Getting rid of cockroaches in the apartment once and for all

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The question of how to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment once and for all is given by the majority of residents of apartment buildings. Cockroach runs in their own kitchen - a sight, not imbued with aestheticism, which causes a feeling of disgust and disgust. Along with this, the neighborhood with cockroaches is fraught with food spoilage, the risk of infection with worms, dysentery, gastroenteritis and other diseases.

The causes of the appearance of cockroaches in the apartment

In apartments, hostels are common redhead and black cockroaches. Redheads are also called Prusak. They are distinguished by their small size of 1-1.5 cm, brown chitinous cover and developed wings, which are used for short planning. The size of black cockroaches is much larger - the length of the calf of an adult individual can reach 8 cm.

Cockroaches in the house
Cockroaches in the house

Despite the external differences, both species have much in common:

  • Fear of odors.
  • Survival conditions: cockroaches can live for no more than 7-10 days without water, they can live up to 45 days without food. Temperatures below 5 ° C and above 50 ° C are disastrous for them.
  • Cockroaches' favorite food is remnants of human food.In its absence, they do not shun the absorption of paper, leather and even soap.
  • Domestic cockroaches are not able to share with each other experiences, to warn about the danger.
  • The most favorite habitat in the apartment - kitchen, bathroom, toilet. It is in these premises that the most ambitious measures are taken to get rid of Prusaks. Cockroaches willingly occupy pieces of furniture, the space at the kitchen tables under the baseboards, they like to settle in household appliances, which in turn often leads to a malfunction of household appliances.

There are several reasons why cockroaches started in your apartment:

  1. Late implementation of sanitary measures provides a stable food base to the bar. Crumbs on the floor, scattered foods attract cockroaches, and an open food bin for household pests is like a restaurant where they can find the most varied food. Therefore, getting rid of cockroaches in an apartment is impossible without regular complex works on cleaning the room.
  2. The presence of water - an essential condition for the residence of cockroaches in the apartment.Places with high humidity are of greatest interest for insects: showers, sinks with water residues, puddles resulting from condensation of water on the pipes or their flow.

    Favorable conditions for cockroaches
    Cockroach-friendly conditions
  3. Prusak assault troops from unscrupulous neighbors. Cockroaches are very mobile and can crawl through a microscopic gap. The nuances of the structure of multi-storey buildings, especially old ones, allow insects to easily migrate from one apartment to another. Forcing cockroaches to relocate can lack of food, water, large populations, carrying out pest control.

The most effective ways to get rid of cockroaches

Asking how to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment forever, it’s worth understanding that not one insecticidal or folk remedy, will not bring the desired effect if its application is not accompanied by measures aimed at creating impossible conditions for the residence of Prusaks:

  • Regular wet and dry cleaning of the apartment.
  • Timely removal of all crumbs and other food debris.
  • Packaging of uneaten products in plastic bags, cans.
  • Equipment of a garbage can with a tight cover.
  • Elimination of sources of moisture - wiping dry sinks, showers, eliminating leakage of water pipes. If ventilation is improper, large amounts of condensation can accumulate on windows.

These measures will not bring instant effect, but in the long run they will help to forget forever and get rid of the unpleasant neighborhood with the Prussians in the apartment.

Among the most effective methods to quickly get rid of cockroaches are the following:

  1. Contact specialized servicesperforming work with a warranty. Processing 2-room apartment in Moscow will cost at least 2,000 rubles. Most firms guarantee results and promise complete disposal of insects. The cost of work depends on the area of ​​the processed premises and the chosen method of extermination of cockroaches, which are represented by irrigation of insecticidal agents, cold and hot mist.

    Cockroach Control
    Cockroach Control
  2. It is possible to bring cockroaches at home using insecticidal agents, which are presented in household chemicals stores. Their range is very diverse and the price is moderate.
  3. Freezing cockroaches is an absolutely free, proven way to get rid of cockroaches.
  4. Folk insect repellents are characterized by low cost, safe use and are not designed for instant effect.

How to destroy cockroaches using industrial tools

Independent attempts to destroy pests imply the use of insecticidal drugs. Before getting rid of Prusacks, it is worth exploring the range of products manufactured by the chemical industry. They all differ in different effects on insects and the degree of toxicity.

Aerosol remedies against cockroaches

On the shelves of household chemical goods stores there is a huge variety of sprays from various manufacturers. They are easy to use - just spray cans in potential areas of insects.


The use of aerosols gives the greatest effect at the first stage of pest control and can significantly “knock down” the rows of barbel neighbors. If there are a lot of cockroaches, you can’t do anything with spray cans - other ways of pest control should accompany the “shock wave”: traps, gels, lures.

Modern versions of aerosol means are almost devoid of unpleasant smell, but this does not cease to be toxic to humans and domestic animals. Dimethyl sulfoxide, piperonyl butoxide, cypermethrin and its isomers are most often used as the active substance. The active substances penetrate through the cockroach's spiracles into the body, inhibit the activity of the nervous system, which almost instantly leads to the death of the insect.

The greatest effect is achieved by direct spraying the funds on the nests of cockroaches and individuals themselves. The residual effect of aerosols is too small to poison and destroy cockroach egg-laying capsules with eggs. Therefore, in order to permanently get rid of cockroaches, it may be necessary to re-process.

