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Every second person living in a block of flats has to deal with cockroaches. The myth that insects live only in filthy apartments in unsanitary conditions has long been debunked. Cockroaches with the same enthusiasm occupy and clean apartments, only in the first the number of their colonies is much higher, because access to food is facilitated. Insects are known for their survival and adaptation to chemicals. A cockroach can live for several days without a head, survive a long stay under water, “sit” on a starvation diet for 40 to 70 days. Scientists are building up in laboratories and creating new tools for fighting cockroaches, which help even get rid of numerous colonies.

The main rules of insect control

No matter how trite it may sound, but fighting redhead or black Usachami begins with the maintenance of basic cleanliness in the house. Trash accumulations, dirt in the bathroom and in the kitchen - an ideal habitat for omnivorous insects. Cockroaches eat not so much - 20-30 mg of food is enough for normal life of one female.


On a note!

A scattered spoon of cereal, flour or sugar, a rolled up bagel is a kind of food warehouse that will provide a colony with food for a long time.

An equally important condition for living in the apartment is the presence of water. Drops at the sink, puddles under the leaking pipes, accumulated condensate on the windows and walls fully satisfy the needs for life-giving moisture. Even the best cure for cockroaches will not have the desired effect if the pest has access to water.

The initial action plan to combat cockroaches in the apartment is as follows:

  • The organization of storage of products in an airtight container. In no case can leave food residue at night. A vase with gingerbread, cookies is a delicacy that baleen insects will definitely come to profit.
  • Wipe dry all surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Elimination of leakage of water and sewer pipes.
  • The elimination of cracks under the baseboards, cracks, installation of mosquito nets on the ventilation holes in order to provide protection from the penetration of migratory individuals from neighbors.
Cockroach Control Measures
Cockroach Control Measures

Criteria for choosing a means to kill insects

There is no single universal remedy for cockroaches that would help absolutely in all cases. The choice of drugs and methods for the destruction of insects due to the degree of infection of the apartment and the needs, goals of the owner of the property. The most effective means of cockroaches in the apartment must meet the following criteria:

  1. Safety - the use of drugs at home with high toxicity poses a serious threat to the health of households. Professional processing is best left to professionals. For self-harassment, you should choose a tool so that you do not have to wear a gas mask and a chemical protection suit to use it, and you need to use a respirator.
  2. Efficiency is one of the main criteria. No matter how safe the tool is, but if it does not destroy insects, it is pointless to acquire it. These include ultrasonic devices that are absolutely non-toxic, do not emit odors, but have no effect on cockroaches.
  3. Terms of destruction. For some people, it is important to kill cockroaches in an apartment in a day,in this case, they choose sprays, aerosols. Others do not want to inhale any aromas and choose means of prolonged action.
  4. The price of the product does not always reflect its quality and effectiveness. A cheap drug in nondescript packaging can better cope with the tasks, rather than expensive means, the price of which is comparable to the cost of services of professional pest control.
  5. Easy to use means - another criterion, which is worth paying attention to when choosing. Not everyone is ready to sit in ambush and follow the routes of cockroaches, then to lay out their traps and bait.


In apartment buildings, the effect of baiting cockroaches will be higher if all the neighbors combine their efforts and conduct a disinsection simultaneously.

Based on these parameters, everyone can determine which remedy for cockroaches is the best, and the subsequent review and rating of drugs will help to make the right choice.

Effective Insect Gels

Use of cockroach gels
Use of cockroach gels

Insecticides from cockroaches are recognized as the most effective means for the destruction of crawling insects.Among them, a separate place is occupied by gels, which captivate with their advantages:

  • Easy to use. Most gels have convenient packaging: a sharp-tip tube or syringe. It is enough to open the tool and apply it pointwise around the perimeter of the room, the main habitat of cockroaches in the apartment.
  • Gel is absolutely non-toxic and safe for pets and small children. Manufacturers add bitter substances to its composition, so if a small child wants to taste it, he simply won't be able to eat it.
  • Cockroach gel contains insecticidal substances that, when ingested, inhibit the nervous system and lead to its death. The tool does not have an instant action, after contact of a cockroach with a drop of gel, the insect manages to bring poison into the colony and infect other individuals.
  • To remove cockroaches with the help of gels, it is not necessary to remove all households from the apartment, as it does during spraying with aerosols.

Gel Fas is an inexpensive Russian-made drug, the average price is 70 rubles. Active substances - Cypermethrin diazinon,which have contact-intestinal action. The death of domestic insects occurs in a day, the effect of the drug lasts for 1.5 months. It is not recommended to combine the use of the gel with aerosols, emulsions.

Cockroach Gels
Cockroach Gels


"Acquired gel Fas. I did not even expect that a cheap tool could be so powerful against Prusacks. I did not see a large number of corpses, but a week after the application of a single live cockroach in the apartment I did not meet. ”

Oksana, Moscow

Gel-paste from cockroaches Sturm Available in the form of a syringe, the price varies from 30 to 40 rubles. It has proven itself as a destructive agent against numerous populations in apartments.

Gel exil German manufacturers, previously manufactured under the brand Globol, is highly efficient. The cost of pasta is 280-300 rubles. One tube is enough to handle the entire apartment. Buy pasta can be mainly in online stores.

