Chemerichnaya water from lice and nits method of application

For pediculosis treatment shampoos are produced, ointmenttinctures the sprays. But not all of them can boast a low price. The exact opposite is cemerichnaya water from lice and nits, which has a democratic value. When properly applied, the effect of its use is not worse than that of branded drugs.

Means description

The composition of the drug is presented by alcohol tincture of hellebore and distilled water.Used for external use only.

On a note!

The price of chemeric water varies in the range of 30-50 rubles per bottle, you can buy it at a pharmacy without a prescription.

The tincture is made from a perennial poisonous plant of hellebore. It contains a large number of alkaloids, so the tool has antibacterial, antiparasitic properties. Components negatively affect the nervous system of the parasites, destroy the smooth muscles of the digestive system and prevent breeding lice. The alcohol content ensures the destruction of the adhesive substance, by which nits attached to the hair, thereby facilitating the process of combing.

Chemerichnaya water
Chemerichnaya water

Louse the child or an adult is possible for 1-2 treatments. In cases of severe infection, the number of procedures increases to 3-4. When applying hellebore water to hair, the death of a significant part of adults and larvae is observed immediately, since the active components penetrate into the insect's body through spiracles.

The tool not only helps against lice, but also promotes hair growth, strengthens them, improves the structure.In addition, it eliminates dandruff and prevents hair loss. Reviews of chemerichnoy water from lice and nits indicate high efficiency, however, note the high toxicity of the drug. Use them with great care. Inhalation of vapors and contact of the piper water on the skin may show increased sneezing, watery eyes.


The tincture of the hellebore for people is dangerous if the drug is ingested. In this case, you should immediately take drugs to detoxify the body and contact a medical institution. If the aggressive toxic effects of the drug are not leveled, death is possible.

Doctors prescribing treatment for lice, do not recommend the use of the tool because of the negative consequences caused by improper use. For the same reason, and in view of the high toxicity, the method of use of the hellebore water for lice in children under 12 years cannot be considered. To get rid of lice and nits in a childapply safer means.

How to use Chemerichna water

Chemerichnaya water-1
Chemerichnaya water

You can not use chemorenic tincture, if the skin has abrasions, damage. However, one of the main lice symptoms is a strong itch, provoking scratching and, accordingly, the formation of wounds. If, for any reason, proton water is the only drug to poison the lice, then you need to wash your hair for a few days. tar soap or shampoo. An effective natural remedy relieves irritation, soothes itching and accelerates wound healing.

Before you use cobalt lice water, you should read the instructions and possible symptoms of poisoning:

  • dizziness, vomiting;
  • convulsions, loss of consciousness;
  • weakness, increased thirst;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • excitability;
  • burning on treated places.


It is forbidden to use drug during pregnancy, lactation, childhood and individual intolerance to the components.

Instructions for the use of hellebore water from lice:

  1. Wash your hair, comb your hair and divide them into small strands.
  2. Water from the lice is applied with a cotton swab or syringe. Pre-shake it well.
  3. To process the hair along the entire length, with particular care of the occipital, temporal part.To avoid draining the product, wet the hair with a semi-dry tampon several times in the forehead area. If you have to handle the head of a child over 12 years old, it is more convenient to start the procedure from the back of the head, and the head should be tilted down. It is also necessary to ensure that the child does not scratch his head during processing in order to prevent the ingress of toxic substances on the skin of the hands.
  4. Cover your head with a plastic cap, a plastic bag, a handkerchief. Wash hands thoroughly with soap.

    Plastic bag
    Plastic bag
  5. To get rid of lice, the exposure is maintained from 10 to 30 minutes. Exceeding the specified time is strictly forbidden.
  6. After the prescribed period, rinse the hair with plenty of water and wash with regular shampoo.
  7. Comb nitsusing a comb with frequent toothing.


During the procedure it is necessary to monitor the general condition. At the slightest signs of indisposition, cemeric water should be immediately washed off.


If you properly use hellebore water from lice, then you can get rid of parasites at a time. I was convinced of this from my own experience. Before that, I bought a special pediculosis shampoo - Only money wasted. My grandmother advised me about hellebore water. The price of 40 rubles is very embarrassing - is it possible to expect any effect for such a ridiculous cost. However, I decided to try it. The treatment was carried out in rubber gloves, on the hair weathered in accordance with the instructions for 30 minutes. As it should be, combed the eggs of parasites. In addition made treating the apartment from lice. I hope that in the future I will not have to face pediculosis.

Victoria, Gelendzhik

About chemeric water heard from her mother. Only she forgot how to use it correctly. Began to look for recipes, how to dilute the drug. It turned out that it is not necessary to dilute it and it is already ready to be applied. Side effects after its use is not revealed. I liked that the hair has not lost its luster and is not scorched, as it happens after using insecticidal lice products.

Alina, Perm

What is pediculosis?learned in 30 years. It was a shame to go to the pharmacy for an antiparasitic agent. On the advice of a friend for the removal of lice acquired hellebore water. She works as a therapist and said that she is not officially prescribed, since the tincture is a poisonous drug.However, with careful use, you can get a good result. After applying to the hair, I felt a slight burning sensation, but no more than that, so I performed the procedure to the end. After combing in the head there was not a single individual. So there are still effective cheap drugs for combat head lice.

Olga, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky

Chemerichnaya water did not suit me at all. As soon as she applied it to her hair, immediately sneezed, tears spilled from her eyes, her head began to itch incredibly and burn. I had to quickly remove the tool.

Julia, Krasnodon

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