How to deal with mice in the apartment

Mice in the apartment - a phenomenon quite rare. Modern panel designs do not practically give a chance for rodents to enter the apartment. Most often, pests suffer from tenants living in the apartment building of an old housing stock.Rodents find loopholes for penetration and cause a lot of trouble with their presence. In such cases, it becomes a topical question how to permanently get rid of mice in an apartment.

Why rodents are got in apartments

Mice, unlike rats, are characterized by smaller dimensions. The length of an adult individual varies in the range from 6 to 10 cm, and the weight from 12 to 30 g. They spend the warm season in their natural environment, with the onset of cold weather they are forced to look for warm places with a food source. Such conditions are fully consistent with human housing, which is why mice appear in apartments, private homes.

The appearance of rodents is impossible to notice. Characteristic indications of their invasion are:

  • the rustle and squeak emitted by mice;
  • an unpleasant mouse smell, which cannot be disposed of even after wet cleaning;
  • excrement in the form of tiny oval grains up to 2 mm in size;
  • damage to furniture, cardboard products, books.

The presence of mice in the apartment
The presence of mice in the apartment

For a city dweller, it seems strange that a tail animal could sneak into an apartment and he wonders where the mice come from. There are very few ways to invade:

  • on ventilation communications;
  • accidental entry through an open door, windows, if the apartment is located on the lower floors;
  • with agricultural products in bags brought from the storage facilities where the mice settled.

In Soviet times, it was very popular and fashionable to plant woven decorative grapes under the balconies of high-rise buildings. The plant grows quickly and in a few years covers with green carpet balcony structures from the first to the fifth floor. The “vegetable blinds” have one drawback - rodents easily move along it and thus get into the apartment.

On a note!

If the apartment is in disrepair, mice can penetrate through slots, holes in the floor or in the walls.

Musophobia is typical for some people - the fear of rats and mice. However, this is not all the harm caused by rodents. Mice are carriers of dangerous diseases. and parasitic insects. They are distinguished by high fecundity - each female gives a brood of 5-12 individuals. Therefore, having found signs of pests, it is necessary to fight with mice in the apartment immediately, using for this purpose all available means.

Removal of pests on their own

Fighting mice begins with a banal cleaning. It is necessary to completely prevent access of the caudate animals to any food and water. Rodents are very sensitive to the lack of food and it is likely that after a starvation diet they will leave the apartment on their own.

If the settlers are not in a hurry to leave their favorite places, there are several options for what to do if a mouse has started up in the apartment:

On a note!

The easiest and most affordable method that is easily applicable at home is to have a cat. For these purposes, it is better to choose not an elite breed, but the most common representative of the feline, for which catching mice is an ordinary occupation.

Freedom from rodents with rodenticides

Poison from rodents
Poison from rodents

Rodenticides will help to quickly get rid of pests in the apartment. So called chemical compounds for the destruction of rats and mice. They can be produced in the form of grains that have already been treated with poison, or they can be directly poison, which must be independently mixed with bait.

By the type of action, the poison from mice is conditionally divided into 2 types:

  • Preparations of rapid exposure, causing rapid pathology in the body of a mammal, resulting in its subsequent death. Single dose poison for mice enough to ensure the death of the animal during the day.
  • Remedies - anticoagulants. The active ingredients inhibit the formation of thrombophlebitis, as a result of which a pest dies after a certain period of time. The disadvantage of such drugs is their slow effect. The concentration of harmful substances in the body of a mammal, necessary for the death of a rodent, is reached at 3-14 days.


Choosing funds from mice in the apartment, you should pay for the presence in the composition of the substances that provide mummification. Otherwise, the corpse of a dead pest will decompose for a long time and exude an unpleasant odor, which later will be very difficult to get rid of.

In order to guarantee the removal of mice from an apartment, not to harm the household, you should follow several rules:

  1. To determine in advance the places where the bait will be placed with the poisonous components.It is extremely important to limit the access of children and pets to the areas where the poison is located.
  2. To prepare, remove the bait from the packaging is necessary in rubber gloves. Mice smell the person well and if they smell it, they will bypass the preparation prepared for them by the side.
  3. If the tool involves mixing it with food, you should follow the instructions. Increasing the dosage will not give the desired result and will negatively affect the taste characteristics of the bait.
  4. Lay out the poison in small portions, using cardboard, plastic, paper backing or boxes with holes.
  5. During the persecution of rodents in the apartment to ensure that the products do not remain on the kitchen table. All supplies should be refrigerated or sealed in an appropriate container.
  6. Check baits regularly and update them as necessary or report new batches.

