What if the gadfly bite is swollen and reddened

In hot summer, it is good to rest around the water or in the forest. The coolness soothes and relaxes. Thoughts flow lazily and slowly. Everything is so peaceful, but danger is often hidden in this calm. Blood-sucking insects do not sleep and patiently wait for their victims.The most dangerous is the bite of a gadfly or gadfly.

general characteristics

People are often called gadflies for all large gray flies that attack a person, biting through the skin and sucking blood. In fact, they are doing blind. Gadfly not a bloodsucker. This insect lives at the expense of those nutrients that it has accumulated in the larva phase. Their oral apparatus is not developed, they do not eat during their lifetime. They are more like bumblebee.

But then why gadflies bite people - a question that not everyone can find the answer. Males consume only the nectar of flowers, but the fertilized female is looking for a warm-blooded incubator. Therefore, the bite of a gadfly has another goal: to lay eggs under the skin of the victim. Usually the main hosts for the offspring of these insects are cattle, horses, camels, deer. Larvae live and develop in the body of their master until such time as they become adult individuals. And the life cycle is repeated again. Parasitism in the human body is very rare.


There are about 150 species of these insects in the world, but one person attacks - the human skin gadfly.Fortunately, it is found only in Central America.

General information about gadflies


A simple person who does not have serious knowledge of biology cannot to distinguish a gadfly from a gadfly, which belongs to the order of Diptera, but knows that the bite of a fly of a gadfly can be painful, therefore it fears a similar insect. Gadfly - bloodsucking parasite. It lives in forest, taiga, forest-steppe zones. In arid areas, the insect can be found mainly near rivers and lakes, in the mountains it settles to the borders with eternal snow.

In the people, horseflies are called gadflies. Only fertilized females that need blood for the development of eggs bite humans and animals. Males are smaller and feed on plant nectar. Females have a proboscis in the mouth apparatus, with which they cut the victim's skin and inject substances into the wound that prevent blood from clotting.

The length of the insect is from 6 to 30 mm. The color of the wings is gray, marble or it can be variegated. Bloodsuckers fly in good weather without rain and wind. The air temperature should not be lower than +15, but not higher than +32 degrees. Outside these temperature limits, bloodsuckers are inactive.

On a note!

The most common representatives on the territory of our country are the rain, zlatoglazki and gadflies. They show noticeable activity before the rain, but in wet weather you will not see them. Only sprinkling can attack a person even during light rainfall.

What happens if the gadfly bites

Gadfly Bite
Gadfly Bite

If a gadfly has bitten a person, then it is impossible not to notice, because immediately there is a strong burning sensation and pain, redness appears on the skin, allergic reactions may occur. A photo of a gadfly bite clearly demonstrates the effects of an insect attack. The blood in the wound does not clot for a long time, so you need try to get rid of all insectsso as not to be re-attacked. Gadfly find a victim with his eyes, so you can escape from the bloodsucker.

Immediately there is a seal, swelling and redness after the bite of a gadfly. The skin begins to itch and itch. An allergic person may experience dizziness, fever, swollen lymph nodes, swelling and severe redness in the area of ​​the bite. If there are no complications in the form of allergic reactions (insect saliva is an allergen), then all these unpleasant phenomena will disappear in a few days.

Itching gadfly badly.A person combing the skin around the wound may introduce an additional infection that will require further treatment. But allergy to gadfly bites is quite rare. Cases of poisoning of the human body due to the bite of a horsefly A photo of a gadfly bite or severe allergic reactions in real life is practically not observed. But sometimes it can even arise angioedema.

Dangerous gadfly can be what is a carrier of diseases such as:

  • tularemia;
  • anthrax;
  • filariasis.

These diseases are transmitted with blood that an insect can receive from sick people or animals.


It is difficult to treat such diseases, therefore, going to nature, you should think in advance about protective equipment. If possible, it is advisable to take the insect to the laboratory, where it will be determined whether it is the infectious agent.

A bite can cause serious illness, so do not delay the visit to the doctor.

Manifestation of the parasite bite

The effects of a gadfly bite
The effects of a gadfly bite

If you look at the photo of the symptoms of a gadfly bite in a person, then it can be noted that they are very similar to the wasp bite, namely:

  • pain;
  • burning;
  • edema;
  • redness of the skin;
  • itching;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • the bite on the skin acquires a certain character, a tumor appears, similar to a neoplasm.

