Ways to infect a person with a bull chain

Cestodose are diseases that are caused by parasites from tapeworms. One of these helminths is the bovine tapeworm, which is especially widespread in hot countries. In Russia, teniarinhoz is not widely spread, but a certain number of cases of infection is recorded each year. In order to prevent the parasitism of an uninvited guest, it is necessary to know the ways of infecting a person with a bull chain.

Man is the only possible final host of the chain, so the infection of a person by the Finns is necessary for the parasite to complete its development cycle. The larvae of the bovine chain develop in the muscle fibers of cattle or game. There they form the so-called Finns, who exist in anticipation of hitting them in a person. Therefore, the source is contaminated meat.


Bullseye is not transmitted from person to person. It is also impossible to infect yourself. Only one way of infection.

Spreading bull chain

The parasite has in its structure a huge number of segments, which, having reached their mature state, are filled with eggs and go into the environment, mixing with feces. Then they can be transported on themselves by insects or from the soil they fall on germinated plants.



There are regions that use human excrement as fertilizer for crops. Such territories are especially dangerous, since it is there that one can easily catch a bull chain.

The person himself spreads eggs from infected people when using such fertilizers, especially in the fields where hay is grown for cattle.By eating such hay, cows become infected with eggs, from which comes the larva of bovine tapeworm. This larva penetrates the muscles and, having formed a capsule, remains there until it reaches the person.

Ways to hit

There is only one way of infection, but this does not prevent him from having many different ways. The population of the northern regions, as well as theirs, guests, who are offered to try dishes of national cuisine, are at great risk of being infected by eating them. The peculiarity of some dishes is that they are generally not processed by high temperatures. This applies to deer planer. In this case, the meat pieces are subjected to non-durable freezing.

Infection can occur through the consumption of a national Buryat Buhler, or shurpa. The cooking time of this dish is no more than forty minutes, and the large meat pieces put into it do not have time to boil over such a time period. And for the destruction of the Finn is required to cook the meat more than an hour.

Methods of infection with bull chain
Methods of infection with bull chain


In cooked minced meat, which is ground out of finno meat and set in the cold, the bull tseren survives for an hour.

A person can also become infected when eating kebab from beef affected by a bull chain, since its processing on a fire is not enough to destroy it.

How not to get infected

Buying meat that has not passed the control of sanitary services, you need to protect yourself from infection teniarinhozom. This is possible if you put it in the freezer and bleed it through. It is better to withstand it there no less than a day.

On a note!

Inspect the meat when cooking. Finnish ox chains look like whitish-grayish peas.

To protect yourself from infection when eating frozen frozen planer from a deer, ask first how long and at what temperature it freezes, and only then take a chance if you are satisfied with the answer. Try to acquire only the meat, which passed all the necessary sanitary checks.

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