How to get rid of aphids on currants

Currant - one of the most common crops in our area. Berry extremely useful, well giving in to conservation. The biggest problem that arises in the process of growing plants, annoying gardeners - aphid currants.The small insect forms whole colonies, damages the bush, damages the inflorescences, reduces the yield. How to deal with aphids on currants - an important question for summer residents.

Folk remedies

To get rid of aphids in the currants can be safe preparations that are easy to prepare yourself. The necessary ingredients are available in the household, grow in the garden, in the garden or sold in the grocery store.

Folk remedy suitable for a situation where gardeners are puzzled than to treat currants from aphids, if you already have berries. The drug should be as effective and safe. Use chemistry from aphidswhen the berries have already appeared.

Aphids on currants
Aphids on currants


Ammonia from aphid helps to get rid of pests, nourishes the plant with nitrogen, accelerates growth, the formation of fruits, helps to cope with damage to the bush.

For 10 liters of water you will need 50 ml of ammonia alcohol. Before use add a pinch of laundry detergent or 100 g of soap. Processing currant is carried out using a watering can with a wide tip.


Calcium from aphids used on the bush 1 time.Re-processing is allowed 2 weeks after the previous one. Otherwise, the currant bush will suffer from an excess of nitrogen. The leaves will begin to turn yellow, curl. Ammonia from aphids is valid for 3 days.


During fruiting, it is necessary to use the safest means possible. Aphid soda - one of them. Use food, calcined.

The same tool can process the bush during flowering. Baking soda nourishes the plant with calcium, promotes the formation of fruits, destroys pathogens, prevents diseases.

In 1 liter of water 10 st. spoons of baking soda, or 2 tbsp. Spoons calcined. Add 100 g of soap, 9 liters of cold water. You can spray currants from aphids with soda solution from a garden spray bottle and spray bottle, paying special attention to the lower part of the leaves on the bush.


To fix the effect, repeat the procedure after 3 days. If soda ash has been used before, it is better to use food grade a second time.


It is possible to sprinkle currants with all known means that each hostess has in the kitchen. Aphid vinegar helps to save currants at any time during the growing season. Calmly used on the bush with berries.

Homemade Aphid Recipes
Homemade Aphid Recipes

In 1 liter of cool water dilute 200 ml of table vinegar. Add 9 liters of liquid and 100 g of soap. Prepare the solution immediately before use. Currant protection lasts 1-2 weeks. Depends on weather conditions. Vinegar drives away pests with a sour taste and a pungent smell.


An effective aphid-based aphid remedy requires accurate dosage. Increased dose of acid leads to yellowing, death of leaves.


Processing in the spring of currants from pests allows you to get a good harvest, to avoid the attack of insects. Ash - One of the most common tools among gardeners of many generations.

On a note!

The solution should be sprinkled currants, sprinkle the ashes in its pure form under a bush. In this way, you can bring aphid, which for years did not give rest to the bushes.

Ash is scattered in April-May, they dig up the earth, they pour it with hot water. The substance penetrates the sap of the plant, giving it a bitter aftertaste. The quality does not affect the quality, taste of berries, development of the bush.

It is recommended to fight in June with aphids with a solution of ash. For 10 liters of water, 200 g of the active ingredient will be required. Insist day. Boil on low heat for half an hour, add 200 g of soap. You can destroy aphids for several treatments.


One of the easiest ways to protect against aphids on red currants, black and raspberries is to plant in close proximity. tobacco. The plant does not require special care, but it perfectly repels pests. In other cases, good helps tobacco dust from aphids.

Used in several versions.

  • One of the simplest ones is to rub dry tobacco into dust, sprinkle currant with soapy water, sprinkle tobacco powder over the bushes.
  • The second option is to prepare the solution. Insist 3 days 10 liters of water, which is placed 200 g of dry tobacco. Cook for 3 hours on low heat. Add any soap tool.

It is recommended to spray the plants after flowering, before the appearance of buds, during the ripening of the berries.

Domestic Aphid Extermination
Domestic Aphid Extermination


Any folk remedy provides for the addition of soap before use.This ingredient allows the active ingredients to remain longer on the surface of the leaves, creates a film that makes it difficult for small aphids to feed, glues insects together, restricting movement.

On a note!

Soap solution from aphids is also used as an independent means. Preference should be given to natural products, despite the fact that Fairy, Gala and other dishwashing detergents, washing powder show high results.

Laundry soap from aphids it is applied in liquid option, cubes. In the latter case, you must first rub it on a coarse grater. To protect the bush under the force of the solution containing 300 g of hoz soap per 10 liters of water. Spraying is carried out several times with a break of 3-5 days.

Tar soap from aphids not only saves from insects, but also prevents diseases, eliminates waste products of pests, helps to recover faster. Birch tar can be treated. 10 g of water requires 100 g of tar soap.


Traditional methods of struggle are not without spices, spices with a strong persistent odor.

  1. Aphid Mustard used in the form of a solution.10 liters of water require 10 liters of dry powder, at the end of the preparation soap is added.
  2. If you attacked aphid, you can use red pepper. Per 10 liters of liquid 200 g of spices. Insist day. Boil for 3 hours, add soap.
  3. Cinnamon helps to remove aphids. It can be thrown into the bucket in unlimited quantities.

