Folk remedies for mosquitoes

Decades-long struggle with mosquitoes still in a positional war. Environmentalists are against total destruction of mosquitoes, since these insects are the base of the food pyramid. For total extermination vote those whom mosquitoes have bitten to a state of severe allergic reaction. Industrial insecticides quickly lose their effectiveness, as they are aimed at the destruction of insects. The surviving individuals possess increased resistance to the poison and pass this resistance to the offspring. To get rid of mosquitoes folk remedies help on another principle: scaring. Mosquitoes, flying away from any smell, remain alive, and the offspring do not form resistance to unloved smells.

The difference between folk remedies for the premises and the street

Among the applied folk remedies, the substances themselves are “universal.” The difference between the open air and the room is in the method of application of a substance. To ward off mosquitoes apply:

  • herbs;
  • aroma oils;
  • decoctions;
  • fish fat;
  • fumigation.

On a note!

In fairness, fumigation in the apartment can not be used. Using fish oil in the house is also a dubious method. get rid of mosquitoes indoors. Both of these methods will effectively drive away not only mosquitoes, midges, flies and other flying insects, but also humans.

Aromatic oils and their use

Very popular folk home remedy for mosquitoes. Popularity due to the fact that essential oils are also used to adjust the condition of the body. Some calm and help to sleep, others invigorate, others relieve headaches. Another plus of essential oils is that it is easy to make mosquito repellent at home.

In the apartment

To protect against pesky insects in the room, it is enough to drop essential oil on a cotton swab. Several of these tampons, laid out in the room, will drive away the bloodsuckers.

The second method is an aroma lamp. A few drops of oil added to warm water will evaporate overnight.

Aromamasla against mosquitoes
Aromamasla against mosquitoes


Aromatic remedy must be selected so that it does not interfere with sleep. For better sleep, take lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, pink and other similar substances. If you have to sit all night, it is better to apply an invigorating composition containing mint oil, citronella, lemon or orange.

If the room has low humidity and an electronic humidifier is working, this device can be replaced with an aroma lamp. Efficiency will be similar.

When using homemade products from essential oils, often make a mixture of several types. The complex composition of several volatile substances is much more effective than mono oil. Preparing the product in the presence of several bubbles is not more difficult than using one type of oil: mix a few drops of eucalyptus, camphor and lavender. Views can be changed by selecting the most appropriate composition.

In the presence of fumigator and an empty insecticide bottle is easy to make a repellent yourself: fill the bottle with eucalyptus extract.

Another option: do mosquito spray. It is allowed to use it in nature, but it is better only at home, as when spraying it is necessary to use a spray bottle to water the flowers. The composition of the solution of mosquitoes:

  • 0.5 tsp. soda or salt;
  • 10 art. l water;
  • 1 tbsp. l alcohol;
  • a few drops of aroma oil.

All mix and pour into the spray. Spray the surface of curtains, furniture, clothes.


Essential oil should be original. A fake based on vegetable leaves traces on clothing.

On the street

Mosquito cream with clove oil
Mosquito cream with clove oil

For outdoor mosquito protection well creamy substance with the addition of any of the essential oils. You can make the cream with a few drops of aroma oil. Neutral cream is squeezed into a clean jar, dripping a few drops of oil and mix thoroughly. Well helps to escape from mosquitoes in the forest clove oil.

You can also make a mosquito ointment from Vaseline. But it is too heavy fraction, which does not mix with light essential oil. The main disadvantage of vaseline is that it is very oily and is not absorbed into the skin. It means stains on clothes.

On a note!

As a natural remedy, a mixture of purified and aromatic olive oil is used. One of the least allergenic folk ways to scare away mosquitoes. The oil is sufficiently absorbed into the skin, but may leave traces on the clothes.

Aroma oils are working against mosquitoes:

  • eucalyptus;
  • camphor;
  • wormwood;
  • cedar
  • pink
  • clove;
  • lemon;
  • orange;
  • citronella;
  • tea tree;
  • lavender;
  • mint.


Clove oil is used very carefully. High concentration burns the skin.

Other aromatic products

In the absence of aromatic oils, you can do with improvised means from the kitchen cabinet:

  • carnation;
  • vanillin;
  • vinegar;
  • fresh lemon;
  • soy sauce.

The sauce as a folk remedy for mosquitoes is a very original solution and is suitable only for the home. But they say that it is enough to put a bowl with a sauce near the bed to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

The remaining products must be prepared in advance. There are several popular mosquito-based recipes based on vanilla and clove.

Insect repellent methods
Insect repellent methods


Clove buds are used to make a decoction and home-made fumigator:

  • The folk method of cooking broth is simple and allows you to use the product when going out into the nature and going out into the street: take five or 6 buds of cloves for a half cup of hot water and boil for 15 minutes. After cooling, the decoction is used as a spray, spraying them with clothes, or as a liquid, which can be spread on the exposed areas of the body.
  • How to make a homemade fumigator with cloves and lemon: The citrus is cut in half and inserted into one of the halves of 10–12 buds of carnation. Fumigator ready. Evaporating substances can drive the blood suckers out of the room. But to change this homemade repeller will have daily.


Vanilla pods are able to repel mosquitoes. In the presence of whole pods prepare the broth: 1 pod for 0.5 l of water to boil and insist a couple of hours. The resulting infusion can be sprayed with clothes or anoint unclosed skin. It should be borne in mind that the effect of vanillin will last no more than 2 hours. After which the procedure must be repeated.


