The best drugs from the Colorado potato beetle on potatoes

WITH colorado beetle - a very common and difficult to display pest, had to face every lover of garden work in his suburban area.Since it is not always possible to get rid of the insect by using folk remedies, the chemical industry annually produces a large arsenal of destructive toxic chemicals. Preparations differ not only in the form of release and composition, but also in the method of use, as well as in their effectiveness. The following funds from the Colorado potato beetle are most in demand among gardeners.

Types of funds

Modern drugs, created to combat the striped pest, are characterized not only by a fast action on insects, but also by a prolonged protective effect, which can last up to 30 days. In addition, the composition of most funds is not addictive for pests. All chemicals from the Colorado potato beetle are conventionally divided into:

  • Contact drugs that begin to negatively affect insects upon contact with their skin. The main advantage of such pesticides is that their composition is not absorbed by the roots and tubers of plants. They are not resistant to precipitation. However, with regular use in insects, immunity can be produced on them, and therefore, they should be periodically changed.
  • Systemic drugs are highly effective. In addition, they have a longer protective effect, as they are resistant to precipitation and do not cause habituation in insects. To protect the culture, it is enough to conduct only one treatment of tubers. The main disadvantage of such drugs is their toxicity. The insecticide imidacloprid included in their composition can accumulate in the stems and tubers of plants. For this reason, systemic drugs can not be used for the treatment of potatoes of early varieties.
  • Intestinal agents enter the body of the Colorado potato beetle through the digestive tract, provoking a violation of its activity. As a result, the insect has problems with digestion, leading to the death of individuals.
Fighting the Colorado potato beetle
Fighting the Colorado potato beetle

The most safe are biological products from the Colorado potato beetle. Such novelties are created on the basis of spore bacteria, which, when they penetrate into the organism of the Colorado beetles, affect their digestive system, the consequence of which in the future becomes the inevitable death of leaf beetles. Moreover, the composition of such drugs does not pose a threat to human health,as it does not accumulate in the roots and stems of plants. In this connection, the tubers can be used as food a week after the processing of the crops.

On a note!

Some farmers use veterinary drugs to kill the Colorado beetles, such as Bars, Ratey, Neostomosan, and even classical aerosols to kill the flying insects Dichlorvos, Combat. However, the use of such drugs in the open space to combat garden pests is impractical. Dew, sunshine, precipitation quickly level their action, and the toxic composition detrimental effect on bees and other pollinating insects.

Preparations for fighting the colorado potato beetle on potatoes can be produced in several forms: in the form of a concentrated emulsion, aerosol, powder, granules, tablets or solution. They differ in the method of use. Chemicals can:

  • process planting tubers and seeds;
  • watering the root zone of the culture during the period of growth;
  • use the medicine for the Colorado potato beetle to spray leaves during the growing season.

Select which drug is better from the Colorado potato beetle, given its price, will help review the most popular means.

Golden spark

Golden Spark against the Colorado potato beetle
Golden Spark against the Colorado potato beetle

The best remedy for the Colorado potato beetle, which is based on the insecticide Imidacloprid. Powder from the Colorado potato beetle is packaged in ampoules (1 ml and 5 ml each) and 10 ml bottles.

The main features of the composition is a neurotoxic effect, contributing to the occurrence of convulsions, paralysis and insect death, as well as high functionality in conditions of intense heat. Poisonous substances enter the pest's organism via the contact-intestinal route. The effect of exposure to the toxic component is observed already at 2-3 days after treatment. The protective properties of the composition are maintained for 20 days. Low cost is another advantage of the drug. The price of Spark gold powder in an ampoule (1 ml) from 10 rubles.

To prepare the working solution, the powder is diluted in water at the rate of 1 ml per 5 l of liquid. Then it is used for spraying ground parts of plants infected with the Colorado potato beetle. This volume of solution is intended for the treatment of an area of ​​100 sq. m


For people, the composition of the Spark Gold Medium is moderately toxic, it has a strong toxic effect on bees.Therefore, the tool can not be sprayed near apiaries.


The golden spark is a very good remedy for the Colorado potato beetle. We spent only one treatment and almost no insects. Fast and efficient. I advise.

Lyudmila, Zhytomyr

Popular is another drug of the same manufacturer - Spark triple effect.


Corado remedy for the Colorado potato beetle
Corado remedy for the Colorado potato beetle

The analogue of the spark of gold is a means of dealing with the Colorado potato beetle. Corado. The active component in it is the already known insecticide, imidacloprid, which has contact-intestinal and systemic effects on insects. Penetrating the pest, the poison disrupts the digestive tract and nervous system, causing paralysis and death of the potato leaf beetle. Moreover, the composition is destructive not only for adults, this remedy for the larvae of the Colorado potato beetle is also effective.

The contents of one capsule (1 g) are diluted in 5 liters of water and the resulting composition is sprayed planting. The residual effect of the toxic solution lasts for 14-28 days. Potato beds are treated in dry, windless weather using personal protective equipment.

On a note!

