How to get ants out of the garden folk remedies

Ant families are found in every garden. In most cases do not cause harm, but benefit: destroy small pests, improve soil quality. If the anthill is formed a lot, the presence of insects on the site threatens to cause serious damage. The question is how to get rid of ants in the garden forever.

Who have to deal with

There are garden gardens in the garden black ants - black, red color. Large representatives with a body length of 5 to 11 mm. Females are always bigger than males. At the head of the family stands the queen - uteruswhich is engaged in the constant reproduction of offspring. She is able to live up to 28 years. Ants lifespan other professions are much shorter.

During the mating season, approximately in June, in young females, males grow wings. Flying ants rise into the air, mate on the fly. After that, the males die, the females look for a favorable place, lay eggs.

After 2 weeks, immobile larvae appear in the form of white worms. They have no vision, they cannot feed themselves. The female grows from them working individuals, which within a month turn into a pupa, go outside with full-fledged ants. Immediately proceed to construction anthill.

Over time, the number of individuals increases, responsibilities are distributed inside the anthill, life of ants boils in full swing. Warriors, scouts, food gatherers are chosen outside, all the rest live underground.


An anthill has many passages, exits, underground tunnels, mines, chambers, warehouses.Goes deep into several meters. In the last cameras ants spend the winter. Continue activity with the onset of heat.

Adult individuals feed on plant sap, the secret that leaves aphid on the leaves of trees. This is the main reason why ants settle in the garden, in the garden. The larvae are fed protein foods - small insects, caterpillars, worms.

Methods of struggle

Ants control methods
Ants control methods

Quickly remove ants from the garden can only destroy the nest. If you kill the uterus, the entire ant civilization collapses, there is no one to reproduce the eggs, the family falls apart.

  1. Fighting ants in the garden can be done by mechanical means, destroying an anthill with shovels, digging deep into the ground. Insects will flee to more prosperous places for their existence, taking with them all the food supplies, eggs, larvae. Destroy ants in the garden can be boiled with soap and water, flooding the anthills. As well as the method of burning, pouring gasoline over the nests.
  2. The most effective methods of control are toxic substances. Remove pests from the garden will help boric acid, professional preparations based on insecticides.The best remedy for the ant family, if not found a nest, gel bait.
  3. Plants, substances with a strong odor, vegetables, and tinctures of herbs are able to drive insects out of the garden.

On a note!

The struggle in the garden is conducted by folk remedies and professional preparations. If you let everything take its course, the harvest year will not work. Garden ants gnaw sprigs of young plants, damage the roots in the process of building moves. Remedy for ants in the garden is selected based on the complexity of the problem, the number of ant hills on the site.

Review of effective store tools

Shop Tools
Shop Tools

Before the start of active actions, you should decide what to poison the pests. An effective tool sold in the store. The preparations contain a broad-spectrum insecticide that causes paralysis and death in insects. Fatal outcome occurs within a few days after poisoning the stomach.


You can poison the ants with any insect repellent. Suitable means for baiting the Colorado beetles, if any, in the economy. Dissolve the composition in water, pour the anthill.The death of all tenants occurs within an hour.

Powders, granules

The poison for ants is produced in the form of granules. For its action, it is necessary to sprinkle the granules on the garden, where insects are most harmful, a nest was found. Effective drug are:

Properties persist for 20 days. The active ingredient is boric acid.


You can cope with ants with gel baits. Professional preparations contain an insecticidal substance. Are applied indoors, in the open air. Do not lose their properties within 2 weeks. They attract the attention of ants with flavors, make food supplements eat with great appetite.

Lay out the remedy for earth ants into pieces of plastic, thick cardboard, sheets of plywood. Update as eating, drying, after heavy rain. Helps in the fight against ants:

In parallel with the ants need to fight with aphids, because it attracts insects in the garden. Chemical aphids are:

  • BI-58;
  • Biotlin;
  • Bison;
  • Tanrek;
  • Alatar


An effective way to fight - poison, it is not always advisable to apply. You should not use the poison, if you already need to harvest, or provides for the collection in the near future. Use safe means that can not cause harm to a person.

Folk recipes

Plants in the fight against insects
Plants in the fight against insects

Fighting in the garden with red ants, black, red is conducted by identical methods. In the process of many years of observation, it was noticed what ants don't like, what smells do not tolerate.


Ants do not tolerate the odors of some plants. It was noticed that pests disappear from the garden, if the aromas of elderberry, peppermint, camomile, calendula, tansy are present. Plants can be planted between the beds, or scatter the twigs on the land.


Home remedy that helps from aphids and ants - wormwood. Sprigs of plants from pests laid out around the garden, in the beds, near the anthill. Prepare a concentrated tincture:

  • Pour 3 liters of water 30 g of dry potion, 300 g of fresh flowers, insist day.
  • Placed in a bottle with a spray gun.
  • Just before use, add soap, a few drops of linseed oil. These components help the active substances to linger longer on the leaves of plants.

Especially black ants are afraid of such a remedy.


If you plant small beds of garlic around the garden, you can forget about ants forever. Smell scares very much. When arrows are formed on a winter plant, they are cut, used as an effective remedy for pests. Lay out on the garden, tied up plants.

From cloves of garlic prepare a concentrated tincture. Fill with cold water, insist about 3 days. Pour into a spray bottle, a bottle, sprayed with garden crops, poured over an anthill.


From the ants in the garden helps tincture of potato tops, tomato. Crushed, pour cold water, insist for three days. Sprayed plants, watering anthills. Scattered around the garden sprigs of tomatoes. Especially do not like this smell red ants.

Boric acid

The substance is part of many professional ant products, causing paralysis, death. Valid for a week. With it, cook poisonous bait. Mixed with sugar, jam, honey. Poured into pieces of plywood, plastic, cardboard, laid out on the garden. Especially in those places where the accumulation of insects was observed.

Boiling water

The fastest method of removing colonies of pests. Fill the nest with a bucket of boiled water. After a time, repeat the procedure again, until there are living individuals.

Other recipes

Folk recipes from ants
Folk recipes from ants

In addition to the popular boric acid, there are many other effective folk remedies:

  • Krupa. To drive the ants out of the garden plot semolina, millet. It is not clear for what reasons insects leave a land plot if this croup is scattered on it.
  • A fish. It is necessary to put the head of the herring in the center of the anthill or in the place that needs to be protected from attack. Within days, the ants leave their former place of residence.
  • Resin. Melt in a separate vessel, pour an anthill hot. Instead, you can use birch tar.
  • Ash. Wood ash scattered on the beds, on the anthill. The product irritates the skin of the paws, the body, causing severe itching, causing it to run out of the area. Has the same effect and salt.
  • In the beds apply the solution vinegar, liquid ammonia.

Any of the listed tools give a good result, if used in a timely manner, to repeat the procedure several times when a new small anthill is formed.

Final events

No remedy will guarantee that there will not be ants again in the garden next year. We must always remember about preventive measures.

  • Dig up the soil twice a year - before sowing, after harvesting, periodically loosen the soil as the plants grow.
  • Plant flowers in the garden - calendula, chamomile, mint bushes, more garlic. Pepper ants also start reluctantly. Afraid of this smell.
  • Do not throw out the tomato tops, lay them out on the land plot.

Chemicals in the garden should be used with a strong infection of the site, the threat of crop yields. In other cases, using traditional recipes, methods of exile. In the wild, insects do much good.

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