Where do fleas come from and how to get rid of an apartment or a private house

Appearance fleas in the apartment - extremely unpleasant event.Frisky jumping insects, bothering with their bites, cause a lot of anxiety to all members of the household. The question of how to get rid of fleas is faced not only by pet owners, but also by owners of houses whose threshold has not been crossed by the leg of a four-legged friend.


How to determine the presence of fleas in the apartment

Before getting rid of fleas in an apartment, it is necessary to determine what exactly these insects, and not bed bugs, cockroaches, lice annoy their presence. More than 500 species of fleas are distributed throughout the CIS. Each type has its own differences, but only an expert can distinguish them. For all members of a large family, there are common signs by which they can be recognized:

  • Miniature sizes. Insect length ranges from 1 to 5 mm, the size of an average individual usually varies within 2-3 mm.
  • The color palette of fleas is presented in brown tones - from light wheat to dark shades.
  • Flattened body with many bristles, thanks to which the parasite moves well in the woolen cover.
  • The ability to jump. None of the domestic pests can make such jumpslike a flea, their length reaches 25-30 cm. If you managed to fix that fleas jump at home, the previous paragraphs on the identification of the parasite can not be considered.

    Flea bites
    Flea bites
  • Painful bites. Fleas ruthlessly bite their victims including man, and when piercing the skin do not introduce an anesthetic substance, unlike other bloodsuckers - bedbugs. In addition, the flea proboscis is too short to reach the capillary and the insect has to plunge into the skin. Therefore, the place of bites not only hurt and itch, but may not heal and tear for a long time.

Common household parasites

Domestic fleas is a collective term for parasites that can appear in a person’s home, including about 30 species:

  • Basement, earthen, black fleas are often referred to as sexually, since fleas have habitats on the floor, insects rarely cover a distance of 50 cm above the floor. Residents of lower floors are most often subjected to their attacks.
  • Doggy, feline fleas prefer to feed on the blood of their permanent owners, but do not miss the opportunity to eat and human blood.

    Cat fleas
    Cat fleas
  • Bedding, underwear fleas - national collective epithet of all varieties of domestic bloodsuckers. In view of the fact that it is almost impossible to discern a miniature nimble parasite with the naked eye, for the average man in the street all fleas look the same.
  • Rat, mouse parasites can annoy not only rodents, but also humans. Often, after hounding small animals in the basements of a flea, they are forced to look for a new food base and any warm-blooded animals, birds, people become their victims.

Causes of blood-sucking insects in the house

Derive parasites forever fail if you do not determine where the fleas come from in an apartment or house. In the presence of pets, it is easy to trace the appearance of the origin, where the harmful flea comes from. If animals go for a walk without special collars, then they may well bring in their wool several specimens, which at first will annoy them, and after increasing the number of the population, and to all members of the household.

If there are no animals in the apartment, fleas can migrate from neighboring infected apartments, from basements, through engineering communications.Often a person himself brings adults or larvae on his clothes or shoes. Fleas from moisture appear quite often, the reason lies in the high humidity in the basements and bathrooms.


“I could not understand for a long time why fleas appear in my clean, well-kept apartment. There are no animals, humidity is within normal limits, and jumping creatures periodically occur. It turned out my husband brought them on his clothes. He is keen on hunting and is often located near the fox holes, from where fleas safely jump over him. Now I make him change clothes in the car and take all the things to dry cleaning. ”


Habitats of parasites in the apartment

Fleas do not live on the body of their victim, but prefer to settle near her. If there are fleas in the house and there are pets, the first step is to check the cat's house, dog bedding, bird cages. You should carefully examine all the places with high humidity: bathroom, toilet, showers, sinks. Due to its small size, the insect can penetrate the smallest crevices and secluded corners. Often, fleas hide under baseboards, in soft toys, in furniture.

Habitat fleas in the house
Habitat fleas in the house

Fleas reproduce rapidly, one female can lay up to 500 eggs, from which worm-like larvae hatch, and after 2 weeks they become full-fledged adult individuals. Females are characterized by a peculiar laying of eggs, they are literally pushed out of themselves, and in a wide variety of places. Therefore, it is never possible to say with accuracy where females lay their eggs.

How to get rid yourself of fleas in an apartment or house

Getting rid of fleas is a painstaking, laborious process and consists of 4 steps:

  • Purification of parasites pets.
  • Treatment of the apartment means for the destruction of insects.
  • Thorough cleaning after pest control.
    Get rid of fleas
    Get rid of fleas
  • Preventive measures to prevent the reappearance of bloodsuckers in the apartment.

Disinsection of the apartment and pet should be carried out in one day. To remove all insects permanently, re-treatment may be necessary. At home, it is impossible to ensure good penetrability. insecticidal products to all hard-to-reach places, therefore, part of the adults, larvae and eggs may not die during primary processing.If fleas attack from the basement, you can only get rid of bloodsuckers as a result of disinsection basement and the apartment itself.