On a note!

Means for baiting rodents in rooms are usually painted in bright colors. Mice do not react to color, and they warn people of danger.Also, the composition is often supplemented with bitter bitrex so that children or pets cannot eat the bait and get a dangerous dose of poison.

Poisonous preparations for mice
Poisonous preparations for mice

To poison the mice in the apartment can be the following drugs:

  • Zookumarin Rubit - a tool that is already ready for use, for the extermination of mice in pellets. Also available as a cereal mixture. It consists of two insecticides, which are not addictive in mice. Differs low price. So, on the Market of Moscow the price of one package varies in the range of 40-70 rubles.
  • Ratindan is a time-tested effective remedy based on anticoagulants. Presented in the form of a red powder, designed for self-preparation of baits. It is possible to ascertain the death of rodents in 7-14 days.
  • Anti-rodent Green House - series funds from mice on the basis of bromadialona in the form of baits, concentrates for the preparation of baits, pellets, briquettes. Helps to kill mice that have developed insecticide resistance.

Also in the apartments use tools such as the Nutcracker, Storm, Mortorat, Goliath, Best.

Rodent Trap

Rodent Trap
Rodent Trap

Mousetraps have been used by people since ancient times. This method is not outdated even now, it is often used to get rid of mice in an apartment, private house, garage, cellar. The arsenal of classical designs has expanded considerably. But the principle of work remains the same - the bait is placed in a trap, the rodent attracted by its smell gets into the device and remains in it. The further fate of the pest depends on the type of construction: the mouse either dies or waits for its fate to be determined by the catcher.

On a note!

Cartoons, fairy tales formed a stable opinion that the favorite delicacy of mice is cheese. However, according to studies, such information is nothing more than a myth. Small rodents are more likely to eat cereal products, sweets, so it is better to catch them, luring them with cereals, seeds, nuts.

The most popular mousetraps:

  • A wooden mousetrap with a metal bracket - when a rodent tries to take the bait, a mechanism is triggered that kills the mouse or causes serious injury to it. The disadvantage of this method - flattened bloodied body of the animal, which must be disposed of.
  • Humane traps are a kind of mini-cages in which the mouse enters, but can not get out.The method is suitable for those who wish not to exterminate the population of rodents in the house, and just clean the area from pests. Caught mousetrap cells the animals are released free from their home.
  • Electric trap is a design that, if it enters the mouse, receives a deadly discharge of current. Dead animal after retrieving from electric mousetrap you can feed the cats or bury.
  • Glue traps - a primitive device. A cool mass is applied to its surface, and contact with it is fraught with absolute fixation for the mouse. The method is not acceptable for humanists. There is one more disadvantage of using glue traps - the heart-rending squeak of a caught animal, capable of scaring and waking all households. Also on glue for mice may come home pet or child.

On a note!

Mouse traps are sold in hardware or specialty stores. But if you want to build constructions for catching rodents you can do it yourself.

Mouse scarers

Ultrasonic scarers - know-how, actively advertised on the web, on television. The principle of operation is the generation of ultrasonic waves by the device.A person does not hear or feel them, and for mice they create uncomfortable conditions. The animals begin to behave inadequately. According to the observations of eyewitnesses, their behavior is comparable to alcohol intoxication, they are disoriented in space, fall into the traps, which were previously bypassed. Unable to withstand constant discomfort, tailed animals leave the apartment.

Expel the mouse using an ultrasonic device, according to manufacturers, it is possible after 2-3 weeks of uninterrupted operation of the device. In the sleeping area, the use of repellents is not recommended. The most popular models include: Pest Redget, Clean house, Electric boat.

Methods of dealing with mice
Methods of dealing with mice

Folk recipes

You can try to get rid of mice in the apartment with folk remedies:

  • Prepare an alcoholic peppermint tincture and process rodent movement routes for it.
  • Frightens mice the smell of wild rosemary. The branches of the plant are laid out along the baseboards, in the potential places for the animals to enter the apartment.
  • Wood ash scattered on the floor is irritating to pests.
  • Gypsum or putty in equal proportions mixed with flour.Pour treats in containers, complete lunch with a container of water. Gypsum freezes in the body of the mouse, which causes irreversible changes and its death.

There are many ways to get rid of mice in an apartment: humane and bloodthirsty. If it was not possible to do this on our own, you can contact a specialized service. Extermination of rodents by specialists called deratization.

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