Drops on the withers from fleas for cats and kittens

If you notice that the fluffy pet has become restless, itches and literally bites into his fur coat, then you can be sure that the pet has started. fleas. Do not be irresponsible to treat this problem. Indeed, in addition to the animal, from dangerous parasites people suffer. Therefore, drops against fleas for cats will be the first and reliable assistant in the fight against parasites.

Likely ways to catch fleas

The main source of infection by jumping insects is the street. Regardless of whether the cat walks with the owner or himself, sooner or later there will be fleas in his fluffy fur coat. Getting into the ideal for living conditions within the apartment or at home, the parasites begin to multiply rapidly. In one day, the female can lay up to fifty eggs, of which worm-like larvae will appear after a short period of time. In less than fourteen days, they will become adults.

Important! In an infected room, only 20% of the fleas are located on the animal and man, 80% feel at ease in secluded places of the home.

Fleas in cats and kittens
Fleas in cats and kittens

A pet who does not go out on the street is not immune from meeting with bloodsuckers. Fleas can get into the apartment from the porch, from the balcony or being brought by a person on shoes or clothes. The main symptoms of infection are:

  • persistent itching;
  • weakness and quick fatigue;
  • poor sleep;
  • lack of appetite;
  • increased nervousness.

All these signs unmistakably indicate that the cat suffers from flea bites. Verify the presence of parasites can be done by combing wool on a white mat. The presence of black moving points will confirm the hypothesis of the presence of dangerous bloodsuckers on the pet. You must immediately contact the veterinarian and purchase flea drops for cats.

The components of the drip drug

The tool is a concentrated solution of insecticides with fast action and low toxicity for cats. Most often, flea droplets contain:

  • Invermectin is a universal toxic substance that can destroy various parasites. The presence of a highly toxic insecticide in preparations requires precise adherence to the dosage of the latter.
  • Permethrin is a widely used toxic substance. It does not pose a danger to warm-blooded animals.
  • Pyriproxifen - an insecticide used to impregnate the flea chocolates. Recently used as a basis for flea drops.
  • Fipronil - a drug safe for cats and effective in the fight against parasites.It prevents re-infection of the animal.

Some of these substances, in addition to the toxic effect on fleas, have an unpleasant odor that repels insects from cats.

The need to protect cats from parasites

Animals suffering from flea bites are a rather unpleasant sight. Owners who do not pay attention to the deplorable state of the cat, make a grave mistake. After all, fleas can cause a lot of trouble to people, being carriers of serious diseases. Therefore, drops from fleas for cats can be called a tool that protects the health of all family members. They will avoid many troubles:

  • multiple bites of fleas, scratches and wounds, like a pet, and the owners;
  • hair loss in a cat, up to baldness;
  • allergic reactions to insect saliva injected into the wound;
  • infection with serious diseases;
  • helminth infestations, whose eggs are fleas when they are bitten;
  • attacks ticks and lashing.
Traces of fleas in cats
Traces of fleas in cats

All the above leads to the conclusion that it is better to periodically buy cat anti-flea drugsthan be in danger of getting seriously ill.

Advantages of flea drip

In addition to the direct protection of a furry pet from jumping insects, drops on the withers from fleas, allow you to get rid of a large number of parasites:

  • fleas;
  • ticks - ixodic, otic, subcutaneous and scabies;
  • lashing

Drops for cats will protect your pet from possible infection with worms.

Of great importance is the duration of the repellent effect. It largely depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the acquired drug for fleas. Therefore, how often you can drip drops depends on the composition of the medicinal product and the recommendations set forth in the instructions. Usually these manipulations are carried out once in the range from two to six months. It is during this period of time that the domestic cat will be reliably protected from bloodsuckers.

It should be borne in mind that the effect against fleas will be longer than that of ticks. This should pay particular attention in the period from spring to autumn, when there is an increased activity of parasitizing insects.

Pet processing rules

Information on how to drop a flea droplet on a cat is described in detail in the instructions supplied with all medicines.If for some reason it is absent, then you should familiarize yourself with the following general rules for handling a furry pet:

Animal treatment rules
Animal treatment rules
  • It is not recommended to bathe the cat several days before and after treatment.
  • Put the drops on the withers of the animal closer to the base of the skull. The hair in this area is moved apart and the contents of the pipette are squeezed onto the skin. There are drugs that recommend applying evenly along the cat's spine. Properly dripping with this application of the drug is necessary on the upper torso so that the animal could not lick them.
  • Rub into the skin drops for their uniform distribution.
  • After the treatment, the animal should not be combed out for several days and, if possible, do not touch it with hands in order to avoid poison in the human body.

