How to destroy ants and anthill

When small red ants settle in the house, many owners believe that they are quite harmless. However, in a large number of insects are able to deliver some trouble to all living in the apartment, carrying on their paws infection and spoiling the products. Therefore, the task of how to destroy ants becomes relevant for each person who has “red aliens” in the house.

Where ants come from

To correctly calculate the strategy and tactics of the fight against invasion red antsIt is necessary to understand how they get into the house. Their home species are red-brown in color and live only in warm rooms, so they can come:

  • from the basement where is anthillthey visit apartments for food;
  • through ventilation openings and garbage disposal;
  • from neighbors, who have divorced them a lot, they move and create nests in the new housing;
  • forest and domestic ants can be brought on clothing, with furniture or with products from the forest or from public places;
  • flying ant may accidentally fly into an apartment through a window.

Means to fight ants

Means to fight ants
Means to fight ants

Against insects in order to destroy them, they use both chemical agents and popular methods of struggle. Chemicals are more effective, but unsafe for pets and children.

The most popular means for the destruction of ants:

  • Aerosols and sprays containing insecticidal drugs cypermethrin, tetramethrin, etc., help to destroy insects in a short time, however they act only on working individuals and are used when the location of the colony is unknown.The advantage of using them is that you can handle hard-to-reach slits, baseboards, various recesses, suspended ceilings. The most famous: Dichlorvos, Raid, Raptor, Malathion.
  • Chemicals in the form of gels are more effective, because after putting it in the habitats of pests, the particles of poison fall on their paws into the nest and completely destroy the entire anthill population in 2-8 weeks. Well proven a great warrior, Clean house and Raptor.
  • Special pencils help get rid of ants and act like gels. The most popular - crayon Masha.
  • Ant traps for sale in stores will help exterminate ants for a sufficiently long period of time, they must be installed on the paths or near the anthill, near the ventilation shafts and the trash can. Combat, Raptor and Dohlox are effective traps.


    Check placed traps need weekly, so they do not clutter up the corpses of dead ants.

  • Newer and more modern means - drops and microcapsules Xsulat and Deadly drops containing a triple dose of poisonous substance, will ensure the destruction of pests within a few days.
  • Popular methods, including the manufacture of various bait with the addition of toxic substances, very often help the destruction of red aliens.
  • Ultrasonic devicesthat scare away all insects in a certain area.

Folk destruction methods

Folk destruction methods
Folk destruction methods

Various folk methods can suggest how to kill ants in a house. To do this, various toxic substances are suitable, which are mixed into the bait so that the pests eat it, and then some time after the onset of the poison, they die.

To the people's means of extermination of ants include:

  • A mixture of water and sugar (50 g each), 6 g of borax, vanillin is added for an attractive smell - such baits are laid out in the habitats of pests, closer to their nests.
  • Mix fresh yeast with water to a thick mass, for taste add jam or honey and spread on the ant paths.
  • A mixture of 1 tsp. boric acid, 10 tsp sugar and 2 tbsp. water, mix and molded into balls that are laid out within the premises.
  • Lay out potato starch next to the bait - the ants will stain the paws in it, and swallow some of them, after which, a strong expansion of the stomach occurs, the pests die.Similarly, the lime of ants can be, with the help, of corn and wheat flour, dry ground rice, semolina.
  • Coffee grounds attract insects with their smell, but after dragging it into the nest, the inhabitants who ate it die.

The destruction of anthills

In order for pest control to be effective, it is imperative to find and destroy the anthill, in which not only the working individuals live, but also their uterusable to produce offspring in large quantities.

When nests are discovered, several methods are used to destroy them:

  • the colony must be filled with boiling water, you can also use kerosene or turpentine, after drying, carefully clean the treated place;
  • process the zone of localization with a gel against ants, after which they gradually transfer the poison to their nest and poison all the inhabitants.

Professional Pest Control

Professional Pest Control
Professional Pest Control

If all methods have been tried, and the effect has not been achieved and the pests have reappeared in the apartment, then a special service for the treatment of the room with chemical insecticides will help to destroy the ants in the apartment.This method is more expensive than other, but highly effective.

It is best for residents of apartment buildings to call the SES service and handle both apartments and basements simultaneously.

Before the start of chemical treatment, the apartment owner must prepare the room:

  • hide dishes and food in inaccessible places or bring to the balcony;
  • It is better to move pets for a while to another place.

Professionals perform the following actions:

  • inspection of the premises and detection of pest colonies;
  • treating nests and living quarters with chemicals, pesticides, or hot steam to kill ants;
  • give a guarantee of the work done.

Special services usually use chemical products that are not immune in insects in this region, so after their treatment the ants will be destroyed for a long time.


I fought with ants at home for a very long time and in all available ways, and after a couple of months they came again. Then it turned out that the anthills were the neighbors. Only when we joined forces could we defeat them.

Veronica, Smolensk

The gels that I bought at the store helped me, anointed them in places of crowds, and after a few days everything disappeared. The same tool used in the garage to get rid of ants in the car. Gel coped with the task entrusted to him.

Igor, Volgograd

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