into account the age of the cat or cat, the breed of the animal, the degree of infestation by parasites and the possible presence of other pets. This is due to the fact that not every tool is suitable for use by kittens or is effective for large concentrations of parasites. Knowledge of these nuances will help you find the right tool and properly handle the cat.

For kittens or cats "on demolitions" the safest method is to comb the bloodsuckers with a fine comb. Full deliverance from bloodsuckers can be achieved with daily combing of animal hair. Periodically, the comb should be washed with water and wiped with a light cloth. The combed out fleas, their larvae, eggs and excreta are burned or destroyed manually.

Today, there are many tools that will help rid the cat of fleas.


Flea shampoos for cats and dogs
Flea shampoos for cats and dogs

One of the means by which a cat can get fleas is shampoo. Its use gives a good effect, however, not everyone likes the pet.The method of using anti-flea shampoo is quite simple. Detergent must be well foamed on the cat's hair and left for a couple of minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

When buying a shampoo, you should pay attention to the composition of the drug: it should not contain components harmful to the health of the animal. Shampoos are especially popular today. Leopard, Meadow, Insectin and Phytoelite.

Injections and pills

If you find fleas in a domestic cat, you can help the animal get rid of them by injecting drugs. Their advantage is the safety of the pet in case of possible contact with their relatives. Flea injections are contraindicated in lactating and pregnant cats due to the fact that the active ingredient of the drug may harm the health of kittens. An anti-flea injection can be done in almost any veterinary clinic.

Have a similar effect pills. The advantage of this method lies in its action from the inside, which limits the ability to lick the drug with a cat from the surface of its fur. The active substance contained in the tablets, entering the blood of the animal,It has a detrimental effect on insects that bite him. The maximum effect can be achieved by combining this method with other methods of control.


Flea drops for cats
Flea drops for cats

Quickly enough, you can rid the cat of fleas with drops to withers. This tool has a destructive and deterrent effect on parasites. It is easy to apply drops. They need to be applied in the area of ​​the withers and along the spine. The effect of the drug is so effective that you can observe how bloodsuckers are in a hurry to leave the cat's body. How often you can poison the fleas indicated in the instructions. Such drops have recommended themselves well:


Means for removing fleas in a cat can be made in the form of special collars. They not only quickly rid the pet of insects, but are also used as preventive measures. The advantage of collars is ease of use, especially while walking. Another positive point is a long period of action (collars protect against parasites for 2-5 months).Consumers in demand are such collars:

The sprays

Sprays give a good effect in the fight against parasites. The drug is sprayed on the cat's fur, causing the death of insects. It is important to use the tool in accordance with its instructions. The main condition is to prevent the substance from getting into the eyes and mucous membranes of the pet. It is preferable to poison fleas in the open air or in a well-ventilated area. Most cat lovers prefer sprays such as Front line, "Delicious" or "Leopard".

Flea sprays in cats
Flea sprays in cats

Folk remedies

How to get rid of fleas in cats with folk methods very simple.

  • Scare away the parasites wormwood smell, rosemary, lavender, geranium, eucalyptus, tansy. The broth prepared from these herbs should be treated with animal fur and cat mattress. In case of severe defeat by fleas, the procedure must be repeated after 3 days. As a preventive measure, it is necessary to process the cat's hair 2 times a month.
  • If there is a flea cat in the house, then you can poison the insects with essential oils - cedar or rosemary. It is enough to add a few drops in the shampoo and wash your pet's hair well.
  • You can also get rid of fleas with garlic. Its smell causes the parasites to panic.For processing pet hair, take 2-3 cloves of garlic and grate or chop with a knife. Pour 1 liter of warm boiled water and insist for 10-12 hours. This infusion need to handle the withers of the cat. The effect will intensify if you add brewer's yeast to the infusion on the tip of a knife. In no case can not be applied to other parts of the body, as garlic has toxic properties and is contraindicated in animals.
  • You can also slay fleas in a cat with the help of a saline solution and needles, which need to be filled with pet litter.
Folk remedies for fleas in cats
Folk remedies for fleas in cats

What to do if a cat has found fleas

Removing fleas in cats at home - the process is simple, however, requires patience.

  1. To begin with, parasitic insects should be removed from the cat or cat hair using one of the available means. After a few days it is necessary to comb out the pet's hair from dead fleas and their larvae.
  2. The acquisition of the collar will prevent the occurrence of cat fleas. For this purpose, you can use tablets.

    Comb and inspect regularly
    Comb and inspect regularly
  3. Pay attention to the place where the animal is sleeping.To process his mattress or bedding with any anti-flea agent, after which it is better to fill it with needles.
  4. Parallel required to process the room with the most effective meanswhich contains a domestic cat to destroy the insects that have spread in it. It is necessary to wash the floor using whiteness, herbal decoction or a solution of soda and salt. Especially carefully go through the places where parasites were found.
  5. To eliminate the breeding grounds, you can use a household dryer. It will help not only to dry the damp in hard to reach places, but also flea eggs, which will not suffer such tests. Infected bloodsuckers bedding and things need to be cleaned and ironed.
  6. If possible, contact with infected animals should be avoided so that the parasites do not have to be poisoned again.
  7. Regularly inspect the cat's fur and make prophylaxis using sprays, pills or collars. You can periodically bathe your pet using an anti-flea shampoo or herbal decoctions. After all, to prevent the disease is much easier and more effective than to treat it. Therefore, if fleas are prevented from infecting a domestic cat or cat,then the treatment of the animal will not be needed.


Oleg: The question is what to do if the cat has a flea, has become relevant for us this summer. I tried various folk remedies, I can not bring these parasites. We'll have to use chemicals, no matter how I would like to protect your pet from harmful substances.

Irina: Our cat caught fleas in the summer in the country, from neighbors' pets. Before returning to the apartment, they were taken out with drops of Leopard. They helped us quickly enough, but we also put on the flea collar for prophylaxis.

Natalia: Our cat suddenly had fleas. They took them out for a long time and realized that it was important not only how and how to treat a cat from fleas, but also to do a wet cleaning in the apartment. After all, these creatures multiply very quickly and infect the whole room. What to wash? I use salt or whiteness for this purpose. Cheap and efficient, as practice has shown.

Elena: Having found fleas in a cat, she bathed him in a decoction of tansy and wormwood herbs, and put on her a flea collar. In order to prevent such water procedures I repeat every 2 weeks. You can also use soap.

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