How to get rid of domestic fleas

Domestic fleas are a collective term for various species of wingless parasites, which include feline, doggy, basement, human etc. Insects not only spoil the aesthetic perception of the dwelling, but also pose a threat to the health of all inhabitants of the house. It is scientifically proven that fleas are carriers of 25 dangerous diseases, including hepatitis, typhoid, and plague.Therefore, the question of how to quickly get rid of fleas in the house and by what means becomes especially relevant for people whose homes were chosen by little bloodsuckers.

How to determine the presence of fleas in the house

To quickly remove fleas, you need to make a competent strategic action plan. To do this, you need to know the "enemy in the face", that is, what home fleas look like, where they are located, how they enter the house, and how they live. Fleas - ectoparasites, the source of food for them are all warm-blooded animals, birds, people. About 500 are distributed in Russia flea species, only the entomologist is able to recognize obvious differences among them. For ordinary victims of parasites, all the fleas even look identical in the photos.

The insect is tiny in size. The average individual has a strongly flattened brown body, the length of which barely reaches 2-3 mm. The hind legs are much longer than the front ones, due to which the parasite can jump a distance of 25-30 cm and make up to 30,000 jumps without getting tired. Parasites feed on purely blood, because of their mobility they can change their host: jump from cats to dogs, from rodents to humans, etc. Homemade fleas in the photo look fiercer than when viewed visually.Their body is covered with bristles and hairs, in some places they are like spikes. The oral apparatus consists of the upper jaw, which is like jagged spikes and the lower trunk-shaped jaw.


Contrary to an erroneous opinion, miniature vampires do not live on the body of their victim, and even more so on the skin of a person, but may be in the animal's fur for a long time. Fleas are well developed. reproductive function. One female, in her relatively short life, is capable of laying from 300 to 450 eggs, which she literally squeezes out of herself and randomly spreads throughout the space, so eggs can be found in almost any corner of the house.

Blind legless worm-like larvae, densely covered with bristles, feed on dry feces of adults or decomposed plant debris. Under favorable conditions, in 2 weeks the larva sheds 3 times, passes the pupation stage and turns into a full-fledged mature individual. Look at the photo how fleas and their offspring look.

Determine that home fleas appeared in the house can be specific painful bites, which in addition to pain accompanied by severe itching. The site of the lesion is a red blister with a seal in the center, which can be clearly seen in the photo of the bites. It is common for fleas to bite their prey in 2-3 places.

During a bite, a flea injects its saliva into the wound, which contains many dangerous bacteria. In addition to the fact that the insect is a carrier of dangerous diseases, it can infect humans with endoparasites, including worms, tapeworms, and bovine tapeworms.

Flea bites
Flea bites

Make sure the presence of fleas will help a little trick. To do this, spread out a large white sheet or lay out sheets of paper. After watching for some time, you can see how dark dots will appear and disappear abruptly.

How do fleas get into the house

There are many options. penetration of bloodsucking small individuals in the house. The most common ones are the following:

  • If there are pets in the house, finding out where fleas come from is not difficult. Most often, cats and dogs unprotected with special collars or anti-parasites bring bloodsuckers in their fur from a walk.
  • Fleas can move from basements and attics, especially if rodents were poisoned by chemical means in these rooms. Invasions of parasites are usually exposed residents of apartments on the lower and upper floors.
  • A person can bring fleas to a house after a walk in the park, contact with infected animals, or a trip to the forest.
  • Dampness is one of the causes of home fleas. High humidity is an ideal habitat for jumping vampires. Insects tolerate temperature fluctuations more easily than lowering humidity.

The house can live about 30 species of fleas, including cat, human, dog, mouse, rat, basement. They are settled in every corner of the apartment. If you have pets, first of all it is necessary to look for parasites in bedding, rugs, toys, attributes of pets. The favorite habitats in the house include:

  • any cracks, cracks;
  • carpet, carpet, linoleum, parquet;
  • accumulations of clothing;
  • soft toys, mattresses, upholstered furniture;
  • space under the baseboards;
  • household garbage.
Habitat fleas in the house
Habitat fleas in the house

The work plan for the removal of fleas from the apartment

The insect control algorithm in the house is reduced to the destruction and removal of fleas from pets, disinsection throughout the apartmentre-processed.Failure to comply with these conditions will negate all efforts. Eggs and larvae can be in the most inaccessible places, and careless disinsection will lead to a new growth of the population.

Owners of dogs, cats, birds should take care to remove the parasites from their furry animals. If you want to get rid of fleas from pets quickly, it is best to use proven effective remedies for cats, best products for dogswhich are sold in pet stores: drops, sprays, effective shampoos. Well proven drops for cats and dogs:

Due attention should be paid to accessories and toilets, as in these places there are optimal conditions for the development of larvae.