Traditional methods of struggle with the use of spices allow their combination. If you pour currant with a solution that contains red, black pepper, cinnamon, mustard, you can forget about the presence of aphids for the next month.


The fight against aphids on currants folk remedies can not do without fragrant garlic. If you have aphid, it is necessary to process the garlic tincture of the bush.

Grind the vegetable to get a glass filled. Pour 1 liter of cold water, leave to infuse for three days. Boil for an hour, add soap. Spray currants several times.

Garlic Aphid scattered near the bushes, tied to the twigs, rubbed the stems. For these purposes, it is better to use garlic arrows. They keep the smell on the plot longer.

On a note!

In order for currant bushes not to start aphid, it’s necessary to plant garlic, parsley, onion, side by side,calendula Plants protect the bush in early spring, in summer, even in autumn.

The onion peel acts in a similar way. It is recommended to use at the beginning of ripening berries. Throw husk into water, boil for half an hour. Insist from 1 day to 7. Spray currants from a spray bottle, spray bottle.

Folk recipes from aphids
Folk recipes from aphids


Whey is used without prior preparation. You do not need to do anything, just pour the product into the spray container. Aphid repels sour taste and smell. It is necessary to repeat the procedure after 3 days several times during active pest control, once a week for the prevention all summer.

Coca Cola

The folk remedy of the new generation is Coca-cola from aphid. It acts on pests due to soda, flavorings, flavors. May treatment is especially effective. Need to buy a drink, process currants. Repeat after 5 days. For prophylaxis use every month.


Fantasies from gardeners do not take away. Vodka Used as an effective remedy for aphids. The water is not diluted, used as is. Some experts advise to add soap.Afraid means leaf aphid, if you carefully process the leaves on the reverse side. Does not tolerate the planting aphid, if you water the branches, the stems of the watering can.

Potassium permanganate

Disinfectant helps to defeat aphids on currant leaves. It is necessary to prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate. In 1 liter of water dilute the drug to a saturated pink color, then add to 10 l of water, gradually, so as not to overdo it with the dosage. If this happens, the currant leaves dry, the inflorescences crumble, the berries fall, the bush is sick.

Potassium permanganate and celandine vodka
Potassium permanganate and celandine vodka


From small garden pests use herbs - tansy, wormwood, thyme. High performance shows celandine.

It is necessary to tear down several plants entirely. Work should be in gloves. Grind, throw in a bucket, pour 10 liters of water, let it stand for a day. Strain the tincture, add 100 g of soap. The solution is sprayed with currants, moistened deformed shoots, twigs. Particularly afraid of such procedures green aphid.

Folk remedies allow you to get rid of aphids without chemicals. It is allowed to use at any time during the growing season.

Other folk remedies

Among other effective means:

Professional tools

Chemistry with aphids is much faster to fight, but some nuances should be taken into account. Aphids on black currants, red, may appear at any time during the growing season. Use insecticide based aphids allowed only before flowering in early spring, or immediately after it. Because poisonous properties persist for 20 days or more.

Chemicals to combat aphids
Chemicals to combat aphids

Biologics are a little slower. The active components are the waste products of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. The poison is not harmful to humans, but do not process currants 10 days before harvest.

  • Copper sulfate. The drug has a broad spectrum of action, protects garden crops from diseases, increases the resistance of the plant, effectively fights aphids. Spray the bush in early spring before blooming buds. 50 g of copper sulphate is diluted in 1 liter of water, then another 4 are added. Per 1 bush of currant leaves 1000 ml of the prepared solution. The required amount of the drug is calculated from these ratios.
  • Bordeaux liquid.It is used to prevent and get rid of many diseases. Early spring spraying is recommended until the first leaves appear with a 3% solution. Combination with copper sulfate is allowed.
  • Biotlin from aphids is an insecticidal drug based on a strong toxic substance. Destroying aphids occurs instantly. Active ingredients affect the nervous system, causing paralysis, death. The result is noticeable 4 hours after spraying the currants. The solution is prepared immediately before use. In 1 liter of water dilute the ampoule of the drug, add 9 liters of liquid.
  • Aktar's aphid remedy - insecticidal drug of a wide spectrum of action. The concentration of the poisonous component is small, but enough for the rapid destruction of aphids. The result is noticeable the next day, retains the properties for about 14 days, depending on weather conditions. The treatment is carried out 1 time in early spring.
  • Actofit from aphids - a biological product. You can apply at any time during the growing season. The result is noticeable 3 days after complete treatment of the bushes. The solution is prepared in a ratio of 8 ml of the drug to 1 liter of water. After 15 days, repeat the treatment.

Effective also Fitoverm, Spark, Tanrek.

Aphids cause irreparable harm to the currant bush - the tops of the leaves curl, the young shoots dry up, the inflorescences fall, the branches descend. The yield decreases, the risk of developing many diseases increases. It is necessary to react to aphids in a timely manner, and even better in advance. Should be parallel get rid of ants on the plotas these insects spread aphids throughout the garden.

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