Soda against ants in the garden

A garden ant in the country is a real headache for its owner. In addition to the fact that insects are able to eat the seeds from the hole, they also damage the crop by savoring the fruits and berries on the plot. In addition, where there are ants, there will definitely be aphid. And taking into account the fact that the pest leads a communal lifestyle, it means that your site will be visited not by a single ant, but by a whole family. Accordingly, the size of the damage caused is serious enough.To get rid of annoying pests by using chemical and folk remedies. And the last option is much safer not only for the soil and plants, but also for human health. This article will tell about such a true way as soda from ants in the garden.

How does it work

Soda Fighting Ants
Soda Fighting Ants

Many will be surprised, but really ordinary baking soda is capable rid the site of garden ants. Soda ash that has entered the ant's body causes a chemical reaction that is detrimental to ants. Sodium bicarbonate with contained in ant acid leads to the imminent death of the insect. You can get rid of pests with soda in the following ways.

Sweet bait

Mix 0.5 cups of sodium bicarbonate with the same amount of powdered sugar and 2 tablespoons of water. Such bait is laid out in places of the greatest accumulation of insects or near an anthill. Tiny sweet teeth will not be able to get past such a delicacy and will definitely take the opportunity to try it.

Soda solution

Soda vs ants in the garden can be used by another method. In a 1.5 l plastic bottle, you must pour 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate using a watering can and pour hot water into the container. After thoroughly stirring (it is necessary to achieve complete dissolution of the granular substance) the solution will be ready for use.

When an ant nest is found at the dacha, it must be poured abundantly with soda solution. Above anthill covered with sand or earth to limit the access of oxygen. Such actions will cause the stress state of insects, which subsequently will force them to leave the lived-in area.

Soda-vinegar blend

Application of soda and soda solution
Application of soda and soda solution

Folk remedy with soda and vinegar has a killer effect on ants. With the help of the sticks they create a small depression in which the soda is poured, after which they pour vinegar. Such a thermonuclear mixture obviously will not like pests. And in order to completely end the process and the insects do not run away, it is necessary to cover the treated anthill with turf.


He applied the soda-vinegar method of struggle in practice. Really explosive mixture. The effect is obvious almost immediately.

Leonid, Gelendzhik

Use dry soda

Fighting baking soda in the garden and garden can be a more simple way. It is enough just to sprinkle ant soda on the habitat and the insects will try to hastily leave their nest. Sodium bicarbonate can sprinkle even a whole bed.

About security method

Not all reviews of soda are positive. Some gardeners claim the inexpediency of this method of struggle, since soda is able to alkalize the soil. This in turn can cause an unfavorable soil composition, which will inevitably affect the growth of plants. However, this statement is incorrect. Baking soda from ants is used in such small quantities that it is simply not possible to achieve this effect.

Helps soda to get rid of insects, not only in the garden. It is easy to use such countermeasures. in the House or flat.

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