The difference between gadfly and blind

When it comes to gadflies, many mistakenly believe that the information may concern and gadfly. All of them belong to flies, but have many differences in the methods of reproduction, as well as other features of life. Blind and gadfly cause a lot of inconvenience not only to humans, but also to many pets. Therefore, the knowledge of the enemy will allow you to quickly find ways to get rid of annoying bloodsuckers.

Features of life

Search for differences between the gadfly, blind and cobweak impractical.

On a note!

Gadfly and paut are the same insect. The more common name for biting flies sounds like a gadfly, and paut is only a regional name for an insect that was assigned to it in certain areas of the country. Therefore, in order to protect himself, a person must be able to recognize only a gadfly and gadfly, the differences of which must be sought in appearance.

The photo of the gadfly and horsefly clearly shows that the latter are larger flies, which are equipped with two pairs of wings and large bright eyes that occupy most of the body. Gadfly has a much smaller size and less colorful colors. just one pair of wings and more yellow on the body. The photo of the difference between blindness and gadfly, clearly demonstrates external differences.

Gadfly and gadfly
Gadfly and gadfly

Also, gadflies and gadflies feed in different ways. Horse flies males are herbivores and prefer to eat only plant sap and nectar. In the same way do the female individuals. After the female is ready to mate, she becomes very aggressive and moves to a predatory way of life.


Blind can eat and dead animals. Such food is attractive to them only for a few days after the death of the victim.

Adult gadflies generally eat it. This explains their short life cycle. Nutrition and accumulation of nutrients occurs at the larval stage. When wings and mating capacity appear in the gadfly, they begin to actively lay eggs and mate.


Separate attention should be paid to the question of where gadflies and gadflies live. The vital activity of gadfly is directly related to the availability of fluid. That is why insects prefer to settle near water bodies or any artificial water sources. They can also be the drinkers of animals, especially if they rarely change the water. The higher the temperature and drier outside, the more and more often they will need to quench their thirst.

Experienced farmers know perfectly well where the gadflies and gadflies come from. After all, insects can not exist separately from humans and domestic animals. Especially, given the fact that cattle themselves become the object of reproduction of pests. Blind people who prefer to settle near the rivers at the larval stage,after reaching the age of maturity, they are necessarily looking for places of mass grazing in order to have a sufficient amount of food.

On a note!

Gadflies cannot exist without mammals; therefore, they also prefer to live in places of cattle grazing. This allows the pest to lay larvae and multiply. The first to find pasture are females, after which the males flock to this place.

Reproduction Differences

Gadfly and gadfly
Gadfly and gadfly

The brightest value by which you can answer, how the gadfly differs from gadfly, is their reproduction feature. Gadflies prefer to lay their eggs in the body of a mammal, less often in humans.

Different species of bloodsuckers find different ways of introducing larvae into the host. There are such methods:

  1. The female lays eggs on grass, which the animal absorbs in food.
  2. Viviparsing gadfly. The female immediately lays the larva on the part of the body that the animal most often scratches and licks. Further development of the individual occurs in the host's stomach.
  3. Injection under the skin. The most popular breeding method. The female gadfly chooses a place on the body of cattle, so that he could not reach it and lays eggs under the skin.


Most often, gadflies attack horses, gadflies - cattle.

The main difference in how breeding gadfly and horsefly, and is the place of laying eggs. Blindfolded do not implant their larvae under the skin or inside of a person or animal. They lay in grass or soil. The gadfly female chooses dark areas near water bodies and rivers as a place for laying.

Among the similarities can be noted identical stages of development of individuals:

  1. Egg.
  2. Larva.
  3. Baby doll
  4. Mature individual.

When considering the question of how many gadflies and gadflies live, it is necessary to start from their stage of development.

  • The gadfly spends most of its life at the larval stage. Full life cycle is 28 days. before the complete release of the adult individual a year passes.
  • Blind lives a little longer. An adult is limited to the warm period of the year, as long as there is free access to food. In the less mature stages of development, gadflies live several years before full maturity.

What are the dangers

Gadfly and gadfly
Gadfly and gadfly

Blind and gadfly deliver a lot of inconvenience to man and animals. Determining which of them is more dangerous is very difficult. The danger of horseflies increases due to the factthat they prefer to actively use the blood of the victim. It is not only a source of nutrition, but also an integral part of the breeding process. For 1 time the horsefly is able to drink up to 200 ml of blood from the body of its victim. The massive attack of insects on herds of cattle can reduce the number of milk yields by a quarter. Farmers suffer from this considerable damage, so they prefer get rid of gadflies and gadflies, do not skimp and part of the funds to allocate it to the prevention of their appearance, acquiring effective preparations for animals.

Danger among the entire subfamily of gadflies is represented by only 2 species that are distributed in the territory of our country. They do not drink blood, but even without this they pose a serious danger to humans and animals.

Harm to a living body is applied maggotswhich the adult female implants under the skin of animals or humans. As a result of the development of the larvae inside the host's body, his health is deteriorating, his discomfort is weak, and many other unpleasant consequences. In the most severe cases, the larvae can get into the human eye or head.In this case, to solve the problem will only help a complex operation that can not guarantee the return of full health. For preventive purposes, it is recommended to use special means.

Thus, the difference between the gadfly and blind is enormous. These are completely different insects that differ in reproduction, nutrition and appearance. But these large families share similarities - they all cause a lot of inconvenience and hassle to the person and his au pair.

The ability to distinguish a gadfly from gadfly should help not only to find an effective way to combat them, but also to know what danger they pose in order to properly defend themselves.

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