Rat species
Gray rat
Where the gray rat lives, what it looks like and what it eats, how to deal with rodents that have settled in a house or basement.
Earth rat
There is a large army of pests of gardens and vegetable gardens. These include the earth rat. It can cause a lot of damage on the site, ...
Wild rats
Wild rat species are found all over the world. In our area lives 3 families. Each species has its own characteristics, different flavoring ...
Black rats
Where does a black rat live and what harm does a person do. If you know how the animal develops, what it eats and what ...
Rat species
Varieties of rats: their description, diet and habitat.
Water rats
The appearance of a water rat in close proximity to a person threatens to damage greenhouses, hotbeds, the destruction of crops and garden crops. For the fight used the old ...

Rat species

Types of rats.

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