The cost of one package containing 5 ampoules of 2 g is up to 20 rubles.


Killer from the Colorado potato beetle
Killer from the Colorado potato beetle

The killer is another effective remedy for the Colorado potato beetle, which is available as a water-soluble concentrate. Supplied by the manufacturer in 1.3 ml glass ampoules. In terms of toxicity Killer belongs to the 3 class of danger.

Current components in tool killer Cypermethrin and chlorpyrifos. These insecticides for potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle affect insects by contact, intestinal and respiratory. They prevent the passage of nerve impulses, which causes the death of pests. The poison is dangerous for insects in various stages of their development. Active toxic components remain for 2-3 weeks.

Dose for treatment with the drug is selected at the rate of 1 ampoule per 8 liters of water. This amount of solution is enough to spray a plot of 100 square meters. m. A more concentrated composition is needed for the treatment of planting tubers; for its preparation, 10 ml of the product is diluted in 0.6-0.7 l of water, which is quite enough for 30 kg of potatoes.

Spraying is carried out during the growing season, however, no later than 30 days before harvest. The cost of packaging (6 ampoules) in the range of 20-30 rubles.


The name of the means with accuracy justifies its composition. Beetles fall almost before our eyes. I advise.

Grigory, Yaroslavl


Aktara from the Colorado potato beetle
Aktara from the Colorado potato beetle

Highly effective against the Colorado potato beetle Aktara remedyhaving contact intestinal action. Systemic pesticides of this brand are produced in the form of a concentrated suspension, water-soluble granules, powder or tablets.

As an active component in it acts tiamexota - insecticide, the effect of which becomes noticeable from the first minutes after processing plants. The toxic composition is negative for both adults and insects in the larval stage.

To destroy the colony of pests, a solution is prepared by mixing the agent (1.2 g) with water (10 l). To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to repeat the procedure, as the eggs of the pests have no effect.

The price of the drug varies depending on the shape and weight. A package of 1.2 g costs about 25-35 rubles.


Not for the first year I have been using the chemical preparation Aktara in my garden. I process them tubers before planting, and then already grown plants. There are practically no Colorado beetles. I advise everyone.

Svetlana, Minsk

Typhoon plus

Typhoon plus against the Colorado potato beetle
Typhoon plus against the Colorado potato beetle

At this drugs from the Colorado potato beetle does not end there. Continues the list of insect-acaricidal agents drug Typhoon Plus, which includes diazinon and alpha cypermethrin. To enhance the fixing properties of the trend adhesive is used, so that toxic components are resistant to precipitation. In addition to the protective properties, Typhoon Plus successfully eradicates plant diseases, thereby increasing yields.

To prepare the working solution, the concentrate (15 ml) contained in the vial is diluted in water (20 l). The resulting composition is used for processing 3 acres of land.

The price range of the drug Typhoon varies in the region of 20 rubles.


In order to avoid toxic components on the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth, the use of a chemical preparation requires compliance with the basic safety rules and the use of personal protective equipment.


My wife and I got a chemical agent Typhoon, referring to the reviews of their neighbors in the country. And they did not even regret it. They processed not only potatoes, but also tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers and even apple trees. Our green pets not only did not get sick, but gave a good harvest. I recommend a very effective tool!

Victor, St. Petersburg

No less popular are Ukrainian preparations such as Zukomore. However, greater security still differs biological agents from the Colorado potato beetle on potatoes. Their living organisms contribute to the destruction of plant parasites and serve as a barrier to the growth of harmful fungi. In addition, they do not accumulate in plants and are completely safe for bees and inhabitants of water bodies. But despite this, such 3-in-1 preparations should be applied strictly in accordance with the guidelines, without violating the dosages recommended by the manufacturer.


Preparations from the Colorado potato beetle
Preparations from the Colorado potato beetle

Fitoverm is the safest remedy against garden pests, created on the basis of aversectin (the result of the activity of microorganisms in the soil).The biological composition is effective from the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm; it also does not tolerate moth and felt mites. The result of the effect of the composition can be observed already a day after the treatment, the prolonged effect lasts for 3 weeks.

The drug is available in ampoules of 2 ml, 4 ml, 10 ml and 5-liter cans, from which, accordingly, the cost of goods varies.


The real mor for the Colorado potato beetle is Bitoxibacillin. The drug is available in liquid and powder form. It is based on pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi. After contact with an insect, they penetrate into his body and destroy it, actively reproducing from the inside.

The drug is harmless to humans and completely safe for the environment. The disadvantage of this tool can be attributed only to the need for regular spraying.


Always gave preference to safe means. When you can not cope with the beetle folk remedies, using biologics. After all, they are much safer than pesticides.

Ilya, Vologda

Other means

In addition to the above tools, there are many other products on the marketeffective drugs. Among them:

The choice of what means to deal with the Colorado potato beetle, everyone does for himself independently. The main thing, before using pesticides from the Colorado potato beetle, you should carefully familiarize yourself with their composition, instructions for use and possible consequences when combined with herbicides like Tornado.

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