On a note!

The effects of a gadfly bite, including an allergic reaction, can go away after a couple of days, if the infection does not get into the wound and the resulting purulent inflammation develops.

What to do when biting gadfly

Not all people have come across these insects, so they have no idea how to treat a tumor from a gadfly bite. If a person on vacation was bitten by gadflies, then you should immediately take the appropriate measures. Delay can lead to unpleasant consequences. Always on hand should be the necessary drugs that could be used as first aid for the bite of a gadfly.

Not many people know what to do when the hand is swollen, the temperature has risen or nausea has opened. There is no basic knowledge about how you can relieve an itch from an insect bite. Many moms do not know what remedy for the bites of gadflies and gadflies designed to protect babies. Children's skin is very delicate, so it is so attractive to all bloodsucking.

If it happened that the gadfly bit the child, regardless of whether the leg or arm is swollen, you should immediately do the following:

  • firmly pinch the bite site to prevent the spread of harmful substances from the parasite's saliva;
  • relieve itching by cooling the swelling with ice or any cold object;
  • wash the wound with cool soapy water;
  • process the bite with any antiseptic agent: iodine, hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green, alcohol.

It is worth asking a doctor for help if a large number of insects have bitten a person, or he has developed a strong allergy in response to a toxin that has entered the bloodstream along with the bloodsucker’s saliva. If no complications are observed, then the insect bite can be treated at home.

Use of pharmaceutical preparations

Medication to relieve swelling from the bite
Medication to relieve swelling from the bite

It happens that there is an inadequate response of the body to the action of the gadfly allergen. In this case, remove the swelling of the bite need more effective means:

  • Suprastin, Tavegil, Claritin will quickly relieve allergies;
  • a compress of liquid ammonia, soda solution, any mint toothpaste to cope with itching;
  • anoint the bite is an ointment containing corticosteroids (hydrocortisone, Sinaflan, Advantan), so as not to start the inflammation of the wound;
  • You can use the ointment from the bites of bloodsuckers based on vegetable components or chemical constituents.

If it is impossible to use the services of a pharmacy, it is recommended to use natural resources, such as:

  • plantain;
  • mint;
  • dandelion in any part of it;
  • yarrow;
  • parsley.

There are many more plants that stop blood and have an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect. It is recommended to treat swelling with lemon, onion or garlic, rubbing the inflamed area with a slice.

Precautionary measures

Gadfly Bite
Gadfly Bite

In order for the gadflies not to bite on rest or during work outdoors, it is necessary to observe certain conditions:

  • Do not wear too bright clothes, as insects react to color;
  • it is better not to use sweetish perfumery; gadflies are attracted by this smell;
  • located away from water, grass and thickets - the favorite habitats of insects;
  • wipe the body after bathing and change into dry clothes;
  • wear lightweight clothing that covers the body and limbs in the forest;
  • use chemical or natural repellents;
  • have mosquito nets on the windows and doors of the house, in tents, in order to never know how the gadfly and gadfly of a defenseless person bites;
  • to protect the locations of cots, to close the strollers with special capes, through which insects cannot penetrate.

The bite of the gadfly on the human body always causes pain and swelling of the tissues nearby the wound. In the first minutes after the puncture of the skin with a bloodsucker, the gadfly bite looks like a papule Later, the tumor spreads to neighboring tissues. Sometimes the papule does not turn into an extensive swelling, but becomes a bump at the bite point. In order not to leave any trace of an insect bite, you can excise the formed lump surgically.

It is not only people who suffer from horseflies. These parasites do not disdain any warm-blooded animals when they need to drink blood to breed their offspring. If there is no living flesh, then they drink blood even from falling. Our four-legged pets are also not immune from the attacks of these monsters. Animal owners do not know how to treat a gadfly bite in an animal. After all, the dog can not say or show the place of defeat by insects. It is especially dangerous if the nasal bit an animal in the eye. In this case, the pet may remain blind or die from a painful shock.Therefore, if the gadfly bit the dog, you must contact the veterinary clinic.

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