How to anoint a child mosquito bites

How to smear mosquito bites on a child depends on the complexity of the symptoms. With a normal reaction of the body, it is enough to use elementary antiseptic, sedatives. Pronounced allergic reaction treated with antihistamine, antiallergic drugs.

Folk remedies

Anoint a mosquito bite in a child can be self-prepared means, or buy at the pharmacy.

  • Eliminate unpleasant manifestations mosquito bites essential oils of tea tree, lavender, mint. Relieves inflammation, removes irritation oil of calendula, sea buckthorn, olives. Apply pointwise to the affected area.
  • Traditional antiseptic folk remedy - baking soda paste. Add water, mix to a thick uniform consistency. Lubricate the affected area, leave to dry, then just shake off. Eliminates inflammation, swelling, itching. If necessary, the manipulation is repeated.
  • If the child is bitten by mosquitoes, the affected areas should be treated with foam from household tar tar. Massage, leave for 5-15 minutes. Wash off with comfortable water. Also used tar from mosquitoes.
  • Anoint at home mosquito bites can be a slurry of vegetables. Grate potatoes, carrots on a fine grater, put on the epidermis. A plaster is applied on top, fixed for 15 minutes.
  • Grind an aspirin pill, add a little water, smear a mosquito bite with paste. It is forbidden to use the method in case of bright manifestations of allergy.
  • Sooth the skin, relieve irritation, relieve symptoms help toothpaste. Treat bite site, leave for 15 minutes. Wash off with water at a comfortable temperature.
  • Anoint, so as not to itch a mosquito bite, the inflammation has passed faster with the help of Calendula ointment. Traces on the skin are literally a couple of days.
  • If the mosquitoes strongly bitten the baby, you need to prepare a paste from a pill of Dimedrol, lubricate the wounds. Almost instantly soothes itching.
Traditional recipes for the treatment of mosquito bites
Traditional recipes for the treatment of mosquito bites

If mosquitoes have bitten a child in nature, there is no possibility to use a special tool, use henchmen. Smear the wounds with their own saliva, which is a natural antiseptic, celandine juice, dandelion, lemon, cucumber.

On a note!

It has long been burned mosquito bites in a child with a diamond green alcohol solution (brilliant green). It is very strong and good antiseptic. Eliminates itching almost instantly. However, with frequent use, use on delicate skin provokes the drying of the epidermis. Smear with Zelenko the skin of a child is allowed no more than 2 times in one place.

Ointment for the newborn

For the treatment of babies, it is allowed to use homeopathic pharmaceutical preparations based on extracts of plants, oils, and safe components. They are produced in the form of gel, balm, cream, milk, lotion. Apply an ointment for diaper rash, which perfectly soothes the delicate epidermis, speeds up the healing process, the usual children's cream.

Treatment of a child with a normal reaction

Mosquito bite is accompanied by swelling, inflammation, itching. The spot is clearly visible, but does not exceed 1 cm in diameter. There is no severe edema, rash.

  • Bepanten Safe tool for children from birth. Eliminates irritation, heals abrasions, helps with insect bites. The composition contains chlorhexidine, which is a strong antiseptic. As well as vitamins for quick recovery of the epidermis. Increases the resistance of the skin of an infant to the influence of external factors. Dotted from one to 5 times per day. It does not have an antipruritic effect, but as the epidermis heals, this unpleasant symptom also disappears. It is worth 414 rubles.
  • Star. Wounds to smear a child up to a year can ointment, known since the days of the Soviet Union.It contains about 20 natural ingredients, including oils, plant extracts. The balm has a pleasant smell, is well applied, has a refreshing, soothing effect. Relief comes immediately after application. Price 158 rubles.
  • Borough Plus. Children's ointment with a strong antiseptic effect. It is produced in 2 versions - a tube of green, purple color. For babies from birth, the green borough is suitable. The natural composition is based on plant extracts, oils. Smells good, absorbs quickly, moisturizes, nourishes, soothes, stimulates cell regeneration. It has a wide spectrum of action, it is actively used against mosquito bites, midges. Apply a thin layer twice a day. The cost of 90 rubles.
  • La Cree. Baby cream with a soothing, moisturizing, antiseptic, healing effect. It acts on the basis of extracts of medicinal plants, panthenol. It smells good, it is allowed to handle any parts of the body, face. Used as an aid in the treatment of severe allergies. The cost in pharmacies of a large tube with a capacity of 100 ml is 360 rubles, a bottle of 30 g costs 180 rubles.
Means for the treatment of mosquito bites
Means for the treatment of mosquito bites

An allergic reaction in infants is common. Insect attacks appear strong. redness and swelling. When rendering first aid, the condition is normalized within an hour, but the stain is present for another week.

