Fighting ants in the garden plot folk remedies

Ants in the country and in the garden bring not only benefit, but also harm, eating up berries and fruits, planting aphids on plants. Therefore, the decision of the question of how to get rid of ants at their summer cottage is very important for all owners,caring for their garden and garden.

Where ants come from

Ants everywhere can be found both in the city and in the suburban areas. The most common in gardens and gardens:

  • black garden antsor earthen, about 5 mm in size brown or black, build nests in the soil, in the root system of plants, like to breed aphids;
  • red pharaoh, or myrmika, 4-6 mm in size, brown-red in color, can settle both in the house and in the summer cottage;
  • red forest ants have a size of 7-15 mm, build large colonies of branches and grass, their females with wings reach a length of 1 cm;
  • Redhead Breasts - up to 2 cm in size, they nest in tree trunks, dry stumps, less often in wooden structures, and when building passages, even logs can be turned into dust.

Ants breed fast enough and able to live in a variety of climatic conditions. In one anthill can live up to 10 thousand people, among whom there is a single queen, postponing offspring. Unlike working individuals, which live not for long, for about 1 month, females can exist and breed for more than a year.

If there are several winged females in the colony, then after fertilization, they move to other places and lay ant larvae in the soil, on grass stalks or under the bark of trees. As a result, new nests are formed - in this way the ants get to the dacha and garden plots.

The benefits and harm of ants

The benefits and harm of ants
The benefits and harm of ants

An anthill and ants on the site is one of the links of the ecosystem, without which the balance in nature is disturbed, they are capable bring great benefits for plants, including:

  • food for them are pests of horticultural crops: slugs, spider mites, larvae, etc .;
  • in nature, ant colonies are used by many birds to cleanse their plumage from fleas and other parasites - they climb into it and bathe in a nest with red ants;
  • doing the moves in the ground when building a nest, they loosen well and fertilize the top layer of soil, which positively affects the saturation of plant roots with oxygen.


One anthill capable of consuming 2 thousand different insects and their larvae per day, bringing deliverance to many plants in nature from pests.

Harm by ants on the summer cottage:

  • very often the nests are arranged in very unsuitable places: in berry bushes, in the middle of garden beds, which inhibits the normal growth of the surrounding crops;
  • black ants feed on and damage the buds of roses and other flowers, berries, fruits, etc .;
  • arrange farm with a garden aphidsby breeding it on cultivated plants, incl. on ornamental and fertile bushes: raspberries, currant, on jasmine, because of what they die;
  • carry over the entire summer cottage the seeds of plants, incl. and weed spreading them throughout the territory.

Based on the listed beneficial and harmful habits of these insects, each owner must independently decide whether to kill ants at his dacha using a chemical pesticide. Or simply drive them away from the places where they harm the plantings, folk methods that are more popular in gardening.

Ant control strategies

Ways to fight ants
Ways to fight ants

There are 2 main methods for dealing with ants in a garden:

  • Scaring them off and not letting them to the garden and the dacha. Such humane methods include: transferring small nests; the use of plants and substances that have a strong odor that can scare away ants.
  • The destruction of ants on the site with the help of folk methods and chemical poisons, pesticides.

Folk methods of struggle

Folk methods of struggle
Folk methods of struggle

The struggle of folk remedies with garden ants is carried out in many ways, many of which have been known for more than one century:

  • To get rid of the anthill, you need to dig deep enough all the earth in the area, adding the asheslime
  • One of the verified recommendations for removing an anthill is to fall asleep in its moves. millet or semolina. According to the testimony of gardeners, ants in large numbers move to another place.
  • Spread a mixture of wood ash and lime along the ant paths and areas of their stay.
  • Prepare a decoction of tomato tops, parsley and smoked fish - all this and pour the ant settlement.
  • Remove the ants from the site can be, watering a solution liquid ammonia the whole garden in the proportion of 1 tbsp to 8 liters of water: the cultivated plants will receive additional fertilizer, and the smell of alcohol will drive the ants away.
  • To get rid of insects, you need to know that do not like garden ants: sharp odors of sunflower oil, brine from herring, tomato tops, garlic, red pepper, cinnamon - all this will be used to process ant hills or decompose along paths on the ground and their places of stay.
  • It is recommended to use some plants against ants that scare them away with a pungent odor: tansy, valerian, mint, wormwood, parsley are planted between the beds in the garden.
  • It is possible to get rid of an anthill in a rather simple way, using boiling water with which all the strokes are poured, and it is better to do it in the evening, after the whole population returns home.
  • An effective folk remedy for garden ants is the treatment of the suburban area with a mixture containing soap, carboxylic acid and kerosene, which are filled with warm water. Spraying the mixture is necessary for all country landings and in the garden, as well as poison the nests.
  • A mixture is made of household soap, shampoo, vegetable oil and 2 tsp. vinegar, which need to spray all the places of accumulation and stay of ants. However, this solution can not be sprayed on the seedlings so that it does not slow down its development.
  • A similar mixture is made with the addition of odorous herbs (wormwood, celandine, St. John's wort, tansy, etc.), vinegar and detergent, after mixing it insist day in a cold room, filter and diluted with warm water.The mixture is sprayed with all fruit and berry crops in the country and anthills.

