Bark beetle

In nature, there are a huge number of insect pests devouring wood. One of the most dangerous of these representatives is the bark beetle. This insect can destroy not only fruit or conifers, but also cause serious damage to wooden houses and outbuildings.Having found the bark beetle or its larvae in the garden or house, it is necessary to urgently take a number of measures, which we will discuss in this article.

Varieties and description of bark beetles

A distinctive feature of the family of bark beetles is that they inhabit, breed, and feed exclusively on wood. Today, there are about 750 species of such beetles. Most of them prefer to live and feast on spruce, cedar, fir or pine, destroying entire forests. But do not relax if the conifers do not grow on your site, because there are many bark beetles that feed on deciduous plantations.

Bark beetles have many enemies. Many kinds of insects can penetrate their courses and eat eggs, larvae and pupae. The anthill, darkling beetle, greenfinch flies, as well as short-winged stafilinidae also feed on bark beetle and its larvae. Many species of birds also belong to those who eat the bark beetle.

Not everyone saw how a beetle looks like a beetle, so knowing the enemy in the face is a must. Below is the beetle bark beetle in the photo.

Bark beetle
Bark beetle

The most common are the following species of bark beetles.

Beetle typographer

The logger length is 5-6 mm.Its distinguishing feature is light brown hair on a shiny black torso. In the diet, the insect prefers coniferous thick-edged trees. Fresh stumps and young trees can also attract the attention of a typographer beetle.

Laying eggs is the main harm that the bark beetle can cause to the tree. After a time, the larvae will appear from them, which will be able to turn a suburban wooden building into the dust in just a year.

Furniture Grinder

Grinder - beetle bark beetle of small size brown or reddish-brown. It has an elongated body with a convex head hidden in a peculiar hood. Adult wood borers do not pose a danger to wooden products, but the larvae of the bark beetle can damage the wood, feeding on it and making canals in it. Such a lifestyle of the pest causes significant damage to human property. Larvae furniture grinder They can spoil not only furniture, but also wooden window frames and even floor coverings.

Furniture grinder larvae
Furniture grinder larvae


Luboed is one of the most common species of bark beetles, which most often lives in taiga terrain.Beetles are able to fly over short distances, which gives them the opportunity to settle new territories.

Oblong body of the woodworm is covered with hairs. The color can be black, brown or brown depending on the habitat of the pest. The beetle's mustache resembles the look of a mace.

The eggs are laid by the female in the chamber carved in the trunk of the tree. The larvae that have appeared in time to light begin to spoil the wood, forming many tunnels in it. After a few molts expire, the larva builds its own chamber, in which it will turn into a pupa.

Big black barbel

Big black barbel
Big black barbel

Black with a greenish tint insect is one of the largest pests (up to 3.5 cm). From the name of the insect it is clear that it is the owner of long whiskers, exceeding the size of the body more than 2 times. The tips of the wing elytrums end in a well-marked white fuzz.

Feeds on black barbel bark beetle preferably oak, spruce, pine or fir wood. Having settled on a tree, he begins to eat young shoots, excessively thick branches not in his teeth. In addition, wood resin has a negative effect on the eggs and larvae of the beetle. Therefore, more often mustache can be found on fallen trunks.

Before laying eggs, the female grinds a hole in the bark. After 1-2 eggs are laid, the larvae will hatch over time, and they will be able to crawl out of there and start laying their own moves.


A pest that has an elongated body is beveled at the back. Ilm breeds and oaks are what the bark beetle eats. The sapwood goes through 4 stages of development: a larva appears from the egg in 10-14 days. In this form, it lives for 2-3 weeks and turns into a pupa. The pupal stage takes about 10-14 days in this process, after which an adult individual appears. After a time, the female beetle lays eggs, and the process is repeated again.

What is dangerous bark beetle

As mentioned above, the result of the active activity of beetles are damaged entire forests. After all, the tree is the main object that attracts the attention of the bark beetle. With the beginning of the mating season, the males gnaw through the course in the wood, after which it begins to exude pheromones attracting females. Having fertilized the first female individual, the male leaves her to continue the work begun by him, and he sets off in search of a new family. The female continues to make moves for future larvae.In one season, several insects can create a whole detachment of parasites.