Syringe Gel Clean House - effective insecticide company, the slogan of which corresponds to the name. For processing 20 m² a single syringe is enough. The entire colony of insects dies 7-10 days after the start of the application of the agent.

Gel Combat - Chinese product, which is available in the form of a syringe and costs 150-160 rubles. Positioning itself as a slaughter against all small crawling insects. The active substance is hydramethylnon, to which cockroaches have not yet developed resistance. Part funds Combat goose liver enters, cockroaches cannot resist such a temptation and begin to eat the gel with pleasure.

Gels from cockroaches-1
Cockroach Gels

Deadly drops from cockroaches - a new tool, produced in the form of a liquid gel. The cost of the drug is 60 rubles. To handle one-bedroom apartment enough for one bottle. A tool from a series of new products, so it is still early to reliably judge its effectiveness

Aerosols - means for the rapid destruction of cockroaches in the apartment

The most commonly used means of cockroaches at home - aerosols and sprays. Their main advantage is the instant effect. No need to wait for the cockroach to crawl to the poison and deign to try the gel, paste, taste bait, insecticides along with the air enter the body of the insect and immediately begin to act.

Modern professional technologies are also based on the spraying of insecticides, since this method ensures good penetrability of insecticides to all hard-to-reach places.The same effect is created by the cockroach aerosol, only for its use no appropriate equipment is needed, it is enough to shake up the spray can and treat all potential habitats and cockroach lairs for them. The strongest effect is achieved by direct contact of the spray and the cockroach.

Carrying out disinsection works with the help of sprays and aerosols requires compliance with safety rules:

  • Ensure the absence of people and animals during the persecution.
  • Pack and hide food, dishes.
  • To carry out disinsection in a respirator in order to protect your respiratory system from exposure to chemicals.

After spraying insecticides, it is recommended to close the apartment and leave it for several hours. After that, the room should be well ventilated and a high-quality wet cleaning.

Cockroach Sprays
Cockroach Sprays

Cockroach Spray Dichlorvos - "old-timers" among similar means. The modern version of the aerosol does not have such a pungent odor as the "progenitor". The average cost per spray varies from 70 rubles. With direct contact, adults and small larvae die instantly.Of disadvantages Dichlorvos excretion of fast addiction in insects to the active ingredients.

Aerosol Raptor - effective remedy for extermination of cockroaches in the apartmentThe effectiveness of which is confirmed by multiple reviews. The composition includes an explosive mixture of potent components that block the insect's nervous system and addiction to poisons. Buy Raptor can be in the department of household chemicals for 200 rubles.


“I used to try to poison the Prussians with different means and only the Raptor really helped get rid of the annoying cockroaches. I was very surprised that immediately after spraying, they climbed from everywhere, which I immediately took advantage of - provided, for everyone who came into my field of vision, individual irrigation. ”

Vladislav, St. Petersburg

Chinese brand Combat also releases aerosols. The balloon is equipped with additional nozzles that allow you to use the spray in the most inaccessible places. A distinctive feature is the absence of a sharp odor; the aroma contains light notes of citrus and mint.

Extermination of cockroaches with pills

Cockroach pills are granules with insecticides and are easy to use. It is enough to open the pack and place the tablets or a solution based on them near sources of moisture, nests of insects. Manufacturers have included bitter ingredients in their pills so that the child or animal doesn’t have the desire to eat them.

Cockroach Pills
Cockroach Pills

Cypermethrin from cockroaches in the form of tablets - an effective and safe means of killing all crawling insects. It affects adult individuals and nymphs and does not affect cockroach eggs.

Tablets Fas characterized by high concentration and activity against all types of cockroaches. The tablets are dissolved in water and the resulting solution is treated surfaces in the apartment. It is used not only as a home remedy, but also for disinsection of medical, preschool institutions, which once again confirms its safety.

Auxiliary means for the destruction of cockroaches in the apartment

Cockroach traps cannot be called the most effective killing agents. They perform an auxiliary function to reduce the population in the apartment. The simplest traps represent a cardboard box with adhesive tape inside. More expensive items are made of plastic and can be used for a long time.

Traps for cockroaches can be made independently. They will not decorate the interior of the apartment, but they will cope with cockroach fishing. At the bottom of a small can put a piece of biscuit, add a few drops of honey, and smear all internal surfaces with vegetable oil.

Chalk from cockroaches Masha characterized by low cost and ease of use. Provide protection against insects, thanks to the active ingredients: deltamethrin and zetacypermethrin. Popular and remain cockroaches dust.

Cockroach Remedies
Cockroach Remedies

Use of boric acid

Boric acid powder - hit among folk remedies. The easiest way to apply is to sprinkle the powder along the baseboards, inside the kitchen cabinets with a thin layer. The second method is reduced to cooking traps. Raw yolk, sunflower oil, flour and boric acid are mixed. Small balls are formed from the mixture and then the poison unfolds in the kitchen and bathroom.

Experts say that one pest control will not be able to destroy the cockroaches in the apartment forever. After a certain time, another will come to the place of this population. The best protection against cockroaches in the apartment is regular cleaning and preventive measures.

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