Before poisoning parasites with insecticidal agents, a lot of work needs to be done:

  • Make a thorough cleaning throughout the apartment. The main tools of struggle at this stage are a vacuum cleaner and a classic cleaning kit consisting of a mop, a bucket, and rags. Immediately reduce the number of fleas in the house can be, if you add to the water for cleaning floors, furniture and walls ammonia, essential oils. These are quite effective tools.
    Preparation for processing
    Preparation for processing
  • All bedding washed and possibly boil. Iron thoroughly after washing.
  • If you suspect that fleas have chosen a wardrobe, it is necessary to make processing of all things on their own or carry them to dry cleaning. The best assistants will be an iron and a steam generator. For the period of work on the removal of parasites, pack the processed items.
  • Pillows, blankets, soft toys to steam. If it's freezing cold or hot, take them outside the house. At high and low temperatures adult individuals and their offspring perish.

How to remove fleas with insecticides

The choice of means for the destruction of fleas is much less compared with drugs against cockroaches or other crawling insects. This is due to the nutritional characteristics of the parasite. The insect feeds on blood and therefore the use of baits with the content of food remains will not bring any result. To poison insects best of all by means of 2 types:

  • Aerosols are convenient for self use. Active chemicals enter the body through the air, resulting in almost instantaneous death. This way you can get rid of fleas in one day.The smell of aerosols quickly disappears and modern preparations do not leave spots on the furniture.
  • Preparations of contact action are produced in the form of suspensions or powders and are able to quickly hatch domestic fleas. The chemical has an effect on the nervous system of the insect, followed by paralysis and death. The action of these drugs lasts longer compared with aerosols and helps to effectively deal with parasites at home.

The use of dusts is rational for the destruction of larvae, since they tend to feed on organic residues, and they may well swallow the insecticide.

Flea remedies
Flea remedies

Among the popular means of fleas can be identified:

  • Raptor. It has a pleasant smell and quick action. First comes paralysis, then death;
  • Geth - a drug that helps against many insects;
  • Dichlorvos, well proven drug over the years;
  • Karbofos - helps from bugs, cockroaches, fleas and other parasites, but differs in an unpleasant smell;
  • Raidincluded in the TOP of the best aerosols;
  • Sinuzan - parasite medicine used by special services;
  • Clean house - an effective tool that can destroy even mice and rats;
  • Biorin is a professional tool that requires special precautions when working with it;
  • Butox 50 - a universal remedy with a wide range of effects;
  • Selamectin is a very powerful and toxic agent;
  • Chlorpirimak is a remedy popular among summer residents against pests on vegetables, but also effective against fleas;
  • Cifox - destroys domestic parasites, etc.

Whatever type of preparation is chosen for independent use, the flat treatment plan is the same:

  • Conducting wet cleaning.
  • Providing access to all walls, plinths in the apartment.
  • During the disinsection in the house should not be people, pets.
  • All work is carried out in gloves, respirator, protective clothing.
  • Insecticidal means is applied on all surfaces, cracks, cracks, furniture joints, window and door openings.
  • After applying the tool, it is necessary to close all windows, window vents and leave the apartment for a few hours.
  • At the end of the due date, air out the rooms.
  • Wet cleaning should be carried out in accordance with the instructions.The fact is that some drugs are designed for long-term effect and therefore, in the first few days, cleaning floors, walls, furniture is not provided. The only thing that can be done is to remove dead fleas on the floor in the apartment with a broom.

If necessary, re-process after 5-7 days.

With the appearance of fleas, you can also contact the specialized services involved in the treatment of premises from domestic parasites. They use professional means of disinsection, observe all precautions and give guarantees on the result of the work.

The use of folk remedies against parasites

Folk remedies for fleas
Folk remedies for fleas

You can fight fleas yourself in a private house or apartment using folk remedies. Most of them have proven to be deterring agents. Their effectiveness is so high that after the use of some funds, not only fleas disappear, but also households who could not stand the specific fragrances.

  • Squeeze a few cloves of garlic and mix with 2-3 teaspoons of brewer's yeast. The resulting mixture is decomposed around the perimeter of the house. You can cook garlic infusions and irrigate them room.
  • Herbal preparations can scare off blood suckers for a short time. To restore the grass effect, you need to periodically update. Branches of wormwood, bay leaf, tansy laid out in the corners, near the doorways. Herbal tinctures have the same effect.
  • Citrus - the most harmless of the folk remedies. Peel tangerines, oranges, lemons, grapefruit will give the house a pleasant aroma and provoke the flight of parasites.
  • A mixture of baking soda and salt process the floors in the house, furniture. It is also used for bathing pets.
  • In the water for cleaning floors add essential oils, ammonia, vinegar.

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