Poison for rats and mice

Among all the available methods of extermination of rodents, the poison is in the first place. The huge choice of drugs, a large variety of forms leads buyers to confusion. Means differ in the principle of action, price, method of use, term of influence on the organism of the pest. The best poison for rats is available in every specialty store. It remains only to make a choice.

Form of poison

Initially, you should decide on the form of the poison. Each of them has its own characteristics, rules of application.

  • Soft briquettes. They look similar to plasticine. More suitable for predatory rodents, since the briquette resembles meat in consistency, taste. Manufacturers add meat flavors to their products. Mice prefer cereals, sugar, cereals. Rat poison in the form of a briquette has a bright rich green color. According to the research of scientists, the pest eye distinguishes between blue and green, responding well to bright objects. The poison stands out, attracts wild rats.
  • Solid granules, pellets. Available in bright colors - blue, green, pink. It looks like a cat, dog dry food. Such a bait is not averse to gnaw mice. A variety of solid granules are extruded tablets. Very easy to use. You can shove it into any hard-to-reach place to eliminate pests.
  • The grain is covered with poison. The drug repeats the features of the granules. Differs in taste. Mice gnaw grain, not suspecting anything. The active substance gradually begins to act.
  • Liquid poison.Mice can not be a long time without water. If the house is full of food supplies, there is no water, they will slowly leave the room. Since it is impossible to block all entrances and exits to the water, you can simply put a plate with the poisoned liquid to the pests.
  • Gel. Poison for rats and mice with a unique gel composition. Poison from rodents in the method of application is similar to briquettes. As part of there are flavors to attract animals, flavorings. The tool does not lose its properties for a long time, shows resistance to light, temperature. Mice and rats eat poison more readily than food stocks.
  • Powders The drug is used to make baits. Poison for mice mixed with flour. Sugar, sprinkled with cookies, grains and other products that love mice. Practically not used in pure form. Rodents will not use the powder, the probability of getting the product into the stomach when licking is minimal.
Forms of rat poison
Forms of rat poison

Than to poison the rats, how to get rid of mice in the house, the choice is purely individual. Depends on personal preferences, features of the room, the presence in the house of pets, small children.

Separation by action

Poison for mice and rats acts instantly or with a delay of 3-7 days. In the first case, the drug contains high-speed poisons that cause severe food poisoning or swelling of the lungs. The death of a rodent occurs within 3 hours if a minimum amount of poison is ingested. The pest perishes from terrible intoxication or suffocation.

The poison from rats and mice of the second group acts gradually. The structure includes substances that interfere with blood circulation, cause internal hemorrhage. The negative point of these drugs is the possibility of resistance in rodents. To positive - a mouse or a rat eats a poison without knowing anything. While the sudden death of relatives strongly alarming. Rodents can smell something wrong, bypass the potent poison side.

The strongest rat poison with an instant effect was produced on the basis of strychnine, salts of thallium, lead, phosphorus, arsenic. Phosphorus breaks bone tissue, arsenic acts on the nervous system, other components cause severe poisoning. Subsequently, experts said about the strong toxicity of drugs.Poisons for mice and rats were removed from production, prohibited to use.

Zoocsumarin-based preparations are widely used for home use. Means of a new generation of anticoagulants kill mice within 3 days after receiving the first dose of poison, rats - within 1-2 weeks.

On a note!

Accidental hit rat poison in the human stomach, the development of the situation depends on the action of the active component. Ratsid provokes the strongest poisoning, anticoagulants in small doses are transformed by the liver, excreted from the body.

Effective means of rodents

The poison from mice and rats can be bought at any specialty store. Before buying, you need to study the composition of the drug to know how to handle the tool, what to expect from it.

Poison from rodents
Poison from rodents

Anticoagulants blood. The active components are zoocoumarin, warfarin, brodifacoum, flocumafen. Preparations based on these components are the most effective for fighting mice and rats in a private home.

  • Rat death;
  • Storm;
  • Nutcracker;
  • Goliath;
  • Clean house;
  • Mortorat;
  • Zookumarin Neo;
  • Hedgehog;
  • Ratindan;
  • Zernocin;
  • Tsunami extra;
  • Warat.

Naphthyliocamid.On the basis of this component, a potent poison is produced for rodents Krysid. The drug is produced in the form of processed grain. Causes pulmonary swelling within 3 hours after poisoning the body. The animal is killed by suffocation. For mice, the tool is impractical to use.

On a note!

Rat is several times more toxic than prohibited preparations based on phosphorus, arsenic, fluorine, barium. At home, use must be extremely cautious, in special cases.

Metal phosphides. Substances used for the treatment of grain in large enterprises. Phosphine releases toxins by temperature. Severe poisoning can get people, pets. Preparations based on aluminum, zinc, magnesium:

  • Fumifos;
  • Alphos;
  • Magnicum.

The poison is on sale freely, when using it is necessary to follow the instruction. You need to acquire immediately before use. Liquid poison at home is rarely used because of the inconvenience associated with the use. It is easy to overturn, a lot of space is occupied by the container, not everywhere you can put.

On a note!

To poison a rat or a mouse folk remedies will help, without resorting to the use of potent poisons.It is possible to prepare a poison in 5 minutes and to kill pests with homemade poison.

Traditional recipes against rodents

Folk methods from rats
Folk methods from rats

Effective poison is prepared on the basis of gypsum, alabaster, quicklime, soda, and other available ingredients.

  1. Gypsum. You can strain the mice with flour, after mixing it with plaster. Next to refreshments put a bowl of water. The mouse eats flour, washes down with water after a meal. In the stomach, the plaster hardens, along with all the insides. Harmless to pets poison causes inevitable death in rodents.

    On a note!

    Milk can be used instead of flour with water. It is diluted gypsum to the state of sour cream. In the stomach, the fluid is absorbed by the tissues, the plaster hardens, clogs the intestines.

  2. Quicklime. To make the product, mixed in equal proportions with sugar, cat food. In the stomach, the poisonous mixture turns into acid, eats away the walls of the esophagus. Such a effective remedy for rats able to kill a day.
  3. Cork powder. If you have the habit of storing corks of wine, you can make a poison for mice. Rodents eat it with great appetite, because it smells great for them. Production of poison in the home is carried out in two ways.Cork is made into powder, mixed with flour, sugar. Cork crumble into small pieces, fried in lard. In the stomach, the product swells, strongly deforms the internal organs, causes suffocation.
  4. Baking soda. You can prepare poison for mice, without leaving the kitchen. Mix 100 g of sugar, flour, add 150 g of soda. Soda in the intestines causes excessive gas formation. This situation brings inconvenience to people, death to rodents. Harassment can continue all the time, the mixture does not lose its properties when it stays on the surface for a long time, it is not dangerous for people and pets.

On a note!

Mice poisoned with grain, flour, sugar. Rats are more attracted to the bait from fish, fat, meat, eggs.

Poison with the hands is done quickly, safe for others, just to use, no need to buy expensive ingredients, but somewhat inferior in efficiency. If the number of mice increases, the number of rats does not decrease, it is worth switching to a professional poison or kill rodents using specialized services. Folk remedies do not resist the smell of rotting. Professional preparations contain mummifying ingredients.The dead body does not decompose, but gradually dries.

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