Pure Ant's House

When ants appear in the house or apartment, measures for their destruction must be taken immediately, before they multiply. Means Clean the house from the ants is one of their popular and effective, allowing you to completely destroy the insects in the living room.

Unpleasant housemates

Homemade red antsDespite the small size and inability to bite a person, when they appear in the apartment, they bring some inconvenience to the owners, crawling into flour, sugar and other foods.In addition, running from the bin to food supplies, they can carry intestinal bacteria, helminth eggs and other pests.

Pure Ant's House
Pure Ant's House

Therefore, when detecting even a few red individuals in the room, it is necessary to immediately take steps to destroy them.

Action and release form

Ant gel Clean house is made in the form of a syringe and is designed to insect control in apartments, houses, within residential and non-residential premises.

The action of the means is as follows: the working individuals on their paws deliver particles of the gel to the nest, on the way having tried the tool for a bit, as a result of which not only the carriers themselves are poisoned, but all the inhabitants of the colony are infected, incl. and uterus. The poisonous substance is selected so as to act for a long time, gradually affecting their nervous system, which leads insects to death.

In a syringe from ants placed 35 ml of a poisonous substance, which should be enough to handle 50 square meters.

Features of the use of the gel

The gel is applied not with a solid track, but with drops or dotted lines in placeswhere the nests of the ants and the ways of their following are assumed: the lower part of the furniture, around the bins, near the bathroom and toilet, along the baseboards, near the vents, etc.

The active chemical component is chlorpyrifos, which is a strong toxic substance. The ant who tried this poison dies within 1-2 days, and the whole colony can be destroyed in a few days.

If there are a lot of insects, then you will need to re-apply the gel, which can be done in 20-30 days.


The composition of the Clean House includes bitter ingredients on a plant-based basis, which pets or small children will not like if they want to try a remedy that was made specifically for their safety.

Gel use
Gel use

In addition to applying the gel tracks, the ant-remedy Clean House can be used in another way: spread on a small piece of cardboard or thick plywood and put in close to the habitat of the ants. This method can get rid of insects not only indoors, but also on garden plotputting the cardboard with the gel near the anthill.

Gel advantages

The use of Clean House has many advantages:

  • gel based products do not dry out for a long time, therefore they are able to act for a long time with high efficiency;
  • poison retains its properties for up to 2 months;
  • one of the components of the gel has a luring ability, attracting ants to their smell;
  • The applied gel does not stain the surface and can be easily removed;
  • Reviews of the Clean House gel are mostly positive and indicate its high effectiveness in the fight against ants;
  • low price: about 40-50 rubles.


When summer in the wooden house found antsI immediately bought an inexpensive clean house product in the store and did not regret it. Despite the low price, the gel affected the insects quite effectively, although not immediately. The dead pests were found only on the 3rd day, and after another couple of days there were no ants left in the room. by the same means she performed a pest control and in the bath.

Alina, St. Petersburg

Acquired several packs of gel Clean house on the advice of a neighbor for ant extermination on cucumber beds. Spread sheets of plywood around anthills, and after a couple of days the site was clean of ants,I then digged them with a shovel and saw a lot of dead insects right inside.

Alexander, Yekaterinburg

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