How to get rid of black flies in the kitchen


Each of us faced the problem of the appearance of blackflies in the apartment - small flying insects, which are very disturbing and annoying with their presence. They start up very quickly: it is enough to postpone the release of garbage, not to notice a piece of fruit rolled under the refrigerator, or bring vegetables infested with pest larvae into the house. And after a while a whole swarm of annoying insects will live in the kitchen.How to get rid of the midges in the kitchen, this article will tell.


In nature, there are about 1,800 species: brown, black, orange, and even green midges. In apartments, schiarides appear more often (they grow in the soil of indoor plants) and fruit flies (food or fruit midges).

Food midges are small (up to 2 mm) insects that are able to multiply rapidly. For human health, they are safe, but can cause significant damage to the spoilage of fruits, vegetables and other products. Most often, vegetable or fruit midges are brown in color, but sometimes black and orange individuals are found.

Sciarides - small black flies, living at the roots of plants with dense leaves. They are absolutely safe for the person, but give him great discomfort. When flying around the house, insects can sit on food plates and cups of drinks. For plants, this is a real threat. A large accumulation of sciarides can lead to the death of a “green friend.” In addition they have to fight indoor colors with whiteflies, shields.

Nutritional midges and sciriads
Nutritional midges and sciriads

Sources of appearance

Many housewives wonder where the midges come from in the apartment.Most insects infest in the summer or autumn, but can appear in the winter, even indoors with windows and doors tightly closed. Therefore, before you start to fight with them, you need to find the source of their occurrence:

  1. Polluted and slightly rotten fruit brought to the house from a store or garden are the most common cause of the midges in the kitchen. They create ideal conditions for feeding and breeding insects. Especially often the midge starts up on the balcony in the autumn, where many vegetables are stored for preservation. To get rid of it is necessary to destroy the missing products.
  2. Inadequate hygiene of the garbage can and irregular waste disposal may also precede the appearance of fruit midges in the kitchen. Despite the fact that the life expectancy of insects is only a day, they manage to lay eggs in rotting food waste. As a result, you have to look for ways getting rid of the midges in the apartment.
  3. Late cleaning of the pet's cage can also cause the appearance of black flies in the apartment. A great help for the spread of insects is an unkempt dog or cat bowl,dirty aquarium and rotting algae in it. To get rid of pests in the house will help regular cleaning of the dishes of the animal.
  4. Moshkara in the house can start in the soil of indoor plants. Excessively abundant watering and fertilizer used tea brewing create favorable conditions for the reproduction of flower midges on the windows.
  5. The cause of the appearance of midges in the kitchen can be clogged sewage. Particles of food trapped in the siphon continue to decompose there, which provokes the emergence of new individuals. To get rid of insects in such a situation will help cleaning the siphon with a special tool.

    Sources of the appearance of midges
    Sources of the appearance of midges
  6. Defective plumbing can also contribute to the appearance of black flies in the kitchen. The constant flow of a crane creates dampness in the apartment, which insects love so much.
  7. Insects can enter the kitchen through ventilation openings or simply fly into a house from the street through a window or door.

How to get rid

The question of how to get rid of black flies in the kitchen, worries everyone who finds them. After all, if you do not take urgent measures, the number of insects in the house for a short period of time will increase several times.If midges appear in the kitchen, the first thing to do is to find their habitat where the pests feed and reproduce.

  1. To inspect the shelves and tables in the kitchen, where are the products. Often the midges sit on fruits and vegetables stored on the balcony. It is enough to go through them and get rid of the damaged copies. Cereals should be poured into hermetically sealed containers.
  2. Wash and dry the garbage can thoroughly.
  3. Finding midges in the house, you should also check the bathroom and kitchen sewer system. If necessary, get rid of the blockage in the siphon washing special means. In the absence of such, you can pour soda into the neck of the sink and pour in some vinegar. After the reaction, accompanied by intense hissing, the siphon must be thoroughly rinsed with water.
  4. Eliminate the leakage of all taps, as the constant humidity creates ideal conditions for the midges.
  5. To carry out wet cleaning: perhaps the cause of the appearance of midges in the kitchen was a stray piece of fruit or a drop of jam on the floor.
  6. If there are indoor plants in the kitchen, you should carefully examine them for the presence of flower midge.It is necessary to water flowers as required, without allowing bogging of the soil. Stagnant water is a veritable breeding ground for pests, and get rid of black flies in room flowers not so easy.
  7. Use industrial and folk remedies that will help get rid of the midges in the house.