There are a variety of methods to destroy ant colonies. Use of velcro, trapping beltsthat are put on young shoots of fruit crops: apple treespears drain and etc.

Poisonous bait for the ants
Poisonous bait for the ants

Application of various baitsthat will attract insects, let them catch them, and then destroy them. For such purposes, the following recipes apply:

  • honey is diluted with water and applied to dish sponges, which are laid out on ant tracks: after they have had a “sweet sponge”, they throw it into boiling water;
  • to place on the dacha area banks with honey or sugar diluted with water in places frequented by working individuals: when they get into it, the sweet tooth sinks in syrup without being able to crawl back;
  • jars of sweet or canned meat with leftover food, meat bones are also effectively used as baits - all this attracts them in large quantities.

In order to exterminate the ants on the plot, you can use toxic substances: borax, brewer's yeast, boric acid and others, eating which pests die after a certain time.

The most popular recipes where poison is used:

  • A mixture of 1 tbsp. sugar, 2 tbsp. hot water, one third tsp borax, after cooling, add 1 tsp. honey - the bait should be changed every week.
  • A mixture of sugar, honey, borax and water in a ratio of 4: 1: 0.5: 4.5 is poured into jars, which are placed in an inclined position in areas visited by ants, at the rate of 1 can of 3-4 m2.
  • Balls of boiled potatoes with an egg (3 pieces each) with the addition of 1 tbsp. vegetable oil, sugar and 10 g of boric acid - laid out in habitat zones.
  • Add in 2 tablespoons minced meat ½ tsp. borax and spread out on ant tracks.
  • Dilute 1 tbsp. yeast in cold water to a creamy state, add 1 tsp to taste. jam: put the mixture on pieces of cardboard, then - in the places of the ant population.

Chemical control methods

Insect poison
Insect poison

If folk methods do not help, then ants are being fought in the garden plot with the help of pesticides. The negative result of the use of chemistry will be the destruction of not only harmful, but all beneficial insects.

The most popular chemical agents are: Muracid, Muravyin, Grom-2, etc., containing the insecticide diazinon, which belongs to organophosphorus compounds,causing paralysis in pests after 2-4 days. They come in several forms: granules, tablets, powders, gels or liquids;

The most effective way to destroy not only the working ants, but also ant uterus - the use of poisonous baits, having eaten that and carrying its small parts to its nest, poison the entire population of the anthill.

All chemicals have a long-lasting effect: the destruction of ants occurs within 3-4 weeks.


Any chemistry and toxic drugs are highly toxic substances, so they are dangerous for humans and domestic animals, which can accidentally eat them. When working with such substances should be careful to consider the possibility of falling into local water bodies.

Let's take a closer look at the popular insecticides:

  • Drug Muracid represents a toxic liquid in an ampoule, which must be diluted in 10 liters of water, the resulting solution should be enough to process up to 20 anthills, i.e. almost all pests can be destroyed on the site. Muracid has an important advantage: it is harmless to plants and the natural flora of the soil.
  • Ant-eater - means is issued in the form of powder or liquid from which it is necessary to prepare solution at the rate of 5 l by 5 m2 plot, after the ants use it inside they have convulsions, paralyzed limbs and asphyxia occurs.
  • Absolute - drug, sold in the form of a syringe with a gel that has an attractive smell for ants. In the syringe is placed 20 mg of the substance, which is enough for 50 m2 land area: using a thin spout gel is applied dotted to the tracks and next to the anthill.
  • Phenaxine - a powder that is sprinkled directly from the package with holes near the holes of an anthill, also destroys aphids, and ants can be poisoned, if not permanently, then for 1-2 years.
  • Gels a great warrior or Clean housewhich are applied to the carton and laid out next to the slots.

On a note!

To fight ants in their summer cottage used chemicals in various forms of release. The only species that will be difficult to use in the open air is a spray or aerosol, as it acts only in direct contact with an insect.

Preventing ants at their summer cottage

The best remedy for pests in the summer cottage or garden is to prevent their appearance, which should be done regularly by digging the ground with the addition of ash, planting odorous plants that scare insects from tasty berries, fruit bushes and trees.

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