It is recommended to carefully and carefully use the drops. It is not advisable to get funds in the ears, mouth, eyes and nose of a cat. If this happens, you should rinse these places with water and contact your veterinarian.

The principle of action of drip drugs

The owners of four-legged pets are interested in information thathow flea drops work and how harmless they are. According to veterinarians, they are the least safe way to get rid of parasites. This fact is confirmed by the fact that in specialized pharmacies for animals there are drops from fleas for kittens that are allowed for use from the age of two months on the baby. Don't forget that drops for dogs It is strictly forbidden to use for cats, in order to avoid irreparable harm.

Getting on the skin of the cat, the insecticidal agent is absorbed and accumulates in the sebaceous glands of the animal. In the process of slow release, he provides, for a long time, reliable protection of the pet. The effectiveness of the drops can be observed in the changed behavior of the animal - it becomes calmer and stops to itch. If the question arises, what is better cat collar or drops, the advantage belongs to the second. It is advisable to carry out the treatment in the evening or overcast weather in order to exclude the possibility of direct sunlight on the cat.

The reaction of fleas on drops:

  • adult individuals who are in a cat's coat try to leave their home as quickly as possible;
  • deferred larvae die;
  • hatching from existing pupae, individuals will jump from the treated animal;
  • re-infection from infected relatives is excluded.

Answering the question, after what period of time the drops start to act, one can say with confidence that the fleas leave the animal in the first minutes after the application of the product.

The choice of the drug for fleas in cats

Flea drops for cats
Flea drops for cats

On the market of insecticidal drugs there are a large number of various tools that help fight ectoparasites in animals. The most popular are flea drops. They are safe for a pet, as they are applied to hard-to-reach places on its body. Which drops are better will help determine the rating. Experts advise to pay attention to these drugs:

  • Beaphar drops - the best remedy for fleas, due to the fact that it consists of only natural, safe for all age groups of animals preparations. There will be no particular harm if the cat lick some part of the product. The medicine is packaged in glass ampoules. Having broken off its top, the contents must be applied to the withers of the cat.


    “They bought Beaphar drops for cats with kittens.Very worried about the consequences. Everything went well. Fleas are not and all are healthy. "

    Oksana, Kolomna

  • Hartz is a famous brand used in many countries. Effective drops due to the presence of a strong insecticide - methoprene. The manufacturer does not recommend purchasing them for kittens under the age of three months. Apply the tool along the spine of the animal. When asked what happens to the fleas after pet processing, the manufacturer claims that they will disappear within the first day.


    “The doctor advised Hartz drops as a counterattack on parasites. The cat contracted a large number of fleas in the country. Treated, insects disappeared. Good remedy.

    Alexander, Volgograd

  • Flea medicine Inspector. Good drops with therapeutic effect. They are well proven in the case of strong defeats by various bloodsuckers.
    Flea drops for cats-1
    Flea drops for cats
  • Dana-2 Ultra. Effective remedy due to the presence of modern low-toxic insecticide fipronil. Safe drops have a high speed, but they are not recommended for kittens.
  • Flea Remedy Frontline.The drug has a low toxicity and therefore allowed for the treatment of kittens from two months of age. A strong tool will help to deal with fleas and worms in the cat.


    "According to friends, fleas have destroyed the cat after giving drops Frontline. The parasites disappeared instantly and did not disturb the remaining summer! ”

    Alexey, Chelyabinsk

  • Drops from fleas leopard. The most affordable and widely used drug of domestic production. The presence of low-toxic components ensures the safety of processing fluffy pets. The tool quickly destroys fleas and serves as an excellent prophylactic against new infections. If you choose shampoo or drops, then the answer is unequivocal - drops.
  • Advantage from fleas in cats. Very powerful drug that has proven itself as a flea fighter. The tool is non-toxic, has high speed and can be used to prevent infection in the future.

Among modern preparations widely used in veterinary practice, such drops have also proved their effectiveness:

To find out what time these or other drops act, you can from the instructions that supply all the drugs. They must be carefully studied before proceeding with the treatment of the animal. It is advisable to get acquainted with reviews on the best drops people who have used similar drugs. But it is best to consult a doctor. He will choose a tool depending on the weight and age of a fluffy pet, will tell you how to put drops and warns against possible consequences.

It is possible to get the appointed preparations for reasonable price in Moscow and other settlements of Russia. Numerous positive reviews about the drops and photos of pets are posted on our website.

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