How to get rid of moles in the summer cottage and garden

The mole is known to almost any person for its digging abilities. Looking for food mole able to dig the entire site for a couple of days. Among the various methods of dealing with it, the most effective way to get rid of moles in the area is to use scare devices. A mole, like any animal, may feel uncomfortable in certain conditions. Some smells, sounds, vibrations cause anxiety in the animal and force it to leave the territory. A number of studies and observations of life of moles helped create special tools and fixtures. With the help of them to get rid of the mole on the garden plot is not difficult.

Mole Control Techniques

All ways to get rid of moles in the area are divided into humane, when the mole can be defeated without causing him harm, and methods using chemical exposure or deadly traps. Given that the mole is a good cultivator of the soil and a hunter for harmful insects, killing a living creature is an extreme measure.

Most popular means to bring the moles off the plot are:

  • ultrasonic or electroacoustic devices;
  • chemicals;
  • smoke bombs;
  • traps and traps;
  • folk methods;
  • call special services engaged in disinfestation.

To choose the best way to get rid of moles, you need to take into account the characteristics of the site, the approximate number of animals on it, time to implement the plan. Using traps and traps to get rid of an underground resident is a very unpleasant and dangerous way. An unsuccessful trap can cause harm to the person himself. And pull the dead animals out of them is not the most enjoyable. By folk methods include homemade noise makers, traps, scaring bookmarks in burrows.

On a note!

For those who do not want to do these procedures, but fight the moles should immediately, should contact the special services for the destruction of rodents. Experts in one day will be able to get rid of moles throughout the site.

Electronic Scarers

Electronic Mole Scarer
Electronic Mole Scarer

Electronic repellents are special devices that make sounds at certain frequencies. These sounds are irritants for various garden pests. Acoustic devices are of several types:

  • ultrasound, radiating ultrasound, which is inaudible to humans, but unpleasant for the pests of the garden;
  • acoustic, making a human-audible sound at a frequency of 300-400 Hz, which is also unpleasant for animals;
  • vibroacoustic, combining sound impact and vibration, with which you can escape from moles.

Ultrasonic Repeller have become very popular in the fight against numerous pests of vegetable gardens. They are powered by solar or conventional batteries. Small boxes can be installed anywhere. Among the wide choice of these devices it is recommended to choose models more expensive with the presence of a changing frequency range. This will avoid habituation of moles to the same sound.

On a note!

Ultrasound is distributed only in open areas. If there are trees and buildings on the site, several devices should be used to cover the whole territory.

The advantages of using ultrasonic devices in the garden include their compact size, ease of use and affordable price (from 800 to 2000 rubles).The disadvantages include the possibility of addiction of moles to the signal, often found fakes.

Acoustic devices make sounds at low frequencies, but setting them correctly, a person will not hear how the device works. The sound repeller is partially submerged in the ground and all its effects spread in the soil without causing discomfort to the landlord and his neighbors. Prices for products range from 1000 to 2000 rubles.

The most effective option to scare away moles is to combine acoustic effects with vibratory ones. The vibromechanical element is installed inside the product. The repeller immersed in the ground spreads vibrations that help to get rid of animal diggers in a simple way.

Electronic Mole Scarer
Electronic Mole Scarer

Alex Antikrot

The mole ultrasound device is powered by four batteries. The sealed body of the product is made in the form of an elongated cylinder and a pointed end that easily sinks into the ground. One device covers an area of ​​up to 1200 square meters. m

Antikrot Alex has two emitters of sound at different frequencies, which generate a third variant of ultrasonic exposure. The price of one product is 1100 rubles.

Tornado OZV 01

A sound repeller helps moles to lime with the help of a monotonous sound at low frequency. The sound wave propagates underground and penetrates into nearby wormholes. The animal has a sensitive ear and over time does not withstand the irritating effects of the Tornado.

Main characteristics:

  • food - 4 elements of type D / R20;
  • weight - 370 g;
  • dimensions - 50x5x5 cm;
  • shockproof housing;
  • working temperature range - from 0 ° to 80 ° C;
  • the price is 1,100 rubles.

A similar option Tornado OZV 03 using a solar battery will cost much more - 2600 rubles, but will save on the purchase of batteries.

Sititek Thunder Plus

Sound protection against moles in the country is represented by a special device in the form of a tube. Sound impact is distributed within a radius of 20 meters from the product. This allows you to cover an area of ​​up to 1200 square meters. m., which is 12 acres. The created sound wave warns the mole about the presence of a predator nearby, which can make these sounds.

Thunder Plus is installed so that its upper part protrudes by 1 cm on the surface of the earth. Proper use of the device ensures silent operation for human hearing. The device is powered by batteries. The average price is 1600 rubles.

Eco-Sniper LS-997MR

Electronic mole repeller Ecosniper LS-997MR
Electronic mole repeller Ecosniper LS-997MR

Acoustic Repeller Eco Sniper with the presence of vibromechanical device allows you to work on underground pests in two ways: by sound and vibrations. The device is able to change the frequency of sound waves and vibrations so that the animal cannot get used to its effect. An underground resident with keen hearing and high sensitivity perceives vibrations as an approaching danger — a mudflow, an earthquake. He seeks to leave the dangerous area.

The eco-sniper is equipped with four batteries, whose work lasts for 4-5 months, that is, for the entire summer season. The device does not have a negative impact on birds, earthworms, pollinating insects, plant growth. To get rid of the enemies of the garden, the device is immersed completely in the soil.