“A year ago, fleas appeared in the house, from where they came from incomprehensibly. It is likely that from the neighbor's apartment, there lives an inveterate cat owner, collects all the stray cats in the neighborhood. The first to be attacked by a parasite was a child, so without any hesitation what to do, they turned to a private pest control service. Processed apartment for two hours. They advised a few hours not to enter the room. In order not to risk health, we decided to spend the night with a small child in the country. Repeat treatment was not required, since after the procedure, the bloodsuckers were no longer disturbed. ”


Removing fleas in an apartment will require the availability of certain inventory:

  • Steam generator - for processing textile surfaces, pillows, mattresses.
  • Vacuum cleaner - it can be used to significantly reduce the population size. It is recommended to use disposable bags that can be thrown away after treatment.
  • A classic set for cleaning the apartment.
  • Insecticidal products.
  • Personal protective equipment: gloves, respirator, protective suit.

Before you poison the little vampires, you need to prepare the room:

  1. Pack all products carefully.
  2. To carry out wet cleaning in all rooms.
  3. Depending on the insecticide chosen, take out the indoor plants, close the aquarium. In the presence of cold-blooded animals - snakes, reptiles, to ensure their short-term stay in another room.
  4. Warm-blooded pets during the procedure, isolate or supply them with collars from fleas.
  5. After disinsection, ventilate the room and do not do wet cleaning for 3-5 days.
  6. All things mop up and if possible give them to stay under the active sunlight.

Choice of means for destruction

For the destruction of household pests there is a huge range of various tools that differ in their effects and are used independently in the home. It is possible to get rid of fleas in an apartment and a house either with drugs whose substances enter the body by air or by direct contact. Various kinds of bait, traps on these bloodsuckers will not produce any effect,as fleas feed exclusively on blood, they will not flatter the food bait.

Spray Butox
Spray Butox

Aerosols - easy-to-use anti-flea products. One barrel is enough for 7-10 m². Most of them are low toxic and available: they can be purchased at any household chemical store. Most popular aerosol products:

How to remove fleas in the house using aerosols:

  • The room should not be people, pets.
  • Spray the product on all surfaces of frame, upholstered furniture, the space near the baseboards, door and window openings, the contents of the cabinets.
  • After processing, close the windows and leave the apartment for a few hours.

Insecticidal solutions - the most effective measure how to get rid of fleas in the apartment. In the departments of household chemicals, pet stores and specialized online stores presents a huge selection of drugs, most of them are based on cypermethrin. The brightest representatives: Nilar, Hangman, Butox-50, selamectin, garden drug Chlorofos. In an apartment where there is a child, the choice of a chemical drug should be approached with special care,as part of the products has a strong smell, which does not erode for several days.

Dusting is another way to get rid of fleas in a private home. The disadvantage of this method lies in its slow action. Insects die only from direct contact with the drug, and therefore it will not be possible to remove the parasites quickly enough.

Folk ways to combat parasites

In the centuries-old piggy bank of popular wisdom, there are many folk remedies thanks to which a person learned how to get fleas out of an apartment.

In medieval France, ladies wore small dogs and ermines to redirect flea attacks on defenseless animals. For combing insects from wigs, combed sticks were used, and for ingenuity, ingenious golden devices were invented, which housed a piece of fur watered with blood. At Versailles during the luncheons of Louis 14 there was a specially trained page for catching fleas in the room where she was going to know.

For several centuries, the recipes for dealing with small bloodsuckers have undergone some changes and may well be applicable in modern conditions:

  1. The mixture based on plants can scare away, and according to supporters of natural ways, even save from bloodthirsty bugs. Take 2 teaspoons of tansy, wormwood, pour them with a glass of boiling water and add 4 teaspoons of eucalyptus oil. Use the mixture to wash all surfaces or pour the product into the spray bottle and treat the room with it. Those for whom washing seems an overwhelming work, can be limited to hanging linen bags with the above herbs or simply decompose the branches of plants in the room.

    Herbs from fleas
    Herbs from fleas
  2. Add ammonia to water and wash the floors with "fragrant" water. Calcium can be replaced by chlorine.
  3. Mix baking soda with salt, add enough water to form a liquid that can be poured into a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the carpet, furniture, floors and a day later remove the dried mixture with a vacuum cleaner.
  4. If there are fleas in the apartment, get rid of them will help explosive mixture of brewer's yeast and garlic. According to popular opinion, in a day you will not find a single flea walking around the house. There is no mention of the condition of the other inhabitants of the house.

    Vinegar, salt and garlic
    Vinegar, salt and garlic
  5. In a private house to get rid of the bloodsuckers will help protect from conifers and sprigs of wormwood.
  6. If there are fleas in the apartment in the winter and there is frost on the street, you can get rid of annoying "neighbors" by freezing. The mark of the thermometer should be below 15 ° C. Such a tactic can be effective only in relation to small-sized items that can be put out in the cold. When you try to freeze the apartment itself, it is likely to get rid of not only all the parasitic insects, but also of the water supply and heating system.
  7. Room fleas do not tolerate sharp odors. You can verify this after preparing a mixture of any sharp-smelling flower cologne, table vinegar, camphor alcohol, essential oils. The resulting solution is used as a means for cleaning floors, as well as for the treatment of carpets, crevices.

How to save pets from parasites

To get rid of cat fleas, you must buy a pet in a special shampoo, use sprays, cat collars. Also available dog collar. They protect animals from insects.All cat accessories should be washed at a high temperature, vacuumed. Technology, how to get rid of dog fleas, is no different from removing parasitic individuals from a cat.

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