How many years have rats lived

Rats are animals that cause hostility in many people. Since ancient times, they live near human housing, delivering a lot of trouble and spreading various infections. Therefore, the question of how many rats live, wild and domestic varieties of them, what they eat, will interest every person.

Wild rodents

The most common type wild rat, called pasyuk, refers to a mammal of the order of rodents. They inhabit almost all continents of the planet, except Antarctica.Spread everywhere several centuries ago, thanks to ships sailing across oceans around the world.

This rodent has gray fur, strong hind legs, teeth, gnawing everything and a fairly developed intellect. Torso length gray rat makes 15-25 cm, weighs up to 400 g, tail length - to 19 cm.

In the wild, the Pasyuki settle closer to water sources one at a time or in groups. However, most of them move to housing closer to the person, where you can find plenty of food and heat. The life span of a rat living in basements, trash bins and other places in human settlements is only 1-1.5 years, occasionally they can live up to 3 years.

Wild rats
Wild rats

On a note!

In ancient centuries, street rats were a real disaster for the population of cities and villages, because they were carriers of the worst infectious diseases - black plague, fever, typhoid, leptospirosis and others. Also rats spread diseases helminths, salmonella, etc.

In nature, a wild rat feeds on:

  • small animals: fish, frogs, mice, mollusks;
  • plant food: seeds and grains of plants;
  • near settlements all edible products and waste.

Often settled in landfills and garbage dumps. During periods of famine, cannibalism is observed in their colonies - they eat their relatives.

How much a rat lives in nature depends on the nutrition, rat species, mortality at a young age, the presence of predators and actions by people who have been trying for centuries fight rodents.

Rodents living in uninhabited areas usually bring offspring 2 times a year, while urban dwellers and domestic breeds that have the best food and warm houses can breed up to 8 times a year, giving birth to 1-20 babies each time. Part of the brood is eaten either by the parents immediately: the weak and sick individuals do not live for a long time, or they die in the young growth stage. Baby rats reach sexual maturity at the age of 3-4 months, and the peak of childbearing opportunities occurs in 1-2 years.

On a note!

According to experts, the number of rats in the world is 2 times the human population, and in large cities the population of rodents is at the level of the number of inhabitants.

Domestic rats

Many people keep at home pet rats, considering them cute and intelligent animals that are easily trained.The use of animals in laboratory work and their interbreeding allowed us to develop a large number of ornamental species: rexes, tailless, bald rats, satin, dumbo, sphinxes and others.


How many years live domestic rats, usually depends on the owner, who assumes responsibility for caring for your pet. On average, the life cycle is 2-3 years, some individuals live to 5 years.

The lifespan of rats domestic depends on food and living conditions. For example, rodents can eat a large amount of food and do it continuously, from which they start to get fat over time and acquire numerous diseases.


The oldest representative of rodents, who lived to 7 years old, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Therefore, the role of the owner, who wants to extend the life of the rat, is to limit his pet in the amount of food, to remove the remains from the cage in time, and also to keep it clean. Periodically disinfect the rat housing and destroy its smell.

For the health of the teeth of a rodent, it is necessary to place sprigs of trees, stones, pieces of salt and chalk in its cage.Also, veterinarians are advised to communicate more with their "companion": take him in your arms, treat him with goodies: dried fruit, cheese, cottage cheese, etc. Domestic tame rats, who feel the attention of their owner, normally eat and do not get sick, can live up to 2.5 3 years.

Decorative rat breeds

Decorative rats
Decorative rats

Pet lovers will be interested to know what breeds exist, how to feed and care for them, what diseases they have and how long rats live.

  • Sphynx (hairless) - refer to one of the modern domestic breeds, derived from mutations. Its well-being and longevity are affected not only by food, but also by problems associated with heating — the optimum temperature is 16-30 ° C, as well as the treatment of colds, skin, allergic diseases, inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system, common in this breed of various types of tumors, including malignant.
  • White rats: there are individuals with ordinary and red eyes, they are distinguished by their attractive appearance and great affection for their owner, friendly character, they are easily subjected to training.The main diet: cereals, vegetables and fruits, protein foods - raw and boiled meat and vitamins, clean water is obligatory. However, this home species is characterized by low immunity: they can easily catch a cold and are susceptible to infections, which is why their life cycle ends in 1.5-2 years.
  • The most aristocratic kind is the blue rat, whose representatives are faithful and intelligent human friends, are able to memorize words, love to play, have a non-aggressive character, live 2-2.5 years.
  • Less capricious types of domestic rats: Rex, Dumbo, etc. Animals love the cleanliness and order in their home, various toys and entertainment. Riding in a wheel will help such a rodent to maintain fitness and less sick. Obesity in all rat breeds can lead to heart and other diseases, which will reduce the duration of their life.

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