You can use only natural vanilla. Vanilla sugar has very low vanillin content.

Since there are usually no pods on sale, and only seeds are used in cooking, folk recipes provide use of vanilla powder instead of pods: 20-30 g of powder per 0.5 liters of hot water or 100 ml of vegetable oil. Mix everything thoroughly. The aqueous composition is used for spraying clothes, oil smeared open skin.

On a note!

On the basis of vanilla powder, you can make a cream for children from the year.


The use of mosquito vinegar would be effective since bloodsuckers do not like sour aromas, and the vinegar smell discourages these insects. But any folk remedy with vinegar acts a very short time, as the substance disappears very quickly.

On a note!

Attempting to make an ointment with vinegar is doomed to failure.

All creams and ointments are made on the basis of oily fractions of oil, which can not be mixed with an aqueous solution of acetic essence. Vinegar added to the ointment will be squeezed up and evaporated when rubbed.

The only option for prolonged use of this dining seasoning is to pour vinegar into a bottle for a fumigator or use a combination of vinegar and shampoo.

Very exotic folk remedies

These include Vietnamese. balm asterisk, ammonia, fish fat. The first is due to the high concentration and quantity of essential oils, the latter because of the smell.

Methods of dealing with mosquitoes
Methods of dealing with mosquitoes

Asterisk smells pleasant and strong, so it is better to smear it before going out into nature. Balm is not recommended for children. Ointment strongly burns thin skin.

Fish oil - one of those folk remedies that scares all flying insects. And with them, and the people nearby. But if you need to protect the child, and there is nothing more at hand, then fish oil will do.


All of the above folk remedies are relatively new and recently used. Even 40 years ago only lavender and pink were on sale from essential oils. And those rarely. Exotic completely absent. And there were mosquitoes. And they fought with them. To bring out the mosquitoes, used plants Central Russia:

  • tansy;
  • elderberry;
  • bird cherry;
  • star wheel average;
  • wheat grass;
  • Dalmatian daisy;
  • juniper.

In the southern regions wormwood is added to the list. Indoors use fresh and dry plants, laying them out in different places. When leaving for nature it is better to use decoctions and infusions. Traditional natural remedies are less allergic than exotic aroma oils.

Juniper is usually used in the form of fresh branches. Pyrei - in the form of a decoction. The remaining herbs can be applied in fresh and dry forms, as well as decoctions.

Star sprocket

About this grass you need to say specifically, because very few people know about it.Other names for this malicious weed are: wood louse, canary grass, heart grass, lice. Very much litters the gardens. But to get angry at this plant is not worth it. It can be used not only from mosquitoes, but also in salads, in feed for livestock, in the first and second courses.

The use of this weed is very simple: a fresh plant is ground in the hands and the mash is spread over open areas of the body. Gardeners say that after that mosquitoes will not bite for a long time.

What is suitable for children

Mosquito repellent for children
Mosquito repellent for children

For babies under one year old It is better to use folk remedies "at a distance." You can put a cotton swab dipped in any kind of repellent in the pram.

After a year, children begin to walk and they need drugs to protect them on a walk. Of folk mosquito repellent products for children over the year Especially popular is the cream with vanilla, which is due to the ease of preparation and availability of ingredients: per 100 g of baby cream 10 g of vanilla powder. When applied to a child, the cream is not rubbed into the skin, but neatly smeared over the body.

A decoction of the roots of wheatgrass brings deliverance from insects for several hours.This natural repellent grows in almost every cottage and causes tears in gardeners. Unlike starfish, wheatgrass, even in the salad will not put. Therefore, 100 g of wheatgrass roots is poured with one and a half liters of water and boiled until it acquires a yellowish broth. After cooling, wipe the body.

Chamomile Dalmatian, bearing the second name "feverfew", is very effective against mosquitoes. The decoction is harmless to children, but it well repels insects due to the pyrethrins contained in the plant.

Folk remedies for adults

These folk methods are not suitable for premises and are used only in nature. When choosing what to smear in places with a very large amount of midges, you will have to stop at the spray from birch tar. The tar must be “supplemented” with thick cotton clothing with velcro on the cuffs and pants.

Mosquitoes can be thrown out of the tent by burning pine needles in a tin can. Traction in the bank is not, and the needles quickly go out. The smoke from the glowing needles will drive the bloodsuckers out of the camping tent.

Pine or fir cones can be thrown into the fire, the smoke from which also repels the nasal tits well.

On a note!

Indoors, it is allowed to set fire to incense sticks only.Since they scent the air all at the expense of the same essential oils, they will help get rid of mosquitoes. But finding children in a room with a smoldering wand is undesirable.

Folk remedies for animals

Mosquito repellent for animals
Mosquito repellent for animals

Shorthair animals also suffer from mosquitoes. The best folk remedy for animals - the SDA of the third faction. Plus ASD: guaranteed rescue from mosquitoes and a long duration. Minus: next to the animal will be impossible.

More soft means: tar, creolin and the same compositions that are used for people. But these drugs do not last long.

If bitten

There's a lot means after mosquito bites. Balsam Asterisk not only scares bloodsuckers, but also helps fight mosquito bites. This is one of its official uses.

The second drug that helps with bites is ammonia. Like vinegar, it quickly evaporates in the air and there is no point in using it to scare away insects. But the effects of the attack liquid ammonia eliminates well.

There is an opinion that bites can be anointed a solution of potassium permanganate. But it is a disinfectant composition that does not affect the itching and irritation of the skin.

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