Mole repellers - ultrasound, electronic and other types

Mole repeller is a modern device that is an effective means of fighting earth-moving animals in a garden plot.On sale there are many models and types of such devices, to understand which is not easy. How to choose an optimal, efficient and financially affordable ultrasonic mole repeller and use it correctly is described in this review.

The effect of ultrasound on animals

The well-known fact about the poor eyesight of moles or even its absence is not entirely correct. The structure of their heads is characterized by the presence of not quite ordinary ears, which allow them to hear and perceive all sound waves normally. They are capable, being under the ground, even to feel the vibration of the soil, as people walk above. When communicating with each other, they also emit certain signals and sounds.


Moles have an unusual structure: their very thin hearing allows you to perceive a wide sound range with an ultrasound frequency higher than 20 kHz and infrasound, i.e. below 15 Hz. According to some information, the animals are able to feel the approach of an earthquake earlier than people, feeling the tremors and the vibration of the soil.

Moles may be frightened by some strong sounds that create discomfort for them, which is why they are able to get away from a certain territory.And they can react to any unpleasant sound, but ultrasonic waves for scaring away moles and shrews they are distinguished by the fact that they are not felt or heard by the human ear. So, this will not affect the peace or rest of the owners at their summer cottage. Some people may hear such a signal in the form of a weakly distinguishable squeak.

The principle of operation and the types of scarers

Mole Repeller
Mole Repeller

The device and the work of the repeller is quite simple. Its main element is a generator that reproduces sound vibrations of a certain frequency, inaudible by the human ear. Moles, these sounds are perceived as annoying in a radius of 700-1500 square meters. m depending on the power of the device. Because of the discomfort, they are forced to look for more peaceful places to live. However, their departure does not occur immediately after the installation of the mole repeller, but after 1-1.5 months.

On a note!

The main advantage of such devices is harmless to humans and the environment, including plants and insects. It is environmentally friendly. means of fighting moles.

The radius of effective scaring of moles is 35-45 m, but in the absence of obstacles: ditches, wells, stones, buildings, etc.If they are, it is recommended to install several devices: so get rid of moles will be easier faster.

Types of scarers:

  • sound, operating at a frequency in the range of 400-100 Hz;
  • ultrasonic, the signal of which is reproduced at a frequency of more than 20 kHz.

Many devices from moles have several modes of operation, changing the frequency of the sound periodically or including vibration mode.

The effectiveness of the repeller does not always depend on the power or other technical characteristics. Sometimes a strong ultrasound does not give the expected result because of the animals getting used to the noise, for example, when a busy highway passes nearby, the moles adapt to the sounds and vibrations from the cars.

On a note!

You should also be aware that there are many cheap Chinese models on sale, which have very low power, and therefore practically do not affect the underground inhabitants.

Sonic scarers: modes of operation

The principle of operation is the periodic reproduction of sounds and vibrations. They look like stuck devices stuck into the soil, which squeak, buzz and vibrate, which makes moles nervous and reduce activity in the territory,and then they can leave it altogether.

Maximum efficiency have devices:

  • making periodic sounds, not monotone;
  • when alternating the frequency of sound in a random sequence, so that the animals do not get used and perceive them as a danger;
  • combination with vibration, which is mechanically transmitted to the ground.
Mole Repellers
Mole Repellers

On a note!

The most popular sound mole scarer: Eco Sniper, Thunder-Profi, Molechaser LS 997 Motor Random, Weitech 0675, Skat-49 and others. The price of such devices is lower than that of powerful ultrasonic repellers: about 1800-2000 rubles. However, they are highly specialized and act only on moles, which is their advantage.

Some appliances are solar powered.. Another advantage of them is a nice design, which is not able to spoil the appearance of the site, in contrast to homemade devices from bottles, etc.

The range of scarers and reviews

The most popular among gardeners ultrasonic mole repellers in the form of columns, which need to dig into the ground. Their power is low, but the action is quite effective due to penetration to the underground level, closer to the moles.


This vibrating device is equipped with an advanced circuitry, which creates "sonic shocks" with a frequency of 400 Hz and an interval of 30-40 seconds. This allows you to get rid of moles in an area of ​​500 square meters. m, the range is up to 12 m. The scarer works on batteries, a set of which lasts for 4-6 months. The case has protection against moisture, efficiency and ease of use.

Price Chiston-3 - about 890 rubles.

There are similar devices: Grad A500, Tornado, RemiLing, etc., designed to scare away rats, mice and moles, birds.

Repeller Weitech WK-0675

Made in Belgium, the principle of operation is the production of ultrasonic vibrations acting on the nervous system of underground rodents (moles, mice, etc.), causing them to have feelings of fear, panic, and danger. It emits sounds with a non-repeating rhythm, which reduces the likelihood of pests getting used to them.