Cockroach Sprays
Cockroach Sprays

The most popular aerosols against cockroaches include:

The algorithm for killing crawling insects is very simple:

  • Remove all products, dishes, hygiene products.
  • During disinsection equip a respirator, rubber gloves.
  • Shake the can and treat all surfaces near sewer and water pipes, baseboards, radiators, near the sink, washing.In cases of severe contamination, kitchen cabinets and pedestals are needed.
  • After pest control work, close windows, air vents and leave the premises for several hours.
  • Upon returning home, air out the rooms and do a wet cleaning.


“Cockroach saw in the kitchen. I'm sure he crawled from the neighbors. He was killed by Dichlorvos, which we always keep at home just in case, and for prevention she splashed a ventilation passage. ”

Irina, Moscow

Insecticidal powders for the extermination of cockroaches

Remedies against cockroaches in the form of powders Traditionally used to harass household pests. In the past century, among such means was leading dust, but due to the high toxicity, it was no longer produced. It was replaced by less toxic and more effective drugs.

Ecociller Insecticidal Powder - a universal remedy against cockroaches and other crawling and flying insects. The main active substance is diatomite, which has a high absorbing property and abrasive action. When an insect comes in contact with a powder, the protective layer of the outer cover is damaged, which leads to dehydration and death of the cockroach.The insect is unable to get rid of the adhering agent and therefore after contact with insecticidal powder, it has no chance of survival. The advantage of Ecokiller lies in its high efficiency and safety for households. According to consumer reviews, it is possible to etch all Prusaks from an apartment 2-3 weeks after application.

Cockroach Powders
Cockroach Powders

Front Line M - means of the Belarusian manufacturer, based on contact and intestinal action. Cockroach enough to run on the surface, sprinkled with powder, so that he was doomed to a painful death. The powder is also used as an active ingredient for making baits.

Super face - the product is available in the form of water-soluble powders or tablets. The powder is diluted with water in accordance with the instructions. The resulting mixture is processed all possible habitats of cockroaches in the apartment, their routes and "watering".


“They rented an apartment for the summer, after the departure, the tenants“ left ”cockroaches for us. She processed the apartment with Ecokiller and also made a general cleaning of the apartment. No more insects at home. ”

Olga, Kiev

Gels against cockroaches

Gels occupy a separate place among insecticidal agents for self-use and allow you to quickly get rid of cockroaches. The action of the gels is based on chemicals that, during intestinal or direct contact, cause malfunction of the insect's nervous system. The death of the black wench does not occur immediately, and he manages on his paws to bring poison into the nest and infect a few more individuals.

Most popular gels:

Cockroach Gels
Cockroach Gels

Means are produced in tubes with a sharp tip or in special syringes, which allows you to handle hard-to-reach places. The composition of the gels, in addition to active chemicals, includes flavoring agents that attract insects with their odor and fatty additives that prevent the product from drying out quickly.

Most gel products have a bitter taste. Due to this, if a small child or a pet decides to test the agent for taste, it will not be able to eat a large amount of the drug and avoid poisoning. On how to properly use the gel and how much is needed to handle the apartment, it is best to read on the instructions.


“Of all the cockroach remedies, I like gels the most. They are convenient to use and they are effective. I most often use Global Gel in combination with Raptor aerosol, as sometimes cockroaches run from neighbors in the entrance. ”

Aleftina Petrovna, Perm

Traps against cockroaches

Almost all well-known insecticidal manufacturers produce traps that are designed to assist in the elimination of adults and small individuals. Traps set in intended habitats. Attracted by a specific aroma, the cockroach falls into a trap, and the adhesive tapes and structural features of the trap itself do not allow it to get out of it. Periodically, traps should be checked and shaken prusaks from them. To get rid of insects by this method is effective only in the case of a small contamination of the apartment.

Extermination of cockroaches low temperatures

Cold against cockroaches
Cold against cockroaches

The most effective way to kill cockroaches and all insects that live in an apartment is to use low temperatures.

On a note!

People started freezing pests a few centuries ago.It is especially convenient to apply this method in private houses where it is possible to secure engineering communications: drain water from the heating system and plumbing.

In order to freeze all pests, the temperature in the room must fall below 10 ° C. Therefore, residents of apartment buildings rarely decide to destroy Prusaks in this way in order to avoid damage to the plumbing and heating system.

Folk remedies for pest control

People who have decided to get rid of the Prussians with folk remedies should be aware that this will not succeed in quickly eliminating the population. Most of the tools are designed for short-term deterrence and are based on the use of aggressively smelling components: vinegar, ammonia, camphor oil. Houseplant geranium, the smell of sour citruses are also able to scare away Prussian.

Among all the folk remedies, especially worth noting boric acid. Despite the fact that it has been used to fight cockroaches for several decades, insects have not been able to adapt to it.


“We live with the family in a hostel and we have to get rid of cockroaches very often.They help out balls with boric acid, because chemistry is harmful for a child, and it would have to be used all the time: it is impossible to agree with our neighbors about a common harassment of these insects. ”

Igor, Moscow

There are 2 ways to use boric acid:

  1. Surface treatment with dry powder.

    Boric acid
    Boric acid
  2. Cooking baits, the recipe is very simple. The contents of one sachet are mixed with one raw egg yolk, a tablespoon of mashed potatoes and a few drops of vegetable oil. Small balls are formed from the resulting mixture. Baits are laid out in kitchen cabinets, on baseboards, near sinks, sinks, in the toilet.


After the bait with the addition of vegetable oil stains may remain, so the finished balls are placed on pieces of paper.

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