However, more damage to the tree is caused not by adult beetles, but by their larvae, characterized by a great appetite. It is they who make winding passages under the bark, turning it into dust. It is also useful to know how much the bark beetle lives. And he can remain in a state of larvae up to several years. Therefore, it is important to detect the pest in time.

Signs of infection

Bark beetle tracks
Bark beetle tracks

To detect traces of the presence of the beetle of the bark beetle and its larvae can be on the following grounds:

  • The appearance in the tree of small holes and the so-called wood flour;
  • Slight crackle.

In the first variant, the probability of saving a wooden house from the pest still exists, in the second, the fight against bark beetle may already be in vain.

On a note!

Having found small holes or bark beetles in the bark of the tree, it is necessary to make sure that it is not damaged. To do this, with a sharp knife pierce the bark near the hole. The presence of a void is a sure sign of a pest infecting a tree.

Causes of

The causes of the pest can be varied:

  • Starting the construction of the house, the prepared lumber is treated with a special compound that prevents the emergence and spread of beetles and their larvae.But not all builders do this qualitatively, with the result that the pest can damage the structure;
  • The use of poor-quality raw materials is another reason for the appearance of the bark beetle;
  • Insects can get into the garden because they are constantly in search of food, moving from one tree to another.

On a note!

In order to avoid the spread of the pest, the fight against uninvited guests should be started as soon as possible. If the bark beetle settled in the garden, then it is possible that it may soon switch to wooden structures, as insects multiply very quickly.

Methods of struggle

To get rid of the pest can be a variety of methods. The selection of the method of struggle depends on the place where the bark beetle lives.

If the insect larvae infect a tree, then tree control are as follows:

  • With the help of steel wire to examine the moves of the bark beetle, to check how deep the borer has penetrated. After that, treat the green areas with insecticidal preparations: Aktara, Bitoxibacillin, Calyps or Bowerin;

    Remedies for the bark beetle
    Remedies for the bark beetle
  • To expel the pest will help the processing of wood with a special solution.But first you should remove all infected branches and sections of the tree to the maximum. To prepare the solution, you will need paraffin (6 hours) and rosin (3 hours), which are mixed and heated to boiling. Then add vegetable oil (10 hours) and boil for 10 minutes. A little fungicide is added to the resulting mixture, and the infected stands are treated with it. Climbing out the beetles are collected and burned.

If a bark beetle is found in an apartment or house, then in a few years it may cause irreparable damage to the property owner. In this connection, it is necessary from him get rid of the house:

  • Perform a thorough inspection of all wooden surfaces for small holes. They can be found even on the wallpaper or on the floor under the carpet. The presence of wood dust near the holes is a sure sign that a bark beetle has started in the house;
  • Drevototskie can penetrate into the house not only from the infected garden, but together with poorly processed furniture or other wood materials. Therefore, the best option would be the treatment of wooden surfaces with such preparations as: Anti-shashcheli, Woody doctor, Antizhuk or Empire20;

    Remedies for the bark beetle-1
    Remedies for the bark beetle
  • You can also use machine oil, diesel or kerosene for wood;
  • If the wood is infected by the bark beetle larvae, insecticidal preparations can be injected with a syringe;
  • For maximum effect, the use of insecticides is effective in combination with aerosols;
  • Impact on bark beetles and their larvae can also be warm (the temperature should be above 65 degrees) and cold (temperatures below 30 degrees).
  • The use of fumigators, pheromone traps, insecticidal checkers and electromagnetic wave emitters will help get rid of bark beetles.


To prevent the spreading of wood borers, you must:

  • Regularly inspect, monitor and care for trees;
  • To treat the bark of the tree with special chemicals;
  • Properly prepare building materials: dry and process them with special compounds that protect from beetles and mold.

Such recommendations will help get rid of the bark beetle and prevent its occurrence on your site.

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