For people and pets absolutely safe. It is resistant to sun, rain and snow. To work in the device you need to install 4 batteries, then plug into the ground. Replacing batteries is done every 4-6 months. The price of the device is 3000 rubles.

Antikrot Devices

Mole Repellers
Mole Repellers

Antikrot and Antikrot Maxi - repellers acting on moles and rodents by means of generating low-frequency vibrations, have a plastic case, work on 2-3 batteries. Must be installed in the ground. Effective impact area: up to 800 square meters. m. Price 640-770 rubles.

Antikrot Maxi Solar - model with solar battery. Price 1100-1200 rubles.


I bought Antikrot several years ago, and since then it has been saving our country house from the invasion of earth-moving pests. The only drawback: although the lid closes tightly, but sometimes rainwater gets inside, you have to clean and dry.

Elena, Smolensk

Eco Sniper

The device generates sound waves in a wide frequency range at different time intervals (15-75 sec.), Has a motor for mechanical vibration transmitted through the soil, radius of action - 45 m; the price is about 2000 rubles.

Sititek Thunder Plus

Ecosniper and Thunder Pest Repellers
Ecosniper and Thunder Pest Repellers

The range is 20 m, produces ultrasound from moles, mice, shrews, which scares them away and makes them change their territory. The action is based on the reproduction of low-frequency ultrasonic vibrations (400 Hz) with a frequency of 35 seconds.Works from 4 batteries, the case is made of plastic. Has the form of "peg" for penetration into the soil, height 35 cm, diameter 4.4 cm.

On a note!

To increase efficiency, several devices should be installed in the area at a distance of 20-30 m between them in places where the number of pests is maximum. Price 1600 rubles.

Another model SITITEK Thunder-Profi LED +, made in Hong Kong, is powered by solar panels at a frequency of 400-1000 Hz with an interval of 30 seconds, the impact area is 600-70 square meters. Price 3000 rub.

Its advantages are:

  • autonomy of work and charging from the sun, the battery capacity is 800 mA / h, which ensures continuous operation for 3 days even in cloudy weather;
  • generates signals with non-repeating sequence, which reduces the likelihood of molesting getting used to;
  • dust and moisture-proof housing allows it to be used for any negative environmental influences (rain, snow);
  • can be used as a night lamp.


I bought the repeller Thunder to get rid of the invasion of moles. However, one column was not enough, I had to buy another 2, then I managed to get rid of their presence throughout the country house.The seller explained that several devices are needed if there are buildings or other obstacles on the site.

Alexey, Pskov

Sweeney’s Kit (USA)

It consists of 2 columns, which are stuck in the ground to protect the garden from underground pests. Sound pulses are generated at intervals of 30 seconds. The manufacturer promises that the moles, gophers and mice will leave the territory 7 days after installation. Price 3900 rub.

Tornado OZV 03

Vibroseis electronic mole repeller, which has a hybrid power system: parallel to the solar battery and 4 batteries. The principle of operation is electromechanical and is based on the creation of vibration with a frequency of 350-450 Hz, which spreads underground every 5-20 seconds. Area of ​​impact - up to 1 thousand square meters. m, however, with the existing obstacles (buildings, fence, well, etc.) may require the installation of several repellers.

Mole Tornado Repeller
Mole Tornado Repeller

The case has good protection against moisture and temperature drops. Such a device is installed in the ground in the middle of the garden plot. It scares away moles and other earth-moving pests, which after 2-3 weeks go away from the source of discomfort.The price is 2600 rubles.

Rules for choosing a repeller when buying

To achieve the maximum expected efficiency, when choosing a repeller, you should follow some rules, especially at their low price:

  • to acquire a device that has already been tested by neighbors and has shown its ability to scare away moles and gadflies at the dacha;
  • to pay attention to the presence of several modes of operation, including the optimal one - Random, at which sounds of a random pitch and duration are generated;
  • give preference to devices made in Russia, Europe, but not in China;
  • read reviews about the scarer, which is planned to buy;
  • When buying, be sure to inspect the device and the quality of its assembly, pay attention to the tightness and the absence of cracks in the case, the smoothness of the thread when tightening the lid - this will help to avoid the ingress of rain moisture.

Before installing the repeller in the ground, you should carefully read the instructions and follow them exactly, taking into account some nuances:

  • when installed in a dry ground, the device is reduced in comparison with work in wet soil;
  • many devices are not repairable and have a small warranty period, because they are better to handle with care and caution;
  • do not leave the repeller in the ground for winter;
  • during the work it is recommended to periodically change the location of the "columns" on the site.

Among such a variety of devices to choose the best mole repeller is a rather complicated, but feasible task, the implementation of which will help to drive out underground pests from the territory of a garden or summer cottage.

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