Main characteristics:

  • food - 4 batteries of the D / R20 / LR20 type;
  • Impact area - 1500 square meters. m .;
  • environmental safety;
  • the presence of a sealed enclosure;
  • operating temperature range: 0 ° + 80 ° C;
  • package size - 41x6x6 cm;
  • weight - 600 g;
  • 5 year warranty;
  • the price is 2200 rubles.


At the dacha wound up a mole. He began to manage on the beds.A neighbor in the country advised ultrasonic repeller. She helped her get rid of pests. I bought an inexpensive Antikrot. Installed according to the instructions, began to wait for the result. But the pest continued to live his life. I guess I just was not lucky with the device.

Katerina, Saransk


After the excavators started in the garden, my whole landscape was ruined! Urgently took action. I read reviews on the Internet, how to get rid of moles at their summer cottage. Positive feedback about the device Ekosniper. It radiates sounds and vibrations. Bought 2 pieces, placed them in the garden. A week later, he noticed that there were no new dug holes. In such an easy way I managed to get the moles with my own hands.

Leonid, Ryazan


Mole Chemicals
Mole Chemicals

Impact with chemical agents (poison) on moles has high efficiency. Poisonous substances emit a strong toxic smell that quickly spreads through the underground passages of the animal. Among the most popular store tools are the following:

  • bleaching powder;
  • poison bait;
  • Mole tablets.

On a note!

Bleach from moles is used quite often.You can buy it in the form of dry matter in the building and gardening stores. The powder is diluted in water at a ratio of 2 kg per 10 liters. The resulting solution is poured into wormholes. The pungent smell of chlorine will spread underground and help get rid of uninvited guests.

Bait nutcracker

The drug is a poisonous bait in the form of granules with a pleasant aroma. The composition of the granules includes the substance brodifacoum, which is poison for the animal. Moles in the country die several days after they eat it. Granules presoaked in water are laid in a molehill. Mink should be covered with a piece of cardboard and covered with earth so that the pest would not notice the destroyed tunnel. The bait needs to be updated every 3 days.

Advantages of the drug:

  • quick and effective action on moles;
  • easy application;
  • safe for humans and the environment;
  • reasonable price - about 200 rubles per pack of 100 g.

The disadvantages include inhumane method of dealing with animals. The bodies of dead moles will remain in the holes and can emit an unpleasant smell.

Pills detia

German drug designed to get rid of moles with the help of smell.The packaging of 100 tablets containing essential oils with the scent of lavender. These smells negatively affect the underground inhabitants and force them to leave the area they occupied.

Method of application: tablets need to be spread out in several rows at a distance of one meter from each other in those places of the land plot, where hillocks from moles appear most often. One procedure is enough to get rid of pests on its own. Package price 650 rubles.

Tablets Alphos Mole +

Tablets Alphos Mole + from moles
Tablets Alphos Mole + from moles

Getting rid of moles with an insecticide is one of the most effective and safe ways. It consists in placing pills in wormholes. This is quite a laborious process, as you need to carefully place the tablet in an underground tunnel, and then cover it with cardboard and sprinkle with earth.

Insecticidal tablets in a humid environment begin to emit poisonous gas Alphos. To make gas distribution efficient, this method should be applied in warm and dry weather at a temperature not lower than +15 degrees Celsius.

Disadvantages means:

  • the drug belongs to hazard class 2, it should be kept out of the reach of children and animals;
  • All work on the layout of the tablets to perform in protective gloves;
  • do not use the tool in close proximity to root vegetables;
  • inhumane method in relation to animals.

Alphos Mole + Available in a plastic tube of 30 tablets. Manufacturer of the drug Russia. The average price per pack is 500 rubles.


Since childhood, I remember how grandmother fought with excavators with bleach. I diluted it with water and poured it into holes. After that, the pests no longer appeared.

Maria, Kaluga


Last year, moles attacked my garden. It was some kind of horror! Every day new dug holes. A work colleague suggested how to get rid of a mole forever. He recommended the Alfos insecticidal tablets. Immediately bought them and laid out in the same excavated mounds. A week later, there was not a single new pile of land. The tool really works.

Karina, Gomel

Smoke bombs

Smoke bombs from moles
Smoke bombs from moles

Exposure to toxic smoke on underground pests is an effective but inhumane remedy. Placing them in several wormholes provides a strong gas smoke and instant poisoning of animals.

On a note!

Destruction of moles using sulfuric checkers is useless. Sulfur smoke box does not burn underground without adequate access of oxygen.

Smoke remedy against all types of underground and burrowing pests of vegetable gardens Anikrot is produced in Ukraine. The composition of the checker is a toxic substance rodenticide. The price of the package with five cartridges is 150 rubles. Mode of application:

  1. Detect and gently clear the entrance to several mole holes.
  2. Take out of the package cartridges with installed fuses.
  3. Burn the fuse and lower the cartridge in the hole.
  4. When the ignition ignites, you need to push the cartridge deep into the hole with a long object.
  5. Close the dug entry to the hole with cardboard and lightly sprinkle with earth, leaving little air access.
  6. Repeat the procedure in all holes.


After digging pests started at the dacha, I took hold of my head. I did not want to use chemistry on the beds, and it was too expensive and time consuming to set traps around the garden. I decided to withdraw the mole with gas. I bought a smoke bomb Antikrot for a symbolic price. Pack of 5 smoke devices. Placed them in the hole and set fire. After that, I did not see a single mole.So I managed to get rid of the mole in the garden forever. I recommend this method to everyone.

Valentin, Krasnodar

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