Industrial countermeasures

Dichlorvos and Blackfly Raptor
Dichlorvos and Blackfly Raptor

The easiest way to remove black flies in the house is to purchase a fumigator or use repellents from flies and mosquitoes. No less effective such means of midges like sprays. For example, Raptor or Dichlorvos. With their help, you can easily get rid of pests in the kitchen, treating the places of the greatest accumulation of insects.

However, it is not always advisable to use a chemical agent for blackflies in the house. Where there are children or people with allergies, it is better to use light traps (zapper). The principle of their operation is based on the effect of electric current on insects.

According to customer reviews guarantee protection against domestic midges and ultrasonic traps. To get rid of insects in the house, you must regularly turn on the device in the outlet.

On a note
Effective in the fight against midges - adhesive tape for flies.You can enhance the effect if its surface is smeared with wine. Insects quickly fly to your favorite wine flavor.

Folk remedies

Despite the fact that insecticidal drugs in the fight against parasites give a faster effect, it should be borne in mind that chemistry can kill not only insects, but also cause serious harm to human and pet health. You can get rid of small black flies in the kitchen with folk remedies, which are much safer.

Home traps

Blackfly snares
Blackfly snares

Pitfalls are quite a popular cure for blackflies in the house. They can be made independently at home. A little jam, juice or other sweet drink is placed on the bottom of the jar. Then insert a paper cone with a small hole down. The smell of delicacy will attract pests, but they will not be able to get back.

You can get rid of the houseworm with a plastic cup. But to the juice poured on the bottom or compote you need to add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. It is important that the contents of the container can be carefully divorced. All the pests living in the kitchen will gladly flock to such a “treat”, but they will not be able to take off because of the detergent.

If the houseworm got a blackfly, you can get rid of it with the help of a regular plastic bag, in which you should leave a few pieces of apple. The very next day, the fruit will begin to deteriorate and blackfly trap will gather around him a lot of insects. After that, quickly enough to tie a bag and take it out.

On a note
To get rid of the flower midge in the house will help matches, stuck gray in the ground, or a weak solution of manganese. You can also fight with the pest using soap.


Geranium is something that can be saved from blackflies without much effort. It is enough to put the pot with a flower on the windowsill, and the midges in the kitchen will no longer appear. It is desirable that in the house such a flower was not only in the kitchen, but also in each room, then pests of indoor plants will not stand such a neighborhood.


Camphor is another remedy that will help get rid of black flies in a private home. The ground substance is placed in the pan and heated on gas until the formation of steam. The camphor smell is poisonous to insects, but for people it is absolutely safe.

On a note
Fighting the midges in a damp room will be ineffectual if not thoroughly dried.

Essential oils

Folk remedies for midges
Folk remedies for midges

You can get rid of the fruit midges in the kitchen with the help of the essential oil of vervain, clove, patchouli or ylang-ylang.


Many housewives know how to get rid of black flies in the house with the help of herbs such as wormwood or tansy. In addition, they are effective in fight against moths. Enough to spread the grass in several places in the kitchen.


In winter, you can get rid of black flies in the house with garlic. A few cloves need to be finely chopped or grated, and spread into pots with the ground. The smell of garlic will help bring out not only the flower midge, but will also serve as a natural inhaler in the fight against colds.

To prevent the appearance of blackflies in the kitchen will help cleanliness: regular cleaning, removal of garbage, compliance with the rules of care for indoor plants. And then the question of how to remove black flies from the kitchen you will not have.


Elena, Kiev: I did not keep track of the fruits in the kitchen and they began to rot. As a result, there were midges. I coped with them with the usual Dichlorvos. Naturally, having previously cleaned the kitchen.

Olga, St. Petersburg: I ​​always get rid of black flies in flowers with ordinary matches: I stick them in the ground with their heads down. And they often appear: mother too often waters the flowers. Fight the flies in flower pots Using chemicals I don’t risk it, as there are children and pets in the house.

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