Treatment of severe allergies in a child

It is characterized by the absence of a positive healing tendency for 2 days. At the site of the bite appear blisters, severe irritation, inflammation, additional rash. To eliminate the unpleasant symptoms require antihistamines, antiallergic drugs. When choosing the appropriate medication should focus on age, because there are limitations.

  • Suprastin. Classic antihistamine ointment from mosquito bites for children from birth. The active substance is chloropyramine hydrochloride. Spread on problem areas with a thin layer. Apply twice a day in the first days of therapy, as the symptoms disappear, reduce the dosage to one time. Course duration should not exceed 5 days. Price 125 rub.
  • Advantan. If mosquito bites do not pass, itching does not stop, redness increases, hormonal antiallergic ointment is used. Advantan is produced in several forms - cream, lotion, ointment.It is allowed to use from mosquitoes and midges bites to babies from 6 months, in special cases - from two. Apply a thin layer 1 time per day, maximum twice. The duration of therapy after an attack of mosquitoes should not exceed 5 days. Price 540 rubles.


Cream against mosquito bites for children can provoke an allergic reaction, in order to avoid an unpleasant situation, a sensitivity test should first be carried out.

Preparations for the treatment of allergies to mosquito bites
Preparations for the treatment of allergies to mosquito bites

Ointment for children from 1 year

With age, immunity ceases to react sharply to mosquito bites, midges. A protective reaction is developed, the irritation after the attack of insects does not appear so strongly. In some cases, there remains an increased tendency to allergies up to 3-5 years. The choice of drug for treating bites depends on the complexity of the clinical picture. The means mentioned above are used, many others.

  • Rescuer. Bite gel based on oils, plant extracts. Contains tea tree oil, sea buckthorn, lavender, echinacea, terpilin, vitamin E. Eliminates unpleasant symptoms, stimulates tissue regeneration, effectively moisturizes. Smells good, absorbs quickly.It is allowed to apply if the child is 1 year or less. Cost 127 rubles.
  • Gel balm from Moskitol series. It acts on the basis of panthenol, plant extracts, allantoin, oils. It smells good, well applied, absorbs quickly. The disappearance of itching is observed after 5 minutes, finally the epidermis is restored when using the tool for 3-5 days. It is worth 112 rubles.
  • Fenistil-gel. It is used in case if mosquitoes, midges strongly bitten, unbearable itching, irritation is present. Fenistil - an antihistamine for children from the year. Suppresses the production of histamine, which reduces the manifestations of allergies. Relief occurs 5 minutes after application. Distribute a thin layer. It is allowed to process the epidermis up to 2 times a day. The course of application should not exceed 10 days. If the symptoms do not disappear within 3 days, you should use an antiallergic drug. Price 410 rubles.
  • Hydrocortisone ointment. Ointment after mosquito bites based on the hormonal component. Quickly suppresses the manifestations of allergies, helps to restore the epidermis. Apply dotted up to 2 times per day in the first days of therapy, then reduce the dosage.Helps against mosquito bites with complications during the week. The cost of 198 rubles.
  • Menovazin. Cheap ointment with natural composition. Active substances menthol, benzocaine, procaine. Instantly soothes the epidermis, eliminates itching, swelling. Distributed to the affected places point. It is allowed to use 2 times a day. Price 43 rubles.
  • Levomekol. Cream after bites, accompanied by the addition of a secondary infection. When scratching into the wound get pathogens, ulcers, suppuration appear. Treatment is carried out with local antibiotics. The active substances are chloramphenicol, methyluracil. Combined with an antibiotic, a stimulant of local immunity. Use no more than 10 days, put a thin layer twice a day. The cost of 124 rubles.

The product range is extremely wide. What means to choose depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, age, personal preferences, financial capabilities. Means are sold in pharmacies, specialty stores, sold through the Internet. It is recommended to use mosquito repellentswho will not allow parasites to